[Trick] Schedule automatic startup in Nokia Android phones

Nokia phones are no longer known for cutting-edge software or hardware features. So, they generally end up having fewer software features than their competitors. Brands like OnePlus come with in-built options to schedule automatic shut down and start up; unfortunately, Nokia phones do not. That said, there’s a trick or a workaround using which you can make your Nokia smartphone start up close to a scheduled time.

Workaround – Use an alarm to turn on the phone automatically

New Nokia phones have an inbuilt feature that starts up the phone if there is an upcoming alarm. So, you can use it not only to avoid missed alarms but also as a workaround to make the phone turn on automatically at a scheduled time. I have touched on it briefly in the video about the powered-off alarm feature on Nokia phones.

All that you need to do to schedule an automatic startup is to set an alarm for that time. Remember to set the ring tone to “none” and turn off the vibration for this alarm to avoid any disturbance. The phone will start up silently, just like a native feature for automatic startup. Do remember that the Nokia boot jingle will still play unless your phone is in silent mode.

The powered-off alarm works in the Nokia G and X series of smartphones. I have tested it on Nokia XR20 (Android 12) and Nokia G21 (Android 11). However, I can’t assure you that it will work on every Nokia G and X series device. The feature is unavailable on older Nokia phones such as Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.2.

Does it work for you? Yes? No? Please let us know your Nokia phone model to help us build a more comprehensive list.