Make your YouTube comment Bold, Italics or Strikethrough and more

Format YouTube comments using Bold, Italics and StrikethroughYouTube allows users to add some text formatting while submitting a comment. You can make your YouTube comment stand out by using bold, italics and strikethrough. Doing this can help your comment to get more visibility and likes. Hence, there are slightly higher chances for the creator to respond to your comment.

YouTube uses specific symbols to format the comments. So, you will not notice any formatting toolbar either on the desktop or mobile version of YouTube. All you have to do to make your comment bold is to add the required symbol in front of it. Here are the full details on how to make your comment bold, italics or strikethrough on YouTube.

Write a comment in BOLD on YouTube

To format your comment as bold on YouTube, you need to type an asterisk (some call it a star), i.e., *  on both sides of the text. Make sure that you type it on both sides of the full comment or the portion of comment which you want to make bolder. Here is an example:

This comment uses *BOLD words* to make them stand out.

Just paste the above example into a YouTube comment field. You will notice that the BOLD words section gets converted to bold. The rest of the text will remain in the regular font.

Write a comment in Italics on YouTube

To write a YouTube comment in the italics, you need to use an underscore, i.e., _ on both sides of the text. As a standard practice, wrap only a portion of your comment in the underscore to make it italics. Here’s an example of text with underscore applied. Just paste it into a YouTube comment field and see the magic.

This comment uses _italics words_ to add emphasis.

The italics words part will convert to italics text and rest of the comment will stay as usual.

Use strikethrough text in YouTube comment

You can add strikethrough formatting to a part of the YouTube comment text by typing dash, i.e., on both sides of the text. Here’s an example which you can try in a YouTube comment field.

-This video is not helpful.-
Update: It works, thank you!

Strikethrough is used to indicate deleted information. For example, if you previously wrote something which has now changed, you can make the old text as strikethrough and write the updated information. This will also ensure that the previous replies to your comment will stay relevant.

Using Bold, Italics & Strikethrough together in 1 comment

Yes, you can use all three formatting options in a single comment. You can even make the same word as bold + italics or italics + strikethrough at the same time. Here’s an example to help you get started.

This YouTube comment is special. It uses *bold* , _italics_ and -strikethrough- in one comment.
I can also make it even more special by combining them:
*_Bold + Italics_*
_-Italics + Strikethrough-_

Tip: You can also use many different types of stylish fonts on YouTube and at other places. Interested? Learn more here.

Suggestion: Kindly avoid making your full comment as bold or italics especially if you’re going to write a long comment. Bold and italics are used for emphasizing a few words. So, excessive use of these makes the text uneasy to the eyes and will generally get ignored.


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  • How to escape?
    I need to enter a single dash in front of a word (an option to a command) and I do not want it to be strike-through.
    I tried \-option and `-option but in both it appears with the escape character (\ or `).

  • Using markdown in the middle of a string is problematic and should be addressed here.



    • You have to put the – _ or * on either side of every word and there needs to be a space before the first symbol and after the second symbol.

      *Hello everyone.* will not work.
      *Hello* *everyone.* will work.
      *Hello* *everyone*. will not work (fullstop after the second asterisk around ‘everyone’ breaks it).

        • Use this unicode to ͟u͟n͟d͟e͟r͟l͟i͟n͟e͟ ;
          But it will be a pain to underline since you have to paste it into every single letter

              • well, apparently not 😂
                because the coding isn’t showing up, at all!

                Don’t listen to me guys! I’ve been researching a lot of videos and tutorials and it was, supposedly, supposed to work in HTML. So, not sure at this point because it isn’t working when I type it?? Maybe you can get a certain app or software and type it out and then copy and paste it. Or, go to a generator website and make it fancy, then copy & paste.

                • Try escaping the special character(s) by immediately preceding them with a \ (backslash (without a space between the backslash and the character)). That MIGHT work to display them, but it might not, depending on various attributes of this comment section.

          • HI, Great tips! The link in the penultimate paragraph seems to be missing. Would love to check that article out. Please update.

            Tip: You can also use many different types of stylish fonts on YouTube and at other places. Interested? Learn more -here-.

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  • For those of you who are having trouble, I found a technique that works for me when italicizing, etc. when you use multiple changes in a comment or reply on “YouTube”. Put an extra space between the preceding and ending special characters that make the modification.

