S Bike Mode – How it works on Samsung Galaxy J3

samsung s bikeSamsung is making big news out of the Galaxy J3’s S Bike mode which silences incoming calls and notifications so that bike riders aren’t disturbed. Television is full of advertisements of the same and so are the newspapers and billboards in various cities. While the feature looks promising at first look, here’s how it works and what all it can do.

What is S Bike Mode

S bike mode allows 2-wheeler riders to focus on the road and not get disturbed by unwanted calls. A pre-recorded voice message is played to the callers informing them that you’re unavailable. However if the call is urgent, the caller can press 1 on the dialpad and the phone would ring up to notify about the urgent call. User can then halt and attend to the call. If you’re too stubborn to halt, there’s the Motion Lock.

Activating the S bike Mode

The Samsung Galaxy J3 has an in-built NFC chip. The smartphone also comes with a NFC tag/sticker which the user can stick on the bike, helmet, key or anywhere it is easy to tap. When ready to ride the bike, the user just needs to tap the NFC tag to put the phone into S bike mode. Alternatively the mode can also be enabled directly via the phone’s interface. When done traveling, a gentle tap on the NFC tag gain would take the phone out of S bike mode.

S Bike + Motion Lock = Improved Safety

While S bike itself offers some riding safety, the Motion Lock feature takes it a step further. Motion Lock enforces that the bike be stopped before the urgent call could be picked up. So no more taking calls on the moving bike. This surely can be a step towards improved road safety provided the users activate this and don’t override according to their convenience.

Why not use in cars as well?

The feature is named and advertised to work with bikes only, but one should ask why leave cars and other vehicles? It should ideally work on any vehicle and those buying Galaxy J3 should make use of this feature whether they ride a bike or drive a car.

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