Mail App on Nokia Asha and Symbian Phones will Stop Working starting 17th November

Microsoft is killing existing Nokia services one after another and this time it is the Nokia Messaging Service (aka. NMS). Devices which made use of NMS to send and receive emails will stop syncing the mailboxes starting November 17th as Microsoft decides to kill the service. However, the kill doesn’t affect all existing Nokia phones equally.

Nokia Asha and S40 Phones (excluding Asha 5xx Series)

Nokia Messaging Service Discontinue WarningThe Mail app will become completely useless on the Nokia Asha and Series 40 devices starting November 17th as it will fail to sync with the mailbox and fetch or send any new mails. Users however will be able to access their mailboxes using the web interface of their mail providers, but that isn’t as easy and quickly accessible as was the Mail app.

Nokia Symbian Phones

Symbian users will still be able to make use of their email apps, but not to the same extent as they used to. Users need to make certain changes to their mailbox settings and if they don’t, the Mail app will not fetch any new emails starting November 17 (November 20th for some Symbian devices). The changes involve removing the Mailboxes from the app and re-adding them using the direct IMAP or POP settings from the mail provider.

Nokia X, Lumia and Nokia Asha 5xx Phones

Nokia X series, Lumia smartphones and the Nokia Asha 5xx series devices (500, 501, 502 and 503) will continue to send and receive emails normally as the Mail apps on these devices do not make use of Nokia Messaging Service and hence are safe from any damage (as of now).

The discontinuation of NMS does not affect SMS and MMS services in any way. You can still continue to send and receive text messages the same way as you used to.

All these changes will directly impact Nokia’s brand value as it results in dissatisfied customers. Probably Nokia should have taken control of these Mail services and Nokia Store to keep them alive for another few years while the users of these devices switch over to some newer devices.


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    • On the devices where it is discontinued, you cannot use it anymore because the back-end service that powered the mail system is no longer available.

  • I can’t access Gmail or Facebook on my Nokia 701. I am in Australia and use the Optus Network. I receive a message saying it’s not a trusted service, or something along those lines.

  • Damn!if only I knew. I wouldn’t have bought the Asha. I will change to android yeah!I see it’s a better investment they were much cheaper then the Nokia, I regret why I waisted my money on it. I can’t even get the latest software updates. Pshh.

  • Ths is disappointn and tht means w should stop buyng nokia phone n prefer samsung. I’m disappointed

  • I know.But still I can’t send files via gmail/online/when using the internet. If there’s a possible way to attach the files online using the asha 311 please share.

  • I’m a young person from the rural areas in the eastern cape, south africa. I saved alot of money to buy this Nokia Asha 311, thinking it’ll help me when I email my CV’s to companies that have open vacancies. I’m dissappointed at ms and nokia. And I’m planning to buy another phone (Brand) next time I change this one, which have become useless because it stoped doing what it used to do. Really Nokia/MS should’ve thought not every one can afford a brand new phone which is expensive, though needed. Everytime when I browse the internet I see jobs being advertise but it’s a pitty I can not apply unless there a way the employ made available beside emailling one’s CV.

    • AFAIK, email app on the Asha 311 will still work, not with NokiaMail though, but you can use gmail or the likes.

  • I had hoped to find a work around to this but no joy; for my work emails I have to log in with username and password on each occasion, often 10-20 times a day on a trip, extremely tedious (attempted password saving via browser add-on but the one they provide does not support it); my other email has no web interface available. Nokia compounded this poor situation by sending out a cheerful message before it happened along the lines of “never mind, you will still be able to check your emails via a web interface”, why say that when it will not be true? So the main feature I use my phone for is just removed with barely any notice and on contracts it can be months before you are free to change it, poor service and best avoided in future…

  • How i send mail and recive mail. Why u stop. U take charge. But must start this sarvis. It is important to us. Please start prsonly or whic way i send and recive mail from this phon

    • The apps on Nokia X Android Series aren’t affected as far as the official communication goes. What error are you facing?

  • Very bad decision. Not everybody can afford the latest phones or have a PC or laptop at home to access e-mails. I am very disappointed, as of today I have no more access to my e-mails.

    • Yep. Microsoft is certainly not doing good with the owners of existing devices. I’d recommend you to check your mails in the browser instead.

  • Poor decision. People will distrust the Nokia brand and probably go for cheap Androids. Lumia devices aren’t as popular thanks to Windows phone still playing catch up; and the Asha phones are terrible.

    I know cheap Androids aren’t the best phones but most people don’t care.

    Microsoft will surely lose customers.

    • But as Microsoft has already decided to discontinue the Nokia X, Asha and Feature Phones, I don’t think it affects them in any way. All they care is to sell the Lumia phones which aren’t keeping the Nokia branding anyways.
      Nokia brand is the one to face the damage and it seems Nokia can’t even do anything now. Microsoft is the one to decide what to do with these services 😐

      • Yes they are axing the Ashas and the X, but is it really a good choice? Most people (at least in India) prefer the affordable Ashas becasue of the Nokia branding.The cheapest WP device is the L530 which has a MRP of around 6.5-7k. If Microsoft stops the Asha lineup, how would they manage to stay in the competition?

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