Lumia 535: Price and Specifications of the First Microsoft Mobile

Microsoft has been busy doing the migration away from the Nokia brand and it seems to be complete now. Microsoft has today made the first Microsoft branded smartphone official. Dubbed Lumia 535, the phone beats nearly every other phone (from a reputed OEM) at its price. However we still need to see the extent of sales which will be affected by the Microsoft branding over Nokia.

Specifications of the Microsoft Lumia 535

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is a killer smartphone for the price point it will target. The phone comes with a decent selfie camera which will definitely steal some sales from other manufacturers. Below is a quick glance at some of the key specifications and features of first Microsoft branded smartphone.

Lumia 535 official render

  • Display: 5-inches IPS LCD w/ Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Display Resolution: qHD (960 x 540)
  • Primary (Back) Camera: 5MP AutoFocus with LED Flash
  • Secondary (Front) Camera: 5MP with Wide Angle lens
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 (Quad Core 1.2Ghz)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Inbuilt Storage: 8GB (expandable via SD card up to 128GB) + 15 GB storage at OneDrive
  • Network: 3G and 2G network support
  • Battery: 1905 mAh (BL-L4A)
  • Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor
  • Colors available: bright green, bright orange, white, dark grey, cyan and black

Other Enhancements and Features:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 w/ Lumia Denim
  • Double-tap to wake
  • Word flow keyboard (like Swype)
  • Sunlight readability enhancements
  • Cortana (not available in all markets)
  • Microsoft Office built-in
  • Most apps can be completely installed on SD card

Price and Availability of Microsoft Lumia 535

The most attractive thing about the Lumia 535 is it’s price. It is really made to penetrate into the market and bring some attention to Windows Phone as well as the Microsoft brand. Microsoft will surely have a very low profit margin for the Lumia 535.

Microsoft Lumia 535 is priced EUR 110 (before taxes and subsidy). So while we still need to wait for the price at which it actually lands in the market, a rough estimate can be taken as below:

EUR: 110
INR (India):
₹8500. Update: It is officially launched for ₹9199
USD: $137
PHP (Philippines): 6700 Pesos

Lumia 535 and Lumia 535 Dual SIM will begin rolling out to key markets in November starting with China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. In India, it is expected to launch in early December, while UK will see it only in Q1 2015 when it expands to other markets.

What are your impressions about the Lumia 535? Are you convinced to purchase it after looking at the specs or are they uninteresting? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂


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  • Ibwant to sell my Microsoft Lumia 535 . Its only one month used .bfree flip cover and matte . I will give it with box accessories and bill . If needed call me . +918124262675.

    • Your email please, and your Bank a/c no- how many price you dealing your LUMIA 535 Mobile phone………Contact please- +918083343483

  • aysha kuch baki nehi . Jo ish mobile me nehi . A mobile agar nehi liato mobile rakneki jarurat hi nehi

  • I purchased it yesterday,It is awesome phone. I really love it. Microsoft Office is a wonder full facility.Display is also very attractive and sunshine readaibility of thet ext is an extra feature.

  • I never heard and never saw like Microsoft Lumia 535 i am nearly going to sale my Samsung s4 and buying Microsoft Lumia 535.
    The prize is in balance not very high
    Good wishes for Microsoft

  • where can i buy the microsoft lumia 535 here in makati? Its already available here in the philippines? Hope its much cheaper. I saw the srp prise its only 5,995 something like that, i think its resonable prise already.

    • It is not yet launched in the Philippines, so can’t comment yet. Hopefully, it is close to its release there 🙂

  • while migrating to windows phone from Android can we transfer all the contents from Android by memory card to windows ?

    • What do you mean by contents? If it is music, pictures, videos, documents or any other file, transferring memory card will bring them to Windows Phone. Application and Games cannot be transferred and for contacts and text messages, you’d be needed to use Transfer my Data.

    • Hope they launch it early and well in time before some competitor arrives to take the advantage as well 🙂

  • wow , its more like the cheap & only-needed version of lumia 730, microsoft has launched a phone thats fits just into pockets of common man. Though i feel bit annoying about ppi i.e 220 screen size 5.0″ (bit large) and main camera video resolution (not even HD). Rest , 8.5k suits it best.

