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Remove pre-installed Demo Games from Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311 takes the top spot in Nokia’s current family of Asha devices. Equipped with features such as 3G, WiFi and a 1ghz processor, this is a decent feature phone with a feel of smartphone for the people who want to stay away from the real smartphone world.

One problem about the Asha 311 is its pre-installed applications and games, most of which are demo versions. Nokia has locked them up with the firmware and there’s no way provided to remove them. They just keep filling the Home Screen and phone memory uselessly. Here’s a guide to help you in removing those irritating demo games from your phone.

Update: Download link fixed as SugarSync deleted all data from our free account.

Remove protected demo games from Asha 311

The only way to remove these demo games from the phone is by installing the same game again and then deleting it. Now the question is where to get these demo games to reinstall them again. I’ve managed to break into one of Nokia Asha 311 ROM and extract these games out of it. Follow the steps below as every step will be covered here:

  1. Use your computer to download the zip of demo games from here.
  2. Extract them to a new folder and then connect your phone and transfer this folder to your phone, either to the phone memory or the memory card.
  3. Pick up your phone, tap on files and browse to this folder that you just copied to the phone.
  4. When here, open the folder of  the games which you want to remove and tap on them to install them onto your phone. Close them once they opens and move to the next game.
  5. After you’ve installed the duplicates of all the games you wanna remove, just return back to the Home Screen, scroll to the bottom and start removing these games you just installed. [To remove, you need to long tap the game’s icon and then click on the red cross (x) sign on its top right] Asha 311 Menu
  6. You’ll notice that when you remove the game, it will still be visible there. What happens is that during your first attempt to remove, it will remove the pre-installed protected version and in the next attempt it will remove the duplicate which you installed.
  7. Repeat this for all the games which you wanna uninstall.
  8. Restart you phone and look at the Home Screen now.

Did this guide work for you? Or you’re facing any problem? In any case, please leave in your comments below.

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  • help me to remove pre-installed themes, wallpapers and some other stuff from Nokia asha 210 dual SIM. I tried MobileEdit, it doesn’t worked. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, would this work for the Nokia 301 too? I’ve actually got the 301.1 if that makes a diff. Many thanks! Actually I’ve already tried downloading Whatapp, deleting it, but the initial ROM version still stays!!

  • Hey I wish to remove facebook and other preinstalled internet apps as well from my nokia asha 311. PLease suggest how to remove them as well.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • I can’t send emotions n text at a time and u can’t keep emotions as my status plz provide me some proper solution.

  • I managed to get rid of the shortcuts!
    I used your program MobiMB and checked the entire directory of the phone. In the directory A:\Hiddenfolder\Hiddenlinks I found the shortcuts to the games on the homescreen. I removed them all, disconnected the phone, restarted it by turning it off and on again and the shortcuts where gone. It seemed that the phone just works normally. I will find out the coming weeks. I do have a nice smartphone (NGM Explorer) but like this Asha very much. I only wished the memory of 10MB had been bigger.
    Much appreciated for you help.

    Last but not least I try to get rid of eBuddy and Chat. I tried to delet eBuddy in “A:\Menuapps\Ebuddy” but you can’t delete the jad and jar files. And I don’t now how Chat is called in these apps.
    Maybe you know a workaround for that?

    • That’s nice to know that you finally sorted it out. The Ashas are nice phones, just wish they had some better hardware and a proper OS which could do some basic multitasking.
      Coming to ebuddy, its just that some apps cannot be deleted and you can’t do anything about them. However one thing you can do is to sideload that ebuddy app and then do as you did earlier. Its mostly a hit and trial work and if you’re lucky, you’d be able to knock out the ebuddy app. About the mail, its better to leave it as it is. It is hard coded in the OS and even if you delete its jar and jad files, there will be its shortcut on the homescreen which can never be removed. Maybe you can just push it down to the end of homescreen so that it doesn’t disturb much.

  • An additon:
    The shortcuts I try to get rid of are grey and these are: Highroller, Memorize, Golf Tour, Maze, Music Guide, Puzzle and Solitaire. According to it’s icon they are located on the SD-card. But when I removed this card and switched the phone on again the shortcuts still where there.
    I tried your workaround with predefined games (which I downloaded). I installed Maze, Puzzle and Memorize. After installing I had 2 shortcuts for each game. A grey one and a coloured one. I did uninstalling with the grey shortcut but the coloured shortcut disappeared. The grey one still was there. Then I switched the phone off and on again. The shortcuts still where there. So it didn’t work. I mentioned this before but now you have a description how I dit it. I’m quite good with computers so this shouldn’t be to difficult for me but it still didn’t work. And I don’t want messing around with my phone because it could end with a expensive brick.

