Extend WhatsApp Subscription on Nokia Asha (S40) Phones

WhatsApp is a great Online Messaging platform which actually keeps your connected anytime and anywhere, provided if you have internet connectivity. WhatsApp has been available for Nokia Asha and other S40 phones since a long time, but as per WhatsApp’s terms, the free subscription is only valid till 1 year and all the users need to renew the service at regular flat rate of $1 per year. But there’s a cute exception for Nokia Asha users. Reed below

Extending the WhatsApp Subscription

Subscription of WhatsApp for Nokia S40 phones can be easily extended even without the need of a credit/debit card. You don’t need to pay from your phone balance either. Follow the steps below to extend your WhatsApp subscription.

  1. Use WhatsApp for Messaging your friends.
  2. Keep using WhatsApp and stay connected with your friends.
  3. Your subscription will be renewed automatically for Free at the end of 1st year 😛

Surprising? Yes that’s true. WhatsApp team is charging nothing for using the great WhatsApp messenger on Nokia Asha phones. In simple words, WhatsApp is completely free for use of Nokia Asha phones. This was confirmed by an email reply from WhatsApp support. For those who can’t believe, a screenshot resides below.

Whatsapp support replyThey might plan to include some sort of in-app payment system within the application at a later stage, but for now they don’t have any. This is why there’s no account info column inside the WhatsApp application on Nokia S40 phones.

In any case if your subscription is not automatically renewed, you can delete your account and create a new one which will reset your profile. But you will lose your chat history and connected contacts in such a case. But no worries. WhatsApp support team is always there to help you out in case your face any issues.

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