Enable & customize watermark in Nokia camera app (Android phones)

Nokia Camera app in Nokia Android phones comes with a “Watermark” option. It adds a watermark to the viewfinder, making it easier to flaunt your Nokia or show information about the picture. By default, the watermark shows the Nokia model name and the Zeiss branding (if the phone comes with Zeiss lenses). There are 3 other watermark variations which the user can select as needed. They are easy to switch, but a reddit user seems to be having problems achieving the same. So, I decided to write it down for him and anybody else in a similar boat.

Enable the watermark

Enable Camera Watermark in Nokia Android phones

You can enable the watermark from the Settings menu of the camera app. Just enable the toggle in front of Watermark: Show time, location or weather info.

Watermark is only available for photos. So, make sure that your phone is in photo mode (and not video) before you can see the option in camera settings.

Also note that watermarks are permanent. If you add it to a photo, then it cannot be removed later on. You will need to resort to 3rd party photo editors to get rid of it.

Switch between watermarks

On Zeiss co-branded devices running the latest Nokia Camera app, there are 3 types of watermark. These are:

  1. Nokia model information
  2. Time, location and weather info
  3. Custom watermark – you can add your text

To switch between the watermarks, tap on the right or left arrow which appears on the screen. The watermark needs to be enabled for the arrows to show. Here’s a screenshot for reference.

Nokia 7 camera

Customize the watermarks

It is possible to customize the watermarks on Nokia Camera app. For example, in case of the 2nd watermark (location info), you can add a custom location if the automatically detected location is not appropriate. Similarly, the third watermark option allows you to add any custom text.

To make changes, tap on the watermark and select the small pencil icon. An editor window will open where you can add your custom text or a custom location (depending on the watermark).

Nokia camera custom watermark
Change watermark text

So, this was a quick short tutorial on the camera watermark in Nokia Android phones. Did you like it? Consider sharing it with your friends who use a Nokia phone πŸ™‚


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  • Narender, maybe you could edit the start of the article to say exactly which versions the instructions are applicable to?

  • 7.1 pie
    From the comments below do I understand the instructions above do not apply to android pie phones?
    After toggling the blue Watermark button ON, when I go back to the camera screen I do not see
    the box “Watermark X”
    or the arrows
    or Nokia | Zeiss
    (& there are seven menu options down the left side
    “Nokia | Zeiss” is displayed bottom left corner when I view the photos, no time\date\weather.

    • Same as mine I remember when I got my phone first I was able to edit it now same settings as you discribe now. Not able to edit it

    • The latest update broke the watermark functionality. Now you cannot relocate it. They are automatically added to the bottom left of the image after capture. Hopefully future updates will bring a fix to it πŸ™‚

    • Nice site, good luck to you. But maybe you should remove those ads, they are not at all family friendly.

      • Thanks For Your Feedback but in ads i have no adsense my adsense is not approved😒 7 time mene apply kiya par approve ni hota or rhi baat non-family friendly ads ki to inpar click aa jate hain 3% CTR se πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

        Thanks Again Bro

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