    • Mhmm.. Firstly this was only tested on the 311 and I’m not sure for the 305. Actually when you side-loaded the newer games, none of them should be greyed out.
      Anyways, doesn’t it show that same remove icon on these grey items? No? When you tap on them, doesn’t it asks you to remove this shortcut because its useless? If its still a No, maybe there won’t be much we can do there. The system sometimes gets messed up. You can try mobiMB and remove these games entirely from their phone memory directory as well as where you loaded them on the SD and let’s see how iut behaves then. Nothing helps? You gotta need to flash it again and then remove those games using MobiMB. That should work up finally.

  • With a restart I expect you mean switch the phone of and on again? This doesn’t work. I even tried a factory reset. The “problem” persists. The shortcuts are : Highroller, Memorize, Golf Tour, Mase, Music Guide, Puzzle and Solitaire. I did your workaround for Memorize, Mase and Puzzle according to these shortcuts. It didn’t work.
    I also have to make a rectification. I do have an Asha 305 (dual sim) and not 308, apologize for that. Does that make any difference?

  • I have a Nokia Asha 308 with pre-installed games. With MobiMB I removed them. But now I have some shortcuts on the homescreen which can’t be removed. Even the workaround on this website doesn’t help. I know, they don’t use much space on the phone but I just want them to be removed. Is this possible in any way?
    Who can help me with this. Much appreciated.

    • If you’ve removed the eventual apps, those shortcuts will be removed upon a restart.. Restart should work for most apps except from some hard coded ones like Mail and Xpress Browser and even you shouldn’t remove these main apps.

  • Hi! To delete copyrighted files in nokia you just need to create duplicates of them. For instance if you want to delete the Nokia Tune.aac you just need to copy a file from SD card to other folder in SD Card and rename it using BlueFTP or UC Browser’s file manager as “Nokia tune.aac and copy another file to that folder in sd card now mark both files and and move them to the folder which contains Nokia tune.aac now you will be notified “1 file not moved file name already exist” now press back and go the ringtone folder in phone memory and highlight the nokia tune.aac file press option delete thats it. To delete apps and games first of all you need to create a backup file, goto settings>sync & backup>create backup>mark appsandgames press done. Now open BlueFTP App goto memory card>backup files folder there you’ll see backup000.nbf rename it as ‘’ now open it and goto predefjava>predefappsandgames there you’ll see folders named Such as ‘ovistore_ovistore_private’ this is the actual file name of nokia store app now write down all the folder names which has ‘_private’ suffixed to their names, now close the backup file. Copy 2 image files to sd card and rename 1 file as ovistore_ovistore without ‘.jpg’ and close BlueFTP App and goto menu>apps>sd card and rename the ovistore_ovistore file by adding ‘.jar’ extension and mark both files and move to my apps folder you ‘ll be notified as 1 file name already exist, now goto my apps and highlight nokia app store app press options and delete.

  • > “… extract these games out of it.”

    Could you tell us how did you extract these games out of the ROM? This would be really helpful! I’m trying to do the same thing for Nokia Asha 206, thanks.

    p.s. this phone is *really* low on phone memory and filled with useless apps and game demos.. :/

    • Sadly that won’t work. Out of Asha phones, only 311 was the one whose ROM was able to be extracted by Nokia Cooker. For 206, you can’t do anything other than somehow messing with the phone to delete those apps. Really a hit and run case there. Reset, restore, delete, just do all that you can.

  • Hello, and thank you for your instruction for deleting for pre installed game but unfortunately it worked for once for the rest i could delete them … any other method to delete it?

  • Hi bro, I have a question about Nokia – 5233 . This phone not support bengali Language . If any way to support bengali language in this phone please suggested Me .

  • Today When i connect headset in nokia 311 , the phone do not support the headset but in before night i listen song with headset . Now what can i do.

  • How to install nokia music and nokia store on my nokia asha 311 which was deleted? My phone is update with latest software

  • Is there plant vs zombie 2 for nokia asha 311 ? Angry bird season original etc . Can you please give me link for downloading latest games for nokia asha 311 .. Like mobile9 …..

