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Get Aadhar PVC Card Printed Online from These Websites

Aadhar card is originally printed on the standard glossy paper which is undoubtedly perfect and probably the easiest to carry since it doesn’t fatten up the wallet. But the paper is prone to damage and can get torn over time. Thus, the PVC card is a better option for carrying in wallets since it can last longer than the paper printed one. Some Aadhar centers have already started printing Aadhar information on PVC cards on the request of card holders.

Reasons Why You Should Get the PVC Card

Aadhar is acceptable in any form and there is no compulsion to get the PVC card. Paper printed one, a photocopy or the PVC card carry equal authority and are valid all over. Still, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting the PVC Card.

  1. Easier to carry and more durable.
  2. Keep the original paper printed Aadhar card safe at home.
  3. You’ve lost your Aadhar card and need a duplicate.
  4. PVC card is waterproof.

My reason for getting the PVC card was simple – I’ve lost my original Aadhar card and hence needed a duplicate. Since there is no signature or stamp on the Aadhar card, it is safe to get a print of the e-aadhar and use it normally. I went with a normal paper printout of the E-Aadhar, but it didn’t look good enough, so decided to go with the online route.

How to get the Aadhar PVC Card Online?


The best and the safest way to get your Aadhar card reprinted on a PVC sheet is by visiting one of the Aadhar enrolment centers or the Common Service Centres (CSC). Depending on the available resources, they can print your card on a PVC sheet for a nominal cost of ₹10-20. If you do not want to visit an Aadhar center, you can get the PVC card printed online from the websites listed below. You need to download your e-aadhar PDF and provide to these websites for printing.

You are responsible for your information shared with these websites. They might keep a copy of your information which can be misused at a later time. Please also go through this notification issued by UIDAI to not to share your Aadhar information with unauthorized third parties.

1. JanAadhar –  ₹28 + Shipping & Taxes = ₹98

I’ve myself got my Aadhar printed from JanAadhar. They charge ₹28 for the printing of Aadhar details on PVC. Then there are the shipping and payment gateway charges which add up to push the total close to ₹100. If you plan to get multiple cards printed (say duplicate copies or for other family members) the per unit cost will come down as shipping expenses will stay constant.

They ship either via DTDC or Bluedart in their printed envelopes which mention that an Aadhar card is enclosed within. This puts some responsibility on the delivery person to authenticate that the packet is being delivered at the right address. The website is also secured over HTTPS which does give some security that the uploaded Aadhar information will not be seen by others.

Visit JanAadhar

2. PrintMyAadhar – ₹28 + Shipping & Taxes = ₹90

PrintMyAadhar is yet another service which allows you to get your Aadhar PVC card printed from the E-Aadhar PDF file. They offer slightly cheaper printing as compared to JanAadhar. The process is literally the same and the shipping cost will also be constant if you get multiple cards printed at a time.

Visit PrintMyAadhar

3. PvcAadhar – ₹45 + Shipping = ₹105 is a slightly better-designed website and offers a lot of helpful information via their FAQs section. But they also have a slightly higher cost per card at ₹45. They do offer live support via chat and WhatsApp if you want to clear your doubts. Similar to others, the shipping cost will stay constant, hence bringing down the per unit cost if you get multiple cards printed.

Visit PvcAadhar


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