  • this latest Microsoft Lumia 535 smartphone is really good for common people because it contains all the important features which should be in a normal smartphone and its prize is also in mid range.

  • I m vry excitd 2 by this dynamic window 8.1 denim phone.
    I like nokia ips dispay that is very brilieant .
    So i m waiting for that.

  • I am very much impressed with the specifications of microsoft lumia 535 .but please tellme when it will be in market and price also

  • I am very much impressed with the specifications of Lumia 535 and its price. I wish to own it as early as available

  • Phone is good but what matters is that how many years it will work smoothly.
    A good mobile phone must work for atleast 5 years then only it can be called of good quality.

    • 5 years is certainly a very long term to say and even if the modern smartphones last that long, the hardware will not be current enough to handle the demand of resources by the applications.

  • hey i am realy impressed by its features . i will wait for this actuly i was decided to buy lava iris x5 within 2 days but now i think that i should have to wait for this . guys pls any one suggest me i have to wait or buy lava iris x5

    • It will come not before December, but I’m sure Lava’s camera sensor cannot beat the one used by Lumia 535. It uses the same front camera sensor as used in Lumia 730. If you have no problems with using a Windows Phone, better wait. If you need Android, go with Lava 🙂

  • Its afantastic job by microsoft. I m waiting for the phone in india. I will buy it sure. It has everything i want.

  • As someone who recently bought a Nokia Lumia 630 dual sim, I feel angry at Microsoft for not launching 535 a month ago. I’m happy with it. Though the specs are great, I seriously doubt how people would welcome the Microsoft branding. Nokia meant trust.

  • The feature of microsoft lumia 535 is the mind bloing camara is amazing but price is very high
    i hope price are decrese in some time.

    • Depends on how good it performs. Best sellers hardly see price fluctuations 🙂 But I’m still doubtful about the Microsoft branding. Might affect some sales.

  • Does it have Glance Screen? Specs are identical to Moto E- price should be within 8K cause it has Front Camera and Flash. Also does it have CBD?

    • Moto E runs the Dual-Core version of SD200 and its camera is just a waste. Plus the built wasn’t that great and hence I sold mine. However, yep kinda identical specs.
      Glance and CBD seems to be missing from the 535 as well just like the rest of the Lumia 5xx, but what more can we expect for this price? If the cameras are typical Nokia types, it should already be worth all these bucks.

      • They haven’t launched the lumia camera yet for the denim update. Hope it brings good improvements, but I’m sold for this phone. Lemme see if my Asha can be exchanged

        • They surely aren’t gonna bring any exchange offers here and even if they do, all work on MRP so you will hardly get 1000-1500 for your Asha while going for an exchange.
          I’d buy a 535 if they open back the two care centers that they closed in my region 😛

          • Ha ha, that was a joke admin,even before el chepo Chinese stuff floating around, was offered tupins for my moto defy, hence didn’t sell it. I recall I haven’t sold any of the Nokia phones I owned for the last 10 years!(including 7650 and 9300i) well I’d just keep the Nokia asha 501 as a tribute to the N9

            • Thought you were serious, eh! Same here.. Haven’t sold any of my Nokia(s). They never disappointed me to an extent that I’d sell them, plus I was never offered a price that was promising enough 🙁
              And I’ll be ready for you next joke now 😉

  • No cmtns…jst wanna say..yes i ws waitng fr smthng lyk ds..i wud love to buy it n evn refr my frnds n family membrs..if wt i thnk abt da phn is da same wt u hav den its goin to b jst awesome..i wud love to go fr it vdout any kinda confusns

    • Surely a good start for the Microsoft brand 🙂 This is something that will lure people in and then get familiar with the Microsoft brand 🙂

    • Based on my experience with Cameras from Nokia, the picture quality is always better than the competitors. So if Microsoft is using similar type of components, the 5MP will certainly take decent pictures.
      I feel that this phone will be a decent seller if it gets priced between 7.5-8k.

  • spec are good but can be even better, since other brands are already giving above spec in much low range. but i never used windows phone, but would really like to buy if it comes within a range of 7k.

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