Best Games for Nokia Asha 500, 501, 502 and 503

Nokia recently added 3 new members to the Asha 5xx full-touch series and with the sales of the devices on full swing, new games are appearing for these phones everyday. All of these phones come with 3-inch QVGA screens and hence all run the same games. Here we are trying to collect some of those. If there’s a game that you love playing, do let us know about it below and we will add it over here.

Best Games for Asha 5xx Touch Series

Below are some of the coolest games available for your shining new Asha smartphones. Most of the games are free or else have a free version supported by ads. Besides that, due to the sorting of store some games are listed as compatible with only one model. In this case select another model at Nokia Store (web version) and use our guide to download that game on your PC.

These games are randomly listed and evenly scattered. No popularity wise sorting is being done. Due to a long list, the post is divided into multiple pages (navigation at bottom). Newly discovered games will be added at the last page

Assassin’s Creed 3 (by: Gameloft)

assasins creed 3 java

The all time favorite console game is also quite famous when it comes to mobiles phones. Play as the new hero in the series, Connor, a Native American whose tribe and homeland were destroyed by settlers, in an epic adventure during the American Revolution in Assassin’s Creed 3.
To download, either search for the title in the store or visit the link below to Nokia Store

Danger Dash Free (by: Gameloft)

danger dash free

Danger Dash is another great adventure game from Gameloft. Are you an adventurer? Push your speed to the limit & escape from evil tigers in exotic settings! Run, dodge obstacles & collect Artifacts, unlock levels & new characters! Track your ranking & leave all your friends in the dust!
To download the game, access Nokia Store on your phone and search for the title.

Gold Rush (by: Game Square)

Gold Rush Java Game

Not is all that it seems with Gold Rush, as this high speed action game relies a great deal on toilet humour. You have to bring peace to this poor boy by getting him to the rest-room in as quick a time as possible. It’s a relief once you get there but to do so you’ll need to dodge flying toilet rolls and other obstructions and distractions.

Temple Saviour Free (by: ViMAP)

temple saviourLong Back ago there was an emperor with divine soul has deputed a saviour rock, to keep his treasuries safe from the intruders.
Be a temple saviour to kill all intruders and save the treasuries of temple. Save the saviour block from the traps or explosive as it lose the game. Try to reach through shortest path to find the next way to the treasury of temple.

Agent Smith World Assault (by: Zapak)

Agent Smith World AssaultGet ready to play as Agent Smith, his nations top secret agent, in this action packed 2D platformer! Complete allied missions to obtain clues to find the rouge agent who shot the Admiral, poisoned Smith and stole the plans of a top secret weapon.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline (by: Gameloft)

asphalt 6Adrenaline, the world’s best drivers deserve the fastest cars. Get pumped up for the latest, most polished racing experience to date with vehicles from Ferrari, Audi, Ducati, Lamborghini and other top manufacturers. Save up your energy and let loose an Adrenaline Boost to overpower the competition in exotic locations, all recreated with the most advanced graphics ever for an Asphalt title. You can also take on new challenges to really test your driving skills. Jump on board and feel the Adrenaline!

Super Orio (by: East Innovations)

Super OrioSuper Orio is ready to make adventures

  • Bridges that collapse when Orio walks
  • Lift & Elevators to Move Upper floors
  • Moving carts to reach other ends
  • Ladders and
  • Great Air Balloon to fly away and reach to the EXIT Gate.

Cut the Box & Cut the Box Reloaded (by: Twist Mobile)

cut the boxA very engaging physics based game where you need to cut the box and drop it down without letting the restricted boxes from falling. In short, you need to slice any of the boxes and make the green boxes fall to the floor. Yellow boxes can be used to make the green boxes fall, but there won’t be an issue if yellow box falls as well whereas the level will be failed if the red boxes fall to the floor.

After the great success of Cut the Box, Cut the Box Reloaded was introduced adding another set of 90 levels of non-stop fun. Download both from the links below:


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