Xiaomi Mi3 gets a HUGE OTA Update to MIUI 18.0 Stable

Majority of the first batch buyers of Mi3 are yet to receive their device and now it seems the purchase is going to get even more sweeter. A huge and stable update to MIUI is on its way to Mi3 devices in India. The update brings a lot of improvements and new features to the already cool MIUI user interface that Xiaomi deeply integrates into the Android OS. Update package is dubbed MIUI KXDMIBE18.0 Stable and is around 600 MB in size, so make sure you’re connected to WiFi to avoid any additional data costs.

New Features in MIUI 18 for Xiaomi Mi3 (Update Changelog)

miui 18 update main


  • Fix – Could not use VPN (05-22)


  • Optimization – Simplified display method of WeChat/Google+ accounts etc. in contacts detail page (04-16)
  • Optimization – Set QQ as default IM when adding a new contact (04-16)
  • Optimization – When sending contacts information using SMS, the contact’s recently used number will be marked  (04-16)
  • Fix – Sometimes, opening unnamed contacts would cause app to FC  (04-15)
  • Fix – Call logs could be seen in Guest mode (04-16)
  • Fix – When managing SIM contacts, the app might FC if you reenter it after exiting by pressing the Home button (04-16)
  • Fix – When adding an extension number to contacts after calling it, the number would show incorrectly (04-16)
  • Fix – If set a contact’s birthday to February 29 without choosing the year, it would show as March 1 (04-16)


  • Optimization – Support recognizing time information in a message and adding it to Calendar (05-21)
  • Optimization – Optimized UI of Notification messages. Support viewing  messages by types by pulling down  (06-04)
  • Optimization – Optimized UI of Notification messages. Support viewing  messages by types by pulling down  (06-04)
  • Optimization – When writing a new message, cursor will automatically go to text box after choosing a contact (04-23)
  • Optimization – Show pop-up notifications when clicking URL in MMS (05-06)
  • Fix – Homescreen popup window did not show incoming messages’ content (05-27)
  • Fix – App might FC if chose contacts repeatedly when writing messages (04-23)
  • Fix – Cannot delete MMS after failed to download its content  (04-23)
  • Fix – Mistakes in showing ‘From XX’ in the Starred page (04-23)
  • Fix – Notification messages’ avatars didn’t change with themes (04-23)
  • Fix – Sometimes app might FC when enabling cloud messaging in Mi Cloud (04-30)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

  • New – Incoming calls will only show in the Status bar during a full – screen task (05-13)
  • Fix – Sometimes, the No SIM Card icon would not disapper (05-22)


  • New – App names and other home screen elements will automatically change colors with wallpapers (05-07)
  • New – Support auto-filling blanks after batch deleting icons in home screen editing mode (05-07)
  • Fix – Sometimes, icons were repeated (05-07)
  • Fix – Sometimes, icons in the Dock were in wrong order  (05-07)


  • Fix- Sometimes camera lost focus when flashlight was turned on (05-22)


  • Fix – After user upgraded versions, app would FC (04-15)


  • New – Optimized online music page (04-23)
  • New – Support syncing songs to Mi Cloud (Settings – Mi Cloud – Music)  (05-05)
  • Fix – Some bluetooth earphones wouldn’t show music information on it’s screen (05-20)


  • New – Added two weather types: Freezing rain and hail (05-20)
  • Optimization – Added UI for extremely hazardous AQI  (04-15)


  • Fix – Incomings calls from people in the exceptions list of DND did not ring (05-20)


