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Reliance Jio Core Balance – What it is & How to Recharge?

reliance jio core balanceReliance Jio offers unlimited free calls under its prime as well as regular plans. This means that recharging for a plan is everything that the customer needs. That said, there’s the Core Balance which is separate from the plans. It is a new term because Jio did not offer any way to top-up and use the core balance during the free period.

However, now that the Jio services will be chargeable, the Core Balance comes into effect. You’d be wondering what exactly is this core balance and how will it be used? We’ll answer that for you right here.

What is Core Balance in Reliance Jio?

The core balance is the primary or main balance of your Reliance Jio SIM card. If you’ve accessed the MyJio app or the Jio website, you’d have noticed that it says Balance Rs. 0.00. This balance is what Jio terms as core balance.

Core balance is similar to the prepaid balance you have in the SIM cards from other operators. Starting 1st of April, you can top-up the core balance and pay for various Jio services.

Where is Core Balance Used?

The core balance is used to charge the customer at base tariff if a plan does not exist. So, the use of core balance is to cover for overages and the usage which is not free under the subscribed plan. Or if the customer does not have a plan at all.

Let’s suppose you subscribe to the Rs. 149 prime plan. You’ll get unlimited voice calls, 2 GB data and 300 text messages (SMS) for 28 days. Now, if you consume all of your 2 GB data or send more than 300 text messages then your free usage will be over. In order to continue using more data or to send more text messages, you’ll be charged from your core balance.

Other than that, the core balance is used to make international calls and SMS, international roaming calls, premium short codes and calls or to recharge your hero pack (plan voucher). Basically anything which is not covered under your plan is charged from your core balance.

The call/sms/data charges (as per base tariff) will be deducted from the core balance. So, if you do not want to pay for Jio services as per their plans, then you can top-up your prepaid balance in Jio and use it to make calls and send text messages.

How to Recharge Jio Core Balance

Jio core balance can be topped up from Rs. 10 upto Rs. 5000. Recharges of denominations lower than Rs. 100 will attract service charges whereas recharges beyond Rs. 100 will provide full talktime. Here’s the detail:

MRP Value
10  7.7
20  15.39
50  40.48
100  100
150  150
200  200
300  300
500  500
750  750
1000  1000
2000  2000
5000  5000

You can recharge your core balance starting from 1st of April 2017. Recharges can be done using the MyJio app, Jio money app or the Jio website. You can also visit a retail store or 3rd party online recharge websites such as Paytm and Mobikwik.

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