Easily Block Calls and SMS on Nokia Lumia (Amber Update Needed)

Nokia is continuously bringing new and improved features to its Lumia range of phones. The dedication of Nokia is so much that at a some point we feel that Nokia is doing a better job than Microsoft in supporting the platform. One of these great creations by Nokia is the ability to block calls and SMS from certain numbers. This feature comes in the form of an update to Extras and Info app and can be used by all the devices running Nokia Amber Update.

If your device was shipped with the Amber pre-installed (Lumia 625, 925 and 1020), or if you’ve already received the Amber updates (Most Lumia 920s have), you can follow the steps below to block calls and SMS from particular numbers.

Blocking Calls and SMS from Certain Numbers

Although its super simple and easy to use, still here are the steps which you can follow on your Nokia Lumia to block a number from Calling or Texting you.

  1. Tap on the Phone tile to open your recent calls.
  2. Long tap on the number from which you want to block Calls and SMS.
    Block a Number
  3. Tap on Block Number…
  4. Accept the confirmation and from then onwards, you won’t receive any calls or texts from that particular number.
  5. Follow the same steps to add any more numbers to the blocked list.

Removing Blocked Numbers, Logs and Deactivating Blocking

Once a number is blocked, its obvious that you will not be willing to let it stay in the blocked list forever. So here’s the solution for that.

  1. Swipe Right from Start Screen to reach All Apps
  2. Tap on Settings and locate Call + SMS Filter
  3. Here you can:
    1. Turn call blocking Off and On.
    2. Manage which numbers are blocked.
    3. Check the logs about How many call and SMS were blocked.
    4. Manage some Advanced settings like Notifications and block withheld numbers.
  4. You can also block calls from callers who are not showing their numbers i.e. using Private Numbers for calling.


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  • okay got AN OLD NOKIA X6 getting unwanted calls from 0116 number nuisance caller. NEED TO BLOCK went into settings can only delete and not block—please help getting fed up now!

    • The Nokia X6 ran Symbian OS. This article only referred to Lumia phones which ran Windows Phone. Anyways, please install the Symbian app store from here. And then try looking in it for a Call Blocker app. I am not very sure if one still exists, since it’s been many years that Symbian OS was discontinued.

  • Don’t show “Call+SMS filter” in my Handset Lumia 535. In earlier showing but after update my phone not showing.

    What should I do?

    • Hi Kedar,
      What version of Windows Phone OS are you running? And have you updated the extras+info app to the latest version? 🙂

  • Hi I have a Nokia lumia 365 , I have blocked a number and I’m not receiving calls from the number but i am still receiving texts can anyone help please

  • I have Nokia Lumia 520. I blocked a number. But now I want to unblock that no. But in call + sms filter “Block Number” option is not shown. There are 4 optiones : 1. show in action center, 2. banner alerts, 3. Notification sound & 4. Vibrate. Please advise me how can I unblock the Phone number.

  • When a call is blocked in Lumia 730 they get a busy tone when they try to call.. Is it possible to give them a switch off message instead of busy tone

  • I blocked someone. It was working fine but then last night, out of nowhere I started getting texts from him again?! It still shows up in my phone as a blocked number but somehow he’s getting through. I replied “How did you get through when I have you blocked?” He didn’t respond to that question hut dos send ANOTHER text. I don’t understand.

  • Plz answer me …my block SMS and call filter is off and can’t b open ……i try to on the filter but not open….it said …something went wrong…..i restart my phone but all in vain …
    Plz ans me quickly

  • What if the number I would like to block is not in the history. Do I wait for him/her to call again, appear in history then block!? Please help!!!

  • My husband has blocked someone on his Nokia lumia running Windows. He still receives text messages from this number. How can he stop this? Does he have to turn off notifications?
    My iPhone 6 blocks entirely, my husband receives an alert to say he has had a missed call from a blocked number and he can still read their texts. He wants to block all contact and notification of any kind including sums. Please help. JJ

  • If you have the Nokia “call blocking” app you will see it in Settings, near the bottom.
    It says, ‘call+SMS filter’, underneath it says ‘block calls+SMS:on/off.

    If you click on it, it will take you to the major settings for this app.