    For example, when I wrote a reply and did multiple modifications within it (omit my quotation marks):
    1. I wanted add italics to one word: Instead of “The _big_ dog.”, put extra spaces after the “The” and before “dog”, as in “The _big_ dog.”
    2. Further down in my narrative, I wanted to embolden a sentence: Instead of “Remember, *this is important*!”, write “Remember, *this is important* !”.

    I hope this helps. Please try my technique and let me know if it works for you.

  • This has worked for me before, but now it doesn’t work. What could cause that? I only used * in front and behind one word and the word after being saved looks like this *man*. I’ve tried closing and reopening YouTube…no change. I tried underscores and that didn’t work either.

  • Aug 16, 2020 – YouTube pulled a switch-a-roo on us🤦🏻‍♀️! We could only use one or the other as of the first week of Aug 2020

  • It’s back! It’s back! For the longest time youtube comments would not show these emphasis and now it is finally back!!! YIPPEEEEEEE

  • So I tried posting a comment that had 1 specific word in mine have italics and bold, and I could only see the bold part when it was published. However, when I placed the underscores down, and I published the comment, the underscores disappeared successfully, but the Italics didn’t show up. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  • Sometimes some will but others won t. I wanted to put a certain word in bold and have another part in italics. The word appeared bold, but the italics wouldn t work until I edited the comment and deleted the underscores, posted the change, then edited again to add the underscores again.

    • It worked for me up to Aug 2020. Now I can only use one or the other. But then again I have a premium membership now😕..don’t know if that has anything to do with it tho

  • Asterisks didn’t bold text for me. And if I wanted the words “lingua franca” to be italicized, I found that I had to put the underscore in front of and behind each word and then I could not have them at the end of the sentence, or I’d get “_franca_.”

  • If you have trouble with this not working it’s probably because you need to have a space before and after the text you want to apply the style to. So for example

    but -this- will

    I’ve also found that sometimes if you’re doing it with emojis either side you might need 2 spaces for it to work

    • Yup, you’re right Frosty!
      Though I can confirm it’s not just “sometimes”, but always add a space between an Emoji (or any other grapheme) and the 1st/last character of the text you want to format (one space suffices)… 🙂

  • Thanks a lot. I’ve been using *bold* on YouTube for awhile now, and I just thought that if there’s bold, there might be italics too. Again, thank you for putting this information out there, it works everytime for me. It definitely is better at emphasizing words than caps lock. Caps makes your comment look…gross. Lol.

    • It’s unreliable because it’s a really badly-coded piece of functionality.

      The main known-known problem is punctuation marks (anything in {}[}(),.;:'”) at either end of the bold/italic text without an intervening space.

      For example, _this will work_ but _this won’t,_ because of the comma inside the italicised text, and _nor will this_, because of the unspaced comma outside the italicised text.

      *(This won’t work because of the brackets)* and don’t even think about trying to *”emphasise anything in quotes”* … unless you wrap the quoted text in ” *spaces at both ends* “.

      • Privet! Not quite true.
        *(This won’t work because of the brackets)*
        _ but _this won’t,_
        *”emphasise anything in quotes”*

        YOU ARE CORRECT WITH THESE EXAMPLES, BUT your statement “…don’t even think about trying to…” in NOT entirely true…SPACES are needed so THESE WILL WORK:

        Legend: “Sp”= SPACE
        *Sp(This won’t work because of the brackets)Sp*
        Sp_ but _this won’t,Sp_
        *Sp”emphasise anything in quotes”Sp*

        AGAIN without “Sp”:
        * (This won’t work because of the brackets) *
        _ but _this won’t, _
        * ”emphasise anything in quotes” *

      • Tip: You can also use many different types of stylish fonts on YouTube and at other places. Interested? Learn more here.

        Is there a missing link? I would like to know how to change font please.

  • “Tip: You can also use many different types of stylish fonts on YouTube and at other places. Interested? Learn more here.”
    But not one link in sight: Fail…

    • Lol I was wondering if it was just me that couldn’t find a link :’)
      Good to know I’m not the only one, Beau.

        • I’m joining the club – Club Disappointment, that is. I would like to know how to spice/spruce up my comments. Oh well, probably somewhere else on the Googleverse. The thing about the spaces _ really _ helped, though! LOL

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