  • how do i make folders inside my home screen like if i want to move the angry birds and other things filling up my home screen and want to put them in a folder??plz help

  • Thx, it worked but not the way you said it. The moment you put the file on your sd card the games seem to be installed already. So i copied the games and folders i wanted to delete( because you said folders, altough the folders only contain a image) to the Games folder. From there i was able to delete the demo’s. But now i can’t delete those folders anymore. I doesn’t takes as much space and it doesn’ show up in my menu but still i would like to delete this. Would you happen to know how?

  • Thanks for every help ,
    Can you give me the link to download angry bird seasons original of full version ,I am only getting demos of that games .I’ll be very thankful for your help.

    • Well.. Seasons is actually made only for Nokia and you can easily purchase the full version for a mere Rs. 5. I haven’t seen anyone being able to get the full version of the app online, because it most probably doesn’t exist. I’ll still look and reply back if I find something 🙂

  • I am not being able to use my phone during having call . Like phone gets lock when answered . I just wanted to call SIM distribution and need to enter some number but due to that I can’t enter numbers . Need help urgently.

  • Can’t we just edit some file so that the brightness of mobile becomes as Backlight timeout . It is normal and there should be a way to do that .

  • Is there a free application that I can load onto my nokia asha 311 to enable me to listen to my phone music via the car radio

    • Not if your Car’s Stereo player does not include a Bluetooth Connection option. Else you can use an AUX cable, provided if your stereo player supports that too.

  • Thanks for every help .
    I need to know how to low the contrast of nokia asha 311 . It is making me hard to use at night . I am starting to hate this mobile .

    • This is what every one of us are experiencing. Nokia refused to include a brightness adjuster in the updates. So there’s no way out besides reducing your phone usage at nights.

  • Can we change homescreen of nokia asha 311 ?
    And will there be OS as asha 501 for asha 311 , Asha 501 Os is cool than asha 311 .

      • I re installed my framework rested factory setting but also I got no maps. Don’t you have backups of the original nokia map.

        • You need to reinstall the jar and jad files of Nokia Maps and then try again. I’ve uploaded them here for you. Just extract the archive on your PC and copy both the jar and jad files to your phone.
          If the phone displays both files as separate, try putting your phone into Mass Storage mode and then copying the files to your mmc.

  • please provide with predefined games of nokia asha 305 so that I can do the same above said procedure to delete demo games of nokia asha 305

  • Thanks , But when I send a big file via Bluetooth ; It takes so many time & that time phone working as a toy & I can’t Browse any things in my phone.

  • Is it possible to hide “sending file icon” on homescreen in my Nokia 311 ? When I send a file by using Bluetooth ! as Nokia 5233

  • Hello,

    I downloaded the Angry birds full version for Nokia 311 from one of the website.
    On playing Level 15 it says Out of Memory Error (java/lang/OutOf MemoryError) or nativeInitEmptyPixmap

    I couldnot move forward further to Level16 as it is locked without first clearing the Level-15 for which it gives above error


  • Sir Is any photo editor apps for nokia 311 available ? Which can insert any image as old nokia s40 phone photo editor option. Please recommend me

  • Please tell me where I can find zip of the demo games for the ASHA 310, as you so kindly furnished for the 311. Thank you so very much.

  • Sir I want to uninstall the application in nokia asha 305..what should i do..please mail me instructions.
    Thanking you

  • i had nokia x2-01 n having the saved playlist files but can’t access it in nokia asha 305 in music player . where should i copy those files to ?? … plzz help !!!!

    • Asha Touch Series doesn’t use the playlist files from the /playlist folder in phone memory or memory card. The playlist file is stored in the internal phone memory (which is inaccessible) and is also in a different format than what the older phones used. So, that playlist just can’t be imported to the Asha 305.

  • In my asha 311 phone i am unable to use main browser and also unable to download any app becouse they first ask to main browser which is not working. And nokia store is also expired so they first ask to update it from main browser

    • There’s no solution to that other than a firmware flash. Try reinstalling phone software using Nokia Suite. If that doesn’t work, you need to visit Nokia Care.

  • please help me regain my Nokia maps application. i don’t know how it got lost while i was downloading other apps

  • Hello,
    i ve installed whats app before nd ve used it for nearly 2 months. but now i could not install whats app. y?

  • just trying my luck. maybe you have an idea about my nokia asha 311 issue. it’s been sitting here with me for months already. its touch screen is not working. any idea on how to fix it? been searching online for possible solutions but to no avail. hope you can help me. thanks in advance.

