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Get Free Virtual Credit Card from Entropay for Shopping Online

Online Shopping is something which is trending hugely these days. Shopping and or making payments online is easy, convenient and can be done from anywhere be it your home or office. The online industry is expected to grow hugely in the future which will bring in more cases of fraudulent use of your credit cards and banking information.

Security is another story we can easily write a book on, but as not everyone is easily offered a credit card by the banks, some users are never able to make payments and do shopping online. If you’re one of the sufferers, you can get a Virtual online Credit Card to shop online. Virtual Cards are also very secure as they are prepaid. Even if your info is compromised, the hacker cannot empty your bank.

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Entopay Offers Free and Instant Virtual Credit Cards

Entropay is an online virtual card service which is run by Ixaris Systems, Ltd in association with Visa. The aim of the service was to provide Credit Card access to persons regardless of their location or credit-worthiness. Entropay Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards can be used on any website or service which accepts international Visa cards.

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It’s a Credit Card, but doesn’t provide you with Credit

It’s a credit card, so does it provide free Credit? I know you’d be asking the same question. No it does not offer you any sort of credit facility and you can only use as much funds as you deposit in your virtual card account.
So why is it called a credit card?
Just because it can be used on any website which accepts credit cards. We’d have called it a debit card, but because it also works on websites requiring only a credit card, it is indeed a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card.

Loading Up your Virtual Credit Card

Entropay provides two easy ways to load the virtual cards. This can be done either via Bank Transfer (to their Bank Account in London) or through direct debit to your existing and personal Credit/Debit Card. There’s definitely Entopay’s commission and processing fees which will be deducted before the funds are loaded on to your card.

funding options entropaySpecial Entropay Features

  • Visa Card – Visa Cards are accepted throughout the world. So this really makes the Virtual Card to be used anywhere around the globe with any merchant who accepts Visa Cards.
  • Prepaid Card – Unlike regular Credit Cards, Entropay Virtual Cards are Prepaid. So you only use what you load into the card. Hence no payment dates and no over usage.
  • Instant Activation – As soon as you create an account and deposit your first set of funds, you’ll be given a unique Card Number together with the details such as the Issue/Expiry Date and CVV/CVV2 number.
  • Card Statement – Entropay keeps a statement of your card with all the details of transactions that you have made during the period.
  • Receive payments – You can also receive merchant payments directly in your Virtual Card which can be later withdrawn into your bank account. So you can also use it as a way of receiving payments.
  • Upto 10 Virtual Cards – Basic account holders can add upto 10 different virtual cards into their account and use them as per need without any need of physical verification.
  • EntroPay Plastic MasterCard – They also offer this physical card which can be used just as the way you use a regular card.

Have you used Entropay in the past? Let us know your take on the service. We’ve recently signed up and feel that it’s a great way of securely making payments online.

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