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Privacy focused search engine “DuckDuckGo” received 200% increase in its traffic! Do you use it yet?

DuckDuckGo LogoIf you think that Google is the only way to search the web then you are not alone. There are a number of them, however, Google receives the majority of the search traffic. And for the majority of the internet users, Google is the only place to start searching the internet. Anyways, today we are talking about DuckDuckGo, a Google alternative which has doubled its traffic.

DuckDuckGo – The search engine focused on Privacy

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine like Google. But what makes it special is its special attention to the user’s privacy. DDG does not track its users, nor does it collect or share any private information. When you visit DuckDuckGo, you are a completely anonymous user. The search engine does not know who you are and if you’ve been there before. So, in a nutshell, your IP address, contact details, search terms, location and everything else stays limited to you.

DuckDuckGo Search Results
DuckDuckGo Search Results

Lack of information about you has some of its downsides. One major drawback is that you do not get a personalized experience. The quality and relevancy of search results will also not match to those provided by Google. So, you definitely have to trade off some goodness to get save your privacy.

DuckDuckGo more than doubles its traffic

Alexa Graph DuckDuckGo
Alexa Rank Graph

DuckDuckGo is not living in its own world. Users are actually using it and the interest is growing. As per Alexa, the traffic to the search engine has grown more than double in the last year. In fact, DDG is now so famous that it comes in the list of the top 400 websites on the internet (worldwide).

The growth in traffic is amazing. The global Alexa rank of DuckDuckGo is currently 395 as compared to ~750 last year. People are caring about their privacy and that’s the major factor contributing to the rapid growth of DDG.

Data is now one of the most important (and expensive) resource in the world. Companies are making fortunes from the big chunk of private data which they hold with them. It’s time that more of us wake up and start caring about how our private information is collected, used and shared.

Do you like DuckDuckGo?

Switching from the pleasure of a personalized search experience is not an easy task. What do you think about DuckDuckGo? Would you use it or pass it? Do let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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