Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus, 7 Plus receive official Android 10 updates (Download links)

Nokia 6.1

Nokia Mobile is hard at work in the new year to update its devices to Android 10. In the 8 days of January 2020, Nokia Mobile has already updated 3 of its best-sellers to Android 10. The devices updated just now include the Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and the Nokia 6.1. This makes a total of 6 Nokia smartphones already running on Android 10.

The trio is receiving similar builds versioned 410C weighing around 1.45GB (approximately). The updates to each bring the Android Security Patch level of December 2019. Android 10 brings a host of new features including a new dark theme layout, gesture-based navigation and improved controls over privacy and permissions.

This is not the end though. Nokia guarantees 2 years of Android OS updates to all of its Android One smartphones. The next wave of Android 0 delivery should target the Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.2 and the Nokia 8 Sirocco. After that, they need to update their more affordable devices such as the Nokia 4.2, 3.2, 5.1 Plus, 3.1 Plus, and others.

Download links for manual install (via recovery mode)

The updates are released at different intervals in different regions. So, it will take a while for the updates to show up for you. If you cannot wait for the update to arrive at your device, or if you are having trouble installing it, then you can opt for a manual install. You can install Android 10 on your Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus and 7 Plus by downloading the file from the below link and installing it from the stock Android recovery mode.

Thanks: Vicente for sharing the update links for Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 7 Plus. Also thanks to Marvin for capturing the link for Nokia 6.1

How to install Manually?

  1. Copy the update file to your Nokia phone. If you have a MicroSD card, then copy it to the MicroSD card. Else download the file to your computer/PC.
  2. Reboot your Nokia phone into the Android recovery mode. You can find the steps in this post.
  3. If using an SD Card: Select Apply update from SD card and then locate the update file on your memory card to start the install process.
    If you do not have SD card: Select Apply update from ADB and then connect the phone to your PC. Then send the update file from your PC to the phone using the following command:
    adb sideload <filename>
  4. Wait for the update to install. Once the install finishes, select Reboot from the recovery mode to restart your phone in the normal mode.

Congrats! Now you are on Android 10. The manual install does not affect your ability to install software updates in the future. Whenever a new update is available, you can install it the same way as you used to.


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  • Dear Narender, someone mentioned version PL2-410C-0-00WW-B03 can be flashed to the Chinese TA-1054 and convert it to the Global Android. Are you familiar with that and is any of the described by you methods (SD card / ADB tools) suitable for that or it is more complicated than that? You previously helped me unlock my bootloader and start receiving updates all the way up to Android 9.

    • Hi, I did hear of that too. However, as Hikari said, that locks back the bootloader. And if I’m right there will be some incompatibilities too. The flash process will be via fastboot and the SKUID will also need a change.

  • Did the manual update but when it was time to boot, it got an error and asked to format device, after the format its working now, Nokia 7+ btw.

    but the screen freezing is back and now worse than ever, sometimes just unlocked the phone and it would freeze, haven’t gotten a freeze since like August or something and after November got it off and on, maybe once or twice a week.
    Now Android 10 is like 15 or more times a day, even more when trying to play games.

    If anyone knows a workaround or something let me know please.

  • I tried to install the Android 10 update on my Nokia 6.1 yesterday, and ended up with the infamous enablefilecrypto_failed error, which seems to have been present with the Nokia 7.1 update that arrived a month ago too. Furtunately after a while the phone recovered and I ended back with android 9, so at least it works again.

    However I can’t really figure out how to get around this problem. The bootloader seemed to be v10. I’ve unlocked the bootloader, but never got around to root this phone. Could the unlocked bootloader have anything to do with it? I can’t see why that would be the case, though.

      • The unlocked bootloader does not cause it. But yeah the issue is seen on a number of phones, even with a locked bootloader. I hope everything is fine now.

        • I still get this error, whether I try it through the updater or adb sideload. Is this always encryption related or could it be a sign of another issue?

          • The only thing which works for me in this situation is to flash the full Android 9 or rather Android 10 firmware using OST LA. After that things seem okay. Did that for many users on locked bootloader too. This infinite loop doesn’t end otherwise.

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