    • It doesn’t work at all? 😮 Maybe the digitizer’s connector is loose or is it broken? Why aren’t you visiting a Nokia Care center? They’ll be able to help you out.

      • thanks for your prompt response, highly appreciated. Anyhow, my mom gave it as a gift to me last december 2012, by january 2013 i placed it inside my pocket while inside the car and then the nightmare began. she can’t seem to find the receipt because she bought the phone abroad. Whew! Would I be needing a proof of purchase when i visit the care center? Thanks man!

        • Abroad.. Hmm then its hard 🙁
          Nokia warranty won’t be applicable and you’d be needed to get it repair at your own cost. What exactly is the problem? simply 0% response from touch? All over the screen?

          My suggestion will be to visit Nokia Care (only if its nearby), get it checked and find out the estimated repair cost. Then see if you’re willing to pay that amount, else take your phone back 🙂

  • Thanks Sir.
    one more question-Is nokia 311 support gif files in homescreen? Is any other screen locker can install in 311?

  • In my nokia 311 homescreen some space of apps icon went to blank and its works as a virus ; when i tap on it,phone become hang. This problem i face many time & then i reset my phone to solve this probem . Sir , what is the another way to delete blank menu icon without reset my phone . Is any apps solve this problem without reset phone? Please suggest me sir.

    • Hey Surit
      Reset seems to be the only way to remove these blank menu items. For me, this only happened when there were lots of apps installed. So maybe you should consider keeping them less from the next time on.
      You can backup your phone contents before resetting so that you can restore from backup once the restore is done 🙂

  • Thanks singhnsk for your advices … Finally my phone is in working condition .. Have cleaned and reconnected my SD card as well ..

    Just anxious to know the reason that if virus cant harm these phones than why the phone s/w got corrupted at first instance freezing all my apps …. it was new phone bought just few days back only

    • Its not caused by virus, but sometimes the phone’s memory just gets corrupted. Like in the case of a restart, the phone might not have finished writing to the memory. There are numerous reasons besides viruses. Just stay happy and i hope that it won’t appear again.

  • Hi tech mesto , is it possible to change the background of Nokia 311, black to any other colour . Can you make a file to change background like camera sound off option . Please please do some …..

  • Today i went to Nokia support center for the issue of apps not working. They fixed it by saying that they have reinstalled the corrupt s/w .. however i still have the same version no and date as previous one … They also hand me over the SD card saying that everytime they connect this card to phone the s/w gets corrupt and application doesnt work. They told me to run virus scan over it. i am back to home and when i ran the scan i ddint find anything wrong … i am not sure now what to do .. shall i reconnect back the SD card to my phone … will it not again create any problem ? or shall i format the SD card but i fear of losing some preinstalled nokia data like google maps etc

    • Ah.. The card could be a reason, but well not the whole of the card. Maybe an app or two in it are corrupted. I use a 8GB SD card and lol it has virus in it, but still works fine and virus can’t do anything to these phones. So just copy everything off the card and then format it. Now start copying stuff back to the memory card, but only the important items such as music, videos and some apps that you use.
      The maps, they are not Google maps. Nokia directly fights with Google regarding maps as Nokia has its own mapping platform called Here maps. Map data can also be copied from the memory card to the pc and then you can copy it back (just keep the folder structure intact). Or else it can be re-downloaded easily using Nokia Suite.

      For the software part, data SHOULD remain the same unless the version number changes. The date shows the date when the particular software version was finalized or released. So that’s nothing to worry about.

      • Thanks singhnsk for your advices … Finally my phone is in working condition .. Have cleaned and reconnected my SD card as well ..

        Just anxious to know the reason that if virus cant harm these phones than why the phone s/w got corrupted at first instance freezing all my apps …. it was new phone bought just few days back only 🙁

  • Hello,

    I did the factory reset but that also didnt help.

    Do you know by which i can self help to restore those lost shortcuts else how much time it would need to reflash …
    Does reflash means reinstalling new SW/firmware


    • Yup! Its a job of a few minutes like 5-10 minutes, but Care Center will take longer as you’re never the only one visiting there. Nokia Suite can do a similar job by re-installing the software, but sadly it doesn’t format the phone before doing that, hence the problem usually remains. However, nothing wrong in trying it out 🙂

      • Hello,

        Recently i found that when i try to run my avi file the sound quality is very poor .. with lot of breaks but when i ran it over my laptop it is fine.

