Buy Official & Original Cases, Covers & Tempered Glass for OnePlus 5 in India

All Official Cases for OnePlus 5

Purchased a brand new OnePlus 5? (Not yet? Learn how to buy) It is now time to buy protective cases to keep the phone more secure. You can also install a tempered glass screen guard to protect the screen from scratches. Yes, the OnePlus 5 is protected by Gorilla Glass and the screen will handle most objects, but sand and dust can still scratch the screen.

OnePlus produces cases for OnePlus 5 in a number of options. All cases are original and are specially designed to fit the phone perfectly. There are the usual hard back covers, bumper cases, silicone covers and flip covers. OnePlus also offers the Otterbox case for OnePlus 5 which offers extreme protection against scratches, shock, and drops.

Official Hard Back Cases for OnePlus 5

The official hard back cases for OnePlus 5 protect the phone without making it bulky. These cases fit the phone perfectly and improve the hand grip. They are available in 4 flavors – Rosewood, Karbon, Ebony and the famous Sandstone. Here is a quick look at the cases and their price.

Case Material Price
Sandstone Case for OnePlus 5
Sandstone Case
Polycarbonate Rs. 999
Ebony Case for OnePlus 5
Ebony Case
Wood Rs. 1,490
Rosewood Case for OnePlus 5
Rosewood Case
Wood Rs. 1,490
Karbon Case for OnePlus 5
Karbon Case
Kevlar  Rs. 1,490

Buy Hard Back Cases for OnePlus 5

Official 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector for OnePlus 5

The official tempered glass for OP5 offers edge to edge protection to the display. The screenguard also helps with adding drop protection to a certain level. OnePlus has priced the screen protector at Rs. 950, which is on a slightly higher side. Hopefully OnePlus has included glue on the whole area unlike the chep ones which only have it at the corners.

Buy 3D Tempered Glass for OP5

Official Silicone Protective Case for OnePlus 5

op5 silicone case red

If a hard case is not your choice, then you can go with the silicone case. It will be easier to hold and covers the top of the phone as well. Hence, it keeps the phone more protected in case of an accidental fall. The silicone case is available in 2 colors – Red and Black.

Buy Silicone Case

Flip Cover for OnePlus 5

The flip cover offers decent protection to the phone as it also covers the screen in addition to the back. While it makes single-handed usage harder, it is a good choice if you can handle it. The official flip case for OP5 is available for Rs. 1,290 on the official OnePlus Store. The flip cover is available in two colors – Black and Gray.

Buy Flip Cover for OnePlus 5

Karbon Bumper Case for OnePlus 5

Karbon Bumper Case for OnePlus 3

The Karbon case is also available in the bumper form factor. It offers all around protection for the device. The bumper case makes will make the phone survive falls and accidental drops more than any other case out there. The OnePlus 5 official bumper case is crafted from DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber and premium rubber.

Buy Karbon Bumper Case for OP5

Otterbox Case for OnePlus 5

Available in Black and Red, the Otterbox case offers serious protection for the OnePlus 5. The product provides dual-layer protection against scratches, shock, and drops. However, it is worth noting that the Otterbox case is not compatible with the 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector. So, you can only choose one of the two :p

Buy Otterbox Case for OnePlus 5

A lot of bundles are also available on the OnePlus Store. So, if you’re planning to buy multiple items (say a hard case and a tempered glass) then you can check out the bundles.

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