  • New – Added ‘Resend all’ function in Outbox (05-28)
  • Optimization – Enhanced speed of batch operation  (05-28)
  • Optimization – Exchange account login procedure (05-28)
  • Optimization – There will be a reminder if a mail was not sent out (06-10)
  • Optimization – The add attachment button will always show in the mail composing page (06-10)
  • Fix – Sometimes app would FC when deleting mails by swiping to the left (05-28)
  • Fix – Sometimes there were two back icons at More – Sync options (Mi3 WCDMA/CDMA) (05-28)
  • Fix – Sometimes it would report error when sender box is empty (05-28)
  • Fix – Some POP accounts could not log in (06-03)
  • Fix – Using ‘Sort by’ in searching results may cause FC (06-03)
  • Fix – Could not send mails by clicking the email address in contact details page (06-03)
  • Fix – Could log into a same account repeatedly (06-10)
  • Fix – Sometimes there were mistakes in folders number counting if there were several accounts  (06-10)
  • Fix –  Attachments would continue downloading after pressing stop (06-10)
  • Fix – Sometimes could  not forward mails with attachments  (06-10)
  • Fix – Errors in signature UI after saving a mail as draft (06-10)
  • Fix – App might exit abnormally when editing account name (06-10)
  • Fix – App might FC when setting up Hotmail accounts (06-19)
  • Fix – Inaccurate attachments sizes for IMAP protocol accounts  (06-19)
  • Fix – Mistakes in sorting attachments by date (06-19)
  • Fix – For some POP3 protocol accounts, couldn’t download an attachment again after deleting it in the attachments management page (06-19)
  • Fix – Sometimes, app would fake freeze when downloading attachments  (06-19)
  • Fix – Sometimes, mail content would show as unrecognizable codes (06-19)
  • Fix – yeah.net mails couldn’t download attachments  (06-19)
  • Fix – Some POP3 accounts might receive mails repeatedly (06-19)
  • Fix –  Sometimes, couldn’t download images automatically even when connected to WiFi  (06-19)


  • New – Data saving mode (05-07)
  • New – Online page text font will change with theme font (05-07)
  • New – Support WML page (05-07)
  • Optimization – New kernel supports system theme font  (04-30)
  • New – Show searching results in a new page after choosing Find in page for selected text (05-07)


  • Optimization – Optimized monthly view. (04-29)
  • Fix – Could not open calendar if not logged into a Xiaomi account (06-10)
  • Fix –  Sometimes, app would stop responding (06-18)
  • Fix – The screen wouldn’t turn off after being waken up by pop-up reminder (04-16)
  • Fix – Sometimes, the homescreen widget showed months incorrectly  (04-16)
  • Fix – Sometimes, loading data might cause FC (04-22)
  • Fix – Sometimes, page moved slowly when swiping (05-07)
  • Fix – Sometimes app would FC in opening (05-20)


  • Fix – DND exceptions list and Blocklist exceptions list caused conflict  (05-20)

Clock / Calculator

  • Fix – Sometimes alarm clock delayed in ringing (05-21)

Xiaomi Account

  • Fix – After choosing Do not merge in the popup window of merging Mi Cloud data, it did not direct to the next step (05-20)

Security Center

  • New – New version of Blocklist (04-23)
  • Optimization – Clean up optimization (04-15)
  • Optimization – Clicking the ‘Not enough system storage’ notification will go to Cleaner – Advanced directly (04-23)



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  • Hi all.. Pls help me..
    I bought my Mi3 4 weeks ago.yesterday I got the system updates. when I was doing the system updates.I had done system back up using the program “Backup” inside MIUI, while i started charging the phone (It was showing 1 or 2% of battery).
    Suddenly, in the middle of the backup, the screen shut off.

    It was blinking red constantly while connected to the charger, but it wouldn’t turn on.
    Pls help me..

    • Let it stay plugged in for half an hour and see if it improves. Else, you’d be needed to re-install the full firmware for which visiting service center will be a better idea 🙂

  • Hi all.. Pls help me..
    I bought my Mi3 1 5 weeks ago and i already have one major problem.when I was doing the system updates.I had done system back up using the program “Backup” inside MIUI, while i started charging the phone (It was showing 1 or 2% of battery).
    Suddenly, in the middle of the backup, the screen shut off.

    It was blinking red constantly while connected to the charger, but it wouldn’t turn on.