        Will this problem also get resolved by reflash of s/w …. or is it something else


        • Its about how good the phone handles a particular format. Do you have a very big file or of a very good quality? The better the quality is, the harder the phone will find to do the playback. Re-flashing won’t make a too much much of difference, but cleaner software definitely has a little bit of better performance. So yeah maybe!

          • It is 600Mb video movie avi file … the video quality on phone seems to be very good but voice is equally bad

  • Sir ,there is a video file named ‘introduction’ in nokia asha plays only audio ,how to recover back video,restore option doesn’t help either..plz help

  • Hello,

    I recently purchased my Nokia 311 but none of the internet applications and pre installed games like angry bird etc are working.
    On double click the icons screen remains unchanged without opening anything or giving any errror


    • Hey Navin

      Phone might have lost them all (the file which contains the menu shortcuts might be corrupted) :(. Sometimes it just happens with these phones. You can try full reset to factory settings, but there’s a little chance that it will work. Most probably you’d be needed to visit Nokia Care to get your phone’s software (firmware) re-flashed.

  • Dear sir
    Please help me, to find out the location of music playlists that we create in nokia asha 311.

  • Just want to know what program you use to delete the apps and games manually via PC. I can’t seem to delete the following. For GAMES: casino, solitaire, music guess, golf tour, picture puzzle, maze, brain challenge, block breaker, introduction (not a game btw).

  • i download a “nokia 311 pdf format user guide”.but i can’t read this by any pdf reader! becaz it is a larger file ( 2.7 mb ).please sir suggest me a pdf reader apps which can help me to read any big size pdf file in nokia 311 .thanks in advance.

  • Hey, THANKS A LOT for the tips!!! ;D
    It works well! I’m so glad..those unwanted games has been disappeared from my phone..

    But..there is still an app I wanna uninstall.. The “dictionary”.
    It’s useless to me. Bcoz its translates from English to Chinese.. I don’t understand why I have to keep it, right!?
    Do u have any idea how to unistall it??? :s
    Thx b4, btw..

    • Great that it worked for you. Unfortunately, mine is a non-Chinese variant of the phone, hence there was no pre-installed dictionary. So, I don’t have any files for removing it.
      Maybe I’ll try someday. So if possible, provide me the product code of your phone so that I can look at that firmware. You can find the code by dialing *#0010# from your phone.

      • Oh, I see.. So the pre-installed dictionary only exist in Chinese variant!? 😮
        Well..I’ve tried dialing *#0010# from my phone..I’m not sure which the product code is..but it said:

        Content: x_059L525
        V 03.81
        (c) Nokia

        Please inform me if u already have the solution..someday.. 🙂

        • Yup! Exactly.. Only the Chinese variant includes a dictionary, maybe because the government has made it compulsory!

          The content row defines the product code. Thanks for that. My exams are going on and I’ll try to find a solution for you once they finish 🙂
          Btw, I see you’re still on the firmware version 3.81. An update was released a few months ago which pushed the version to 5.xx and brought some stability improvements. You should update if your phone hangs a bit or troubles you in some other way.

      • Ah, u know how to uninstall “EA games gift”???
        Well..the gift period has expired..n..I don’t see any advantages by keep installing this program.
        Thx b4..

  • Sir please help me in deleting games from nokia asha 309 mobile i have many preinstalled games which i wanted to remove

  • In my nokia 311, I saw in video’s option “use video” but its not working! What is it function? & How can I use this option? Tell me please sir.

    • Maybe a blank function. Many on Nokia Discussions have reported that it doesn’t work. It should’ve provided the ability to use video at various different places, such as contact callback. But for now, its a dead function and does nothing.

  • Hey bro ur a genius i was able to delete The demos and dice according to ur instructions but i couldnt delete maze, picture puzzle and Memorize pleaseeeeeeee help !!!
    And i noticed the games which u provided in zip were of different sizes as the original one is maybe that the problem ?
    Like maze is 984kb in mobile and u gave us 1MB one ,
    Please help !! Thanks alot in advance

  • can u provide default version of ‘nokia life’ if possible plz……..and regarding this trick as per my experience this trick works only in the first try….in the next try u will be able to delete 2-3 games only if u r lucky then… extrack the package what ol u want to delete and remove it in first try…..this should work

  • HEY THANKS MAN IT WORKED :), its much better if you have a solution to remove the games gift hehehe but thanks again! :))

  • I want to remove ‘Tips & Offers’ and ‘Notifications’ apps on nokia asha 311. Please tell me solution.
    How can I change menu background by theme in nokia asha 311?
    advance thank you.

