Offline (Standalone) Installers of All AVG Products

avg logoAVG is one of the most trusted companies offering software based security solutions. Antivirus for Windows PCs is one of the key selling products of AVG with millions of users trust AVG to keep their PCs secured and working smoothly. AVG recently dropped the year from their product names and started pushing all updates at the same time. This means that there will be no more of those situations where users were left with AVG 2014 when AVG 2015 was released.

While most of the users are satisfied with the online installer that AVG offers on their main website, some of us look for standalone/offline installers to secure multiple PCs or PCs with no or limited internet connectivity. Listed below are the direct download links (from AVG servers) of offline installers of AVG 2016 products.

Download Offline Installers of AVG (Latest 2016)

Choose the edition which you want to download and make sure that you download the version appropriate for your system i.e. 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) as the wrong choice might not work and you’ll end up wasting your bandwidth.

If you’re looking for AVG Protection Free, Protection Pro or AVG Ultimate, the offline installers are not available for them as they are multi-product bundles supporting multiple devices. You can however download the individual items from the links below.

Download AVG AntiVirus FREE

The basic free protection from AVG is used by over 200,000,000 users. It offers AntiVirus, Link Protection and Email Protection. That’s basically everything a normal user would need to keep his/her PC protected and AVG offers all this for free.

AVG AntiVirus Free [32-bit (x86)] AVG AntiVirus Free [64-bit (x64)]

Download AVG AntiVirus (Paid)

The paid edition comes for a small charge and offers the following features in addition to the free protection – Online Shield, File Shredder, Data Safe and some priority in updates.

AVG Anti-Virus [32-bit (x86)] AVG Anti-Virus [64-bit (x64)]

This does require a license key during installation and if you do not already have a license key, you can buy one from the link below.

Buy AVG License

Download AVG Internet Security

AVG’s complete security suite i.e. the AVG Internet Security offers everything that a user needs to secure his/her PC. It includes Enhanced Firewall and Anti-Spam in addition to the features offered by AVG Anti-Virus.

AVG Internet Security [32-bit (x86)] AVG Internet Security [64-bit (x64)]

Download AVG PC TuneUp

Not something most of us would be needing, but if you need to download AVG PC TuneUp, the following are the links to offline installers.

AVG PC TuneUp [32-bit (x86)] AVG PC TuneUp [64-bit (x64)]

Download AVG AntiVirus for Mac

Mac users would probably never need AntiVirus protection, that too in the bare minimum form that AVG offers for Mac users. However, if you’re the one interested in having it, the download link for .dmg is below.

AVG AntiVirus for Mac

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