Motorola Sold 1 Million Handsets in India in just 5 Months

We don’t cover a lot of news here, but this is pretty amazing. Motorola India has managed to sell over 1 Million Mobile Phones in India during the past 5 Months. This not only puts Motorola on the path of fastest emerging mobile brands in India, but also strengthens Motorola’s sustainability in the Industry.

Motorola Moto G
Motorola Moto G

Motorola does not have any retail stores in India, instead has entered into an exclusivity agreement with e-commerce giant Flipkart. Hence, Motorola smartphones in India are only sold via Flipkart without any additional middlemen. This not only saves Motorola from the hefty expenses of managing the retail stores, but also gives it the advantage of tapping the ever increasing number of online buyers in India.

We believe these sales figures should put Motorola among the top five mobile brands in the country,” said Sachin Bansal, founder and CEO of Flipkart. “Only by selling online and only by selling with one player, a player like Motorola is able to become one of the top five mobile brands in the country. Five years ago this would have been science fiction. Today it’s a reality and we believe that’s a trend that would continue for a long time.

Motorola has put its customers onto the King’s seat and has developed decent devices suiting their needs and budget. These Motorola devices are well crafted and the attractive color choice makes them stand out from the crowd. They certainly have done enough market research and are able to reap the rewards now. This is a perfect example for the other emerging companies as well and should become a topic of discussions in the B-schools.

Seeing the success of Motorola’s e-selling strategy, other companies such as XOLO and Samsung are also trying to replicate the same by exclusively launching some of their devices with only one online retailer. But is e-selling the only thing contributing towards Motorola’s success?


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  • Motorola does not have any retail stores in India, but it should have, and also service centers..

    • It does have Service Centers, but the No-Retail-Store strategy seems to be working fine for them, hence I don’t think it needs any change.

      PS: We don’t allow a URL to be added unless you enter a real name in the name field.

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