    But to block a call you normally have to go to your call HISTORY.
    If the number you want to block has called you, their number will be listed.
    Don’t tap the number! You need to ‘press and hold’ the number.
    A pop-up screen will appear, which will give you the option to block.

    If the number you want to block is not in your history, you will have to call the number you want to block! Then hang up immediately!
    The number will now be in your history! And you can now block it from there!

    • The only option you have when you press down on the number in call history are details, delete, add to speed dial. There is not a “call block” option.

  • Hi. I’m using Lumia 535, I can not see the sms+call filter app. And when I long tap on a number in history, it gives only three options >> details, Delete or add to speed dial. Please I really need to block some pests

  • Spammers have become wise to this number blocking and redered it useless.

    Spam companies have become wise to number blocking and now use ranged numbers.
    So the first spam sms you get will be the originating number plus a 1 tagged onto the end of the number, then 2 for the next, then 3 for the next and so on, thereby negating “number blocking”

    Sure nokia inovation can send an update that will allow us to block number ranges, thereby making this feature valuable again !

  • my call + Sms filter has failed twice before now and each time I did a factory reset. Right now only the sms filter from Number I blocked is working, while I still receive calls from people I blocked. Do I have to keep doing a hard reset! People advised I should download Sysapp Pusher, Extras + info, which I have all installed and still the filter is not working properly.
    Kindly advice on the next to do.

  • Please help me. Im using lumia 710 I have been trying to login with my windows ID under settings each time I try they say there was a problem I need an activation code to finish the setup I should call customer care and I don’t even no how to contact them. I just want to login so I can be able to download whatsapp and Facebook apps in that there market or is there a way Or a link i can download whatsapp on my phone? Other from windows store??

    • Does it ask for a Windows Activation code or a code generated by the authenticator because you have 2-step verification enabled? For Windows activation, you need to contact Microsoft Support here.

  • I find it silly because I want to completely block someone but they still can send me a message which is left in the block section so how do I stop them completely from sending messages? It is their and you can read it which I don’t want to.

  • sir, i am using Nokia Lumia 635, when I try to block a number I get some notification like “that didn’t work, though it’s not clear why.try it later”. sir please kindly tell me the solution for this problem. And yes I already downloaded Extra+info app, and my phone is updated too. But still I have the issue.

  • I have a Nokia 520 and after downloading the app the message is always the same “Something went wrong, please try again later or restart your phone”

    It seams that I’m not the only one with the same problem…

    Any suggestions?


    • You probably need to reset the phone to factory state as there is no other known solution to the issue.

  • some problam in my lumia 535 whatsapp are not working error message are display on screen they number are blocked in my mobile.
    that problam as soled..

  • Hi,I have Lumia 520 but each time I block a number it block, but when the number call still appears to my phone and yet I have not unblock it.plix I need help.

  • I have Lumia 610. On my Nokia Lumia 610 I am not able to get any call from particularly two numbers. From any other numbers except those two numbers I am getting calls and I can even call at those numbers.

    • Lumia with Windows Phone 7.x does not have any such feature, so most possibly it is the network issue. Maybe your provider has blocked those numbers?
      Can you try putting the SIm to a different phone and see if you are able to dial them then?

  • MY PHONE IS LUMIA 535 while I tried to block number there was a message that ‘Something went wrong’ That didn’t work, though it’s not clear why. Try it again.
    Please rectiy

    • I Have a Lumia 635 and this is happening to me too. I follow the guide and even when I try to go in to Call + SMS filter it won’t let me in. It simply states “Something went wrong though it’s not clear why. Try it again”. Is there another route that I can use to reactivate the Call + SMS Filter?. Narender Singh you seem to be the ‘go to guy’ on here – can you solve this please? 🙂

  • I have the Nokia Lumia 520. I have followed the article but still not seeing the call➕ SMS filter. Help? Tried the other option that asked to install some app but I get lost after it says go to Nokia list and click on accessories

  • My phone Lumia 535. How to block call+sms from the contacts rather than from recent calls. is it possible to block number from contact list

  • morning, please help I have a 625 Lumia I would like to please find out how do i block a number and sms’s.

    thank you

  • I have blocked the number but each time I go to call & sms filter I find messages sent by that number. How can I Permanently block a contact so I don’t receive ANY messages?