    After waiting a bit, i was able to turn it on.

  • My MI3 is not able to pair with my sony bluetooth stereo system, not showing on available bluetooth devices, can somebody help. car stereo model WX-GT99BT

  • I am facing issue “can’t connect to camera” sometimes and the phone gets hanged and one I restart it starts working. also it does not display age and gender although its selected to display. What do I Do? and if i update from 16 to 22 will this be solved or I might encounter more issue?

  • Hi,
    My phone version is 16. When I am checking for an update, it says your phone is already has latest version. Due to this, I am unable to update the to the latest software. Pls suggest


  • Hello I started using mi3 yesterday and found led indicator is not working. I mistakenly reset the phone to factory default and forgot to get it backed up. my version decreased from 22 to 16 directly. 🙁 and now there is no support to google . somehow I received ota update to directly 23 sized 114 mb. my led started working but even now not a single app is running and everything is getting crashed. 🙁 no google support though .! I even can’t access my emails contacts and play store. please help.

  • I just got my phone yesterday works fine. But the thing is charges uptill 98% and second problem is it is running MIUI 16 when I try to update it says ‘You are running latest version :)’ . So is there some problem?

  • It says on my mi3 that its running the latest available version of miui. And its 16 and not 18. Why is it not available on my phone. I got my phone just today. It keeps getting g restarted again and again inspite of there being enough charge. Will the new update fix this bug?

  • I checked the update log. It has very less modifications compared to the 18 update. Even the size of the update is just 90 mb.

    • That’s because the modifications of Version 18 will not be mentioned again. You get version 18 + the latest 22.

  • Hi. The first time this update notification was displayed i just selected view later.
    But now the update is not available. My phone is runnng the miui 16 version, yet it shows ‘your phone is running the latest update’ when i check for updates. Pls help. Should i download the ROM available on MIUI site.

  • I reached 580MB and then the problem started: “Waiting for network connection”. Websites open properly, but update halts. Wifi speeds are good. I cancelled the update thinking that it will restart from where it left off. But all the 580MB got washed off! It is starting again from zero and is quite slow this time. No guarantee it will be done this time either. Hours of work and patience – just evaporated. Xiaomi should probably give smaller sized downloads for India where speedy and sustained connection cannot be guaranteed.

    Meanwhile, Narendra Singh: How to update using PC? Should I download to PC and connect the phone by cable? Would it work? How to download to PC?

    • Yep. There is an issue with the OTA update. I’d recommend going the PC way.
      When you connect your phone to a PC, don’t you get the option to install it. If not, just download the PC Companion from here and use it to update. If all goes well, it should be able to pick and resume the download that was interrupted. The software is in Chinese. So, try to do it via the icons. I’ll try bringing an English translation here soon 🙂

  • after getting miui22 update my wifi is not connecting. its searching for ip address costantly but not connecting. 3g data is connecting though. what can i do to fix this.

  • After installing this update, wifi is not getting connected even if the wifi signal strength is excellent. How can I revert back to older version of Kitkat?

  • The ota update for mi3 is very slow and it doesn’t download fully. I have four times so far. Is there a way we can download it into a computer and updated through a mi3 phone manager software.

  • Hi i am unable to download the update completely, after some time the download is getting cancelled. can you please assist me

      • I m also getting the same problem. Device is connected to wifi and the download is getting started, but after some time it’s getting stuck with the message ” waiting for network connection”. I am able to browse websites with wifi though.

      • I am not able to download this update. I am using wifi. The download starts and goes till 1 or 2 mb and stops. Wifi speed is good, 4 mbps. I can browse or watch youtube videos without any problem. But this update does not download. Please help.

      • I am using wi-fi. Downoad is way too slow. Moreover, it gets stuck after dowloading 0.4/0.5MB.
        Any setting we need to change to download the update ? or is this a server side issue ?

        other downloads are normal.

        • You should try updating via the PC. Or else, leave it overnight for updating without going away from the updates screen 🙂

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