How to: Turn off Camera shutter Sounds in Nokia Asha 305

Previously, ‘singhnsk‘ wrote about doing the same with the Asha 311 and Asha 310. So thought I should write this to guide as well to help all those who’re frustrated with the camera shutter sounds which the Asha 305 makes when clicking a picture.

The procedure is same as it was for Nokia Asha 311 And 310..

  1. Download the Backup file (named Camera Sounds 305.NBF)  from here

    Asha 305 Camera Sound
  2. Transfer it to your phone, or else if you’re downloading it on your phone, just continue to the next step.
  3.  Now open the location where you have kept the Backup file and open it. It will ask for the confirmation. Tap continue.
  4. The phone will restart and that’s it. The camera sounds will be turned off and you’ll also start seeing an option in camera settings to turn the sounds on or off anytime as needed.

Just restore it and you are done..

Please don’t attempt clicking someone without his/her permission as this hinders with the privacy of the others

Did this work for you? How were the results after the restore? Let us know in the comments section below  😛


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