  • Hi..please can you help me,,I am trying to block a number from phoning and texting me,,my phone is the Nokia lumia 160,,, regards sarah

    • There’s no such Lumia 160. You probably meant Lumia 610 which is a WP7.8 smartphone, hence blocking calls on the same is not possible.

  • thank you…thank you, thank you…..for the simple to understand explanation of how to block calls on my lumia…I could not find the directions anywhere, and all I need to do is touch and hold the number for the menu to come up…imagine that….thank you again!

  • Sir I want to block some calls and sms when I choose that filter calls option I got this reply there is some problem going on pls try again later or reset your phone
    . What can I do plz help

    • Restart the phone and update it if an update is available. If that doesn’t work, probably reset is the way to go.

  • my phone is noika: i want to get a call from recent dial numbers. but recent call numbers view correctly. but i click the nuber in recent tab anda press call button added before country code and not workin call.. call going wron no

      • I deleted my caller history on my Nokia Lumia 625 phone. I am getting text messages I don’t want and I want to block the number. How can I block a number without the number on phone history? Can I manually enter the phone number and how?

  • Same problem exist in my Lumia 620 ..If i restart my phone also i got the same reply “Something went wrong, please try again later or restart your phone”Help me plz…….

  • My lumia 720 is not opening the Call + SMS filter, i keep getting the same message, “Something went wrong, please try again later or restart your phone”, i have done all of that but still not opening.


  • I have a Nokia Lumia 929 Windows 8.0 and it has blocked some of my contacts. I’m not sure what to do, I went to settings and then to Call + SMS Filter and my Block Calls is OFF. Now what?? I just got this phone 4 days ago so I should have all the updates and it should be ready to go. ?? Any suggestions??

    • That’s strange, Debbie. Are you certain that there was actually a block done by the app and there was no other reason for the call not getting through? The Call+SMS filter would give out a toast notification when it blocks a call.

      Besides that, do you see that particular number in the blocked list of the filter? If so, try removing it from the list to see if it works?

  • hiee sir Can u please help me in activating call + sms filter in nokia lumia 720….i even downloaded amber also

  • I hav a lumia 520 and i downloaded the call+sms filter app…but wen i try to open just shows ‘something went wrong. Try again later or restart your phone’
    what do i do?? I need this feature asap…..

  • i am using nokia 710 i want to block calls but doesnt seem to work in 710 what can i do plz help me….

  • I have a Lumia 1020 and I keep following the long tap to block a number. It is an 800 number, though, and it keeps coming through even it shows on the blocked list. Is there a way around this?

    • Probably not. Make sure you have the latest update to Call+SMS Filter. There’s nothing beyond that.

  • Without paying on Win. Store we cant get Blacklist app? Or… If i long tap on number it isnt showing me to block it. Why? I have Nokia Lumia 625

    • You don’t need to pay for this. Please go to Settings> Call + SMS Filter and make sure it is enabled.

  • Hey! I have Nokia lumia 625 , and i have installed call + sms filter app, but when i am opening it then its not opening but There Is something written That There Is some problem occuring, now whats This?? Why its not downloading ????

  • Yes, thanks for help did download the sysapp and everything fell in place. Loving the black software and the 1020, had a 920 but the 41 mega pixel is great. Windows Phones just keep getting better

  • Just got a Nokia 1020 yesterday it came preupdated with the black software not amber, is there way to get amber so I can use the block option. You say Lumia push, how do not do that.

    • Hello Janet. Actually you’re at a better position. Lumia Black came after the Lumia Amber update. So you have all you need. Just long tap on a contact (in call history) and you can send it to the block list. If there’s none, you should update your system apps. Let me know if you need more help.

    • If you have the Lumia Amber or Lumia Black update, read this post and you’ll have all the knowledge you need.

  • U can update ur phone software in settings
    and to block a call
    go to call history
    long tap a name
    select block number

  • i update lumia pusher…but after clicking tht call and sms filter….ur phone software needs to be updated…… what i need to do helllllp meeee ;-(

  • My Lumia amber will not give me the call blocking function .i tried the method u said, and I still can not get it

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