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Exchange your old phone to get ₹2000 Off on Moto G by Motorola

Flipkart keeps on offering the exchange offers on various mobile phones and this time, Motorola’s Moto G gets a chance. Flipkart is offering ₹2000 worth of discount if you trade in your old phone while purchasing a brand new Motorola Moto G. The offer is only for 4 days, starting today. As you’d already know, Flipkart is the exclusive seller of Motorola Moto G and Moto X in India, hence its hard to find the same phones at other shops for a cheaper price.

Moto G Exchange Offer
Moto G Exchange Offer

Should I Exchange my Old Phone?

The deal could’ve been sweeter as they are offering a very low price of ₹2000 for the exchanged handset. If that handset was purchased cheap, or if its old enough that you think the ₹2000 value is something you won’t get if you try to sell it in the open market, you should proceed ahead and trade it to purchase a brand new Motorola Moto G. Else, if you feel your phone is worth more than the little ₹2000 they are offering, better ignore the offer and buy straight.

How is the Moto G?

Moto G has accumulated a lot of buzz in the media recently because of the specifications and built quality it offers at that price points. A vast majority of the users are frustrated of the same age old Samsung design and built quality and hence Moto G comes out as a perfect rescue for them. I’ve played with the phone for a prolonged period and it seems fit for a purchase at the price of ₹13999 (11999 after exchange). That is for the 16GB version of the phone. Because it does not offer the SD card extension, getting the 8GB version will be a wrong decision except if you’re only buying it for a couple social apps and a bit of gaming.

Our author Santanu has also purchased the phone, hence if you have any questions about the same, you can shoot them below and we’ll try to answer.

Eligible Devices for Exchange

Various handsets from Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Apple, Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, Xolo, Micromax, HTC and Lenovo are eligible for exchange. But the exchange does not cover all the handsets made by these manufacturers. Visit the flipkart page to check which models are eligible.

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  • Now budgeted and best motorola moto g 3rd Gen smartphone are available on market in India. many website are providing this smartphone like flipkart, amazon, ebay, moskart, snapdeal etc.

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