Vodafone Low Balance Services – Send or Request for Balance

Vodafone LogoVodafone has recently introduced Low Balance Services for its customers. The services allows users to share their mobile balance with others. Users can now send balance to a friend in need or request balance from their friends when needed. Not only send and receive, there’s plenty more too. The available services are:

1. Balance Transfer:

Balance Transfer allows any Vodafone customer to send Balance to any other Vodafone customer within the same state. This can be very handy during emergencies or critical situations. The amount is transferred to the Target Vodafone number almost instantly as soon as a transfer request is submitted.

To transfer balance, the donor needs to dial:
*131*<Amount>*<Target Vodafone Number>#

For example, *131*15*9888098880#

Conditions: To be able to transfer balance, the sender should be with Vodafone for at-least 90 days and the receiver needs to be with Vodafone for at-least 30 days. A subscriber can only send balance once a day and receive upto 3 times a day.

Service Charges:

  • For sending Rs. 5-9, there will be service charge of Re. 1
  • For sending Rs. 10-24, there will be service charge of Rs. 2
  • For sending Rs. 25-30, there will be service charge of Rs. 3

2. Balance Request:

Balance request allows Vodafone customers to request balance from any other Vodafone customer within the same state. There are no service charges to request balance. However, sending charges will apply.

To request balance, Dial:
*132*<Amount>*<Vodafone number to request balance from>#

For Example: *132*20*9888098880#

Conditions: The requester should be using Vodafone for at-least 30 days and the person requested should be with Vodafone for at-least 90 days.

3. Call Me Back:

The Call Me Back service allows Vodafone users to ask others to call them even if they have zero balance. Upon requesting, a message will be sent to the target number to call back the sender. The service only works if the balance of the requester is lesser than 1.

To ask others to call you back, Dial:
*133*<Mobile Number>#

For Example, *133*988809880#

4. Chota Credit:

When out of Balance, chhota credit can be really helpful. It allows Vodafone customers to get small credit of Rs. 10 valid for 24 hours. The amount will be deducted back after 24 hours.

To get credit, dial:
*130# and reply with 4



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