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Moving WordPress to a new domain easily

We recently moved our blog to a new address and the migration went smooth and easy. If you’re looking for a guide to move your WordPress blog to a new domain without annoying your users and search engines, follow the following guide. Firstly, make sure that your new domain was setup atleast 12-24 hours before, […]

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Change WordPress Permalinks without 404 Errors

Bloggers usually are very much willing to post and earn money that they forget the other basic configurations. One of the most common mistake they make is of not changing the Permalinks initially as they require. Here’s an easy tutorial to change WordPress Permalinks structure and redirect the old links to new ones using Plugin to […]

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How to Leverage Browser Caching

Why Browser Caching? Most of the websites include files and resources which don’t change frequently, such as CSS, Images, Javascript; etc. But, everytime the browser loads a webpage, it loads all these resources again and again even though they’re same and don’t change. Loading again takes a lot more time in showing up the webpage […]

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Displaying Related Posts in WordPress

Providing Related Posts at the end of your posts or somewhere within the post is very beneficial. By inserting related posts, you’re attracting the visitors to read more of your blog posts. It also helps in reducing the Bounce Rate and also enhances the earnings from Advertisements.  We’ll show you to how to insert related posts in your WordPress Blog. There […]

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Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is a great CMS system or script which deserves a lot of Credit and Appreciation. Novices think that WordPress is also a simple Blogging CMS just like many other present. But, they are always wrong at that point. WordPress is not at all like any other Blogging CMS. WP is the BEST Blogging CMS […]

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