How to Reset Screenshot Index Number in Windows 10

One of the cool feature which was introduced in Windows 8 that is screenshot. By pressing the Windows Key + PrtScrn button simultaneously screen shot is captured and saved in C:UsersUsernamePictures. It is automatically names as Screenshot(#).png {# denotes the number of screenshot index}. But even after deleting the all the images in the screenshot folder the index doesn’t gets reset, that is the next screenshot will have a higher index. It will not start from 1. So here’s how to reset screenshot index number in Windows 10.reset-button2

Step To Reset Screenshot Index Number in Windows 10

  1. Open Registry. To open it press “Windows key + R” to open “Run” window and then type “regedit” and hit “Enter”.
  2. Now navigate to the following registry.
  3. In the right pane search for DWORD value named ScreenshotIndex, which stores the next screenshot’s index.Steps to Reset Screen Shot index
  4. Double click on it, and change the entry in the Value Data : Field to 1.
    Reset Screenshot Index Number

Check this video tutorial for better understanding.

That’s it. Now you have reset the Screenshot index.


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