AT&T Smart Controls – Block Unwanted Calls & Texts on AT&T

Mobiles and Call Phones have made the life easy by connecting everyone 24×7, but due to busy schedules or partial unavailability there are situations when you don’t want to receive any calls (or calls from a particular) person. If you’re on AT&T and want to block calls and texts from some particular numbers, AT&T offers a nice service called the AT&T Smart Controls. You will be charged a nominal fees to use the service, but it’s worth it when one such unwanted call can bring in a lot of disturbance.

at&t smart controls

Features of AT&T Smart Controls

  • Block up to 30 numbers from which you don’t want to receive any calls or texts.
  • Limit Usage – Set a maximum limit on text and data so that you don’t consume more than what you want to. Also limit the mobile purchases (payment via carrier billing).
  • Block certain hours – Block texts, data or outgoing voice calls during certain times of the day.
  • Set allowed Numbers – Calls and Texts from these numbers will always be allowed even if a restriction is activated.

The service costs a nominal $4.99 per month per line and does not cover the prepaid subscribers yet. This will be added to the monthly phone bill.

If the limits are set, the user will be warned when he reaches close to the limit and once the limit is reached ano more usage will take place. Do note that limiting is not yet available for Voice calls and only includes data, text and mobile purchases.

To subscribe, get in touch with the AT&T customer care staff or activate it online over here. You will be needed to log into your AT&T wireless account if not already logged in.

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