    • I don’t think I can help you in any way here. As Tips and Notifications are always running apps, it won’t be possible to install their duplicates.
      Nokia DP2 devices don’t support the changing of menu background via themes. So nothing can be done here too. Only the elements which are present in the default themes are supported 🙁

  • to my surprise i got an update over FOTA yesterday……three apps got added to my asha 311-utv,hike and music mania…..till now i am not able to clear out what was that bcoz the firmware version did not change it remained same i.e. v5.92….can u help….any idea…

    • Nothing like that for me. But, nevermind.. Nokia folks are already saying that it will take some time for the new firmware for 311 to be pushed and it will be a major update. Need to wait to find out what all it will bring xD

  • oppssss…….my bad luck……not able to delete even the EA games…leave the rest(social client,zomato)……what to talk about them…..hahaha

    • EA Games, Zomato can be removed. Twitter and Orkut are part of Nokia Social App. So, they’ll only be removed if you remove the whole social client. I don’t know if that can be removed or not, but you can try.
      You can find all the required files in the ZIP archive below. Extract it and transfer all the folders to your phone. Restart your phone and then install and remove all these files. Next restart again and find out what all has been removed and what is left.
      Do let us know how it goes :mrgreen:

  • cheers bro……….it worked………one last query-does flashing our mobile again and again have any impact on its hardware….thanks in advance

    • That shouldn’t impact the hardware as you’re just deleting and re-writing the data onto the phone memory. But its still not recommended to keep doing it again and again as if in case the phone memory gets corrupted, it will result in a big problem.
      So just flash it only when there’s really a need to.

  • Thank you so very much.
    Could I ask you help also for “Asphalt Adrenaline” please?
    Thanks again in advance.

  • Hello my friend this work perfecto for me!! ty now a question how i can delete whatsapp? i update my cel and whatsapp instaled and cant delete… its annoying 🙁 and how i can delete the sounds and videos? ty 🙂

    • For WhatsApp, I didn’t tried because I’m presently using it 😀 But you can still try by downloading this default version of WhatsApp and delete it the same way you did with games. Hope it will work.
      For Sounds, Videos and all, there’s no easy way. You can find a software online which can help you in browsing your phone’s hidden contents and you can delete them then. I have mine deleted, but just won’t suggest the same to you. Phone has enough free memory, so think you shouldn’t worry about those extra few MB’s.

  • hi,
    I have been able to remove ‘maze’, ‘green farm’ and ‘angry birds’ according to plan. I did this carefully, one by one.
    The other games, when trying the second step to erase the protected game, place the red cross at ‘opera’ (i.e. my only privately added app), which I do not want to erase.
    Checking for space, phone memory is now at 74,6.

    Any idea what went wrong?

    Yours sincerely

    • Hello Sir Lutz
      No idea why the others weren’t deleted. It worked all fine for myself and a few others after which i wrote this post.
      Can you just give it a retry if that works. Else we need to go through tougher steps 🙁

      • Dear Narender, hi,
        more details: I have the unzipped folder ‘predefgames’ on the memory card;
        I use the icons at the bottom of this folder to start a game and stop it with the (hardware) red button on the right, as some games have no exit field on the start screen. This worked for 3 games as reported before;
        Before starting another try today I erased my only (private) app, i.e. the opera mini, but there is no change;
        even if i put first the game that I want to get rid of at the end of all the apps, so that the game installed from the ‘predefgames’ folder igoes next to it, it it is not possible to evoke the delete cross for the second delete, but ony to see the background of the app in grey.

        What else should I try?
        Is there no technical manual for the java phones?
        Every help is welcome, and thank you so much …
        Cheers, Lutz

        • Sorry that these apps and games are protected from Nokia’s side and there will be no guide or way provided to users to delete these.
          I’m trying to study how these games are installed and how to open the file which saves the order of these apps and decides which ones appear on the homescreen.
          For the time being, I’ll email you (on the email address you submitted here) with details about the other method where we explore the phone’s permanent memory on a PC and then delete the games from there manually. Please keep a PC/Laptop running Windows XP handy as the software is old and won’t work on newer versions of Windows.

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