Nokia’s Future Plans to be Revealed Starting November 17th

Microsoft has completed the purchase of Nokia’s devices and services division i.e. the Mobile Phones and the related services are now part of Microsoft. But it doesn’t end there as Nokia Oyj still operates as a separate company. Nokia presently has 3 main businesses i.e. the HERE Maps, Nokia Networks (NSN) and Advanced technology (Licensing of IP and new developments).

Nokia’s regional social accounts (on twitter) are now teasing that the further details about Nokia’s future path will be revealed starting 17th of November. That also conveys that November 17th isn’t the only day, but will be the beginning of Nokia’s future story and details will be shared over time as the things progress. Nokia should be willing to keep its consumer face as that’s where the value of Nokia brand lies, so there is a possibility of some consumer devices coming from Nokia, but they cannot be Mobile Phones (for now).

Want to know how the Nokia story continues? The Nokia team will be posting updates on global Nokia social media channels from November 17th onwards

It also seems that Nokia’s social team will be allowed to start posting about the company on the social media channels as Microsoft’s right over Nokia’s social media channels is going to end with time as they move their products and services away from the Nokia brand name.

Nokia has kept some of its key design and development staff which made the Nokia N9 and N8 designs possible, so designing something elegant yet functional will not be that hard for Nokia. Hundreds of thousands of Nokia fans, investors and enthusiasts are waiting for Nokia to step into something new and amazing which could make the Nokia brand shine again as it did about 10 years back 😉

And for those who think Nokia is dead after it’s Mobile Division got sold to Microsoft, Nokia has an answer for you in the official blog post. Read here 😛

Inputs from: NPU

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