Android 11 is now available for Nokia 3.2 (Know availability by region)

Nokia 3.2 Android 11 update rollout started
Nokia 3.2 becomes the 2nd Nokia smartphone to receive the upgrade to Android 11.

Nokia 3.2 users in several countries can update their devices to Android 11 now. HMD Global (Nokia Mobile) has started the rollout process. The version number of the update is 3.140 (or 3_140) depending on where you check for it. Along with the improvements from Android 11, the update also bundles the Android security patches until March 2021. The total size of the OTA update package is 1.43 GB.

To know about new features in Android 11, you can refer to our dedicated post:

Availability by region

As a standard practice, Nokia Mobile does the update roll out in phases (which they call waves). In the first wave, Nokia Mobile is delivering the Android 11 to Nokia 3.2 users in 34 countries. Here’s a list of countries where the update is immediately available:

Countries covered in Wave 1

  1. Albania
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Cambodia
  5. Denmark
  6. Egypt
  7. Estonia
  8. Finland
  9. Georgia
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Iceland
  12. India
  13. Iran
  14. Iraq
  15. Jordan
  16. Laos
  17. Latvia
  18. Lebanon
  19. Lithuania
  20. Macau
  21. Macedonia
  22. Malaysia
  23. Moldova
  24. Montenegro
  25. Nepal
  26. Norway
  27. Philippines
  28. Serbia
  29. Sri Lanka
  30. Sweden
  31. Switzerland
  32. Thailand
  33. Ukraine
  34. Vietnam

We will update the post when we get to know about the rollout of Wave 2. The date for Wave 2 of Android 11 update is currently not announced by HMD Global.

It is a bit surprising that Nokia 3.2 received the updates before several other devices which were slated to receive the update in Q1 2021. It seems HMD Global is not sticking by its roadmap, or the update for the Nokia 3.2 really got ready ahead of schedule.

Nokia 4.2 should be the next: Since Nokia 3.2 is covered, I expect Nokia 4.2 as the next device to get the Android 11 update. Expecting this because both devices are from similar family and they have typically received their updates around the same time.


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  • My nokia 3.2 got updated. But I can’t open downloaded PDFs anymore, can’t download media in whatsapp and telegram, can’t open locally stored Kindle books, etc. The general permission fix seems to be promised later in 2021 which leaves my phone extremely unusable.
    Now I want to install an alternative OS, ideally Linux based. What would you recommend?

    • Hi, were you using the SD card mounted as internal storage? I have seen quite a lot of compatibility issues when the SD card is used to expand the internal storage instead of the default role of being portable external storage.
      A factory reset should fix your issue if it isn’t caused by an SD card formatted as internal storage. Also, I think the most stable OS that you can get for these Nokia phones is the one that Nokia offers. There is not much community support for the Nokia 3.2. I do not think anybody has developed any reliable ports of othe ROMs (if any exists, it will be Android based anyways).

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