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Lenskart Review: My Honest Shopping Experience

Never thought that I’d ever buy spectacles online, but thanks to the development of internet and the freedom of speech, I was able to overcome the reluctance and do my very first online purchase for Spectacles.

The Products

lenskart products
Product Categories

Lenskart for now is the only eCommerce (Online Shopping) website which is dealing exclusively with eye wear. They sell Spectacles, Contact Lenses, Sunglasses and every sort of eye glasses that are commonly worn. For the persons on budget, they have the cheap (but sturdy) frames. For those who want a branded frame for their eyes, Lenskart offers multiple brands to choose from. The collection of frames and lenses on Lenskart is so huge that any local physical store will fall flat in comparison.

Being it my first purchase, I decided to go with the First Frame Free offer and paid the remainder amount for the Crizal lenses that I ordered. Cash on Delivery isn’t my cup of tea, hence I paid using my Debit Card.

If you’re reluctant to buy Spectacles online, Lenskart has a decent collection of frames which are free for your first purchase. So you only pay for the lenses. Check em’ here

Customer Service – Before and After Sales

The customer service staff of Lenskart left me with no questions unanswered. Before making my purchase, I contacted them multiple times via the ‘Live Chat’ support option and the support staff seemed Knowledgeable and were prompt to answer my queries. After I was fully satisfied, I went ahead to make the payment.

I did try playing with them to see how good they are at making changes to the orders after the payment is done. So I willingly provided them with incorrect prescription and reached to them after around 12 hours only to find that they patiently listened to me and amended the order as per my instructions.

Coming to the after sales Customer Service, they sent me an acknowledgement letter using which I can send the Spectacles back in case I wasn’t satisfied with the product. Undoubtedly I was satisfied, still to know how they handle readdress, I contacted them asking for a return and all they asked me was to reach the nearest Bluedart counter, show the acknowledgement and send the package back to them. It was said that my Lenskart account will be credited with the amount paid and I’ll be able to purchase a different product. There’s no fees charged for sending the item back.

Packaging and Delivery

The spectacles were packed well in the Lenskart branded case and then into a cardboard box having enough space to accommodate and feep it safe from any presses that may happen during the regular courier travel.  Finally it was wrapped in the LensKart branded packaging and sealed to make sure there is no checking in into the courier by the delivery boys.

lenskart box contents
Stuff in the Box

It took them around a week to arrange the glasses, fix them and then deliver at my home. That’s not a long time looking at how much work they are doing behind the scenes.

Final Verdict

My shopping experience at Lenskart was very smooth and hence I will recommend shopping with them. However there have been some cases in the past where users reported receiving non-original frames and lenses while carrying the branding of originals. So i would advice a little caution if you are making a purchase of an expensive frame.

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The review is my own personal opinion about lenskart and this is not paid or sponsored by lenskart. However, if you make a purchase by clicking on the First Frame Free  link, I will be paid some commission without any additional amount charged to you. You’re free to ignore the link.


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  • Is this true review? As I know they don’t have Crizal lenses, They have their own brand and another one called Jacobs.


  • I will keep it short
    Placed order in January, from Newport in United Kingdom. They they send it to NewDelhi !! Some fellow thought Newport is in NewDelhi !! Got the product after 30 days in February.
    Only bought it coz spectacles are quite expensive in UK and wanted to try this new concept.

    However the quality is so poor that the screws of one of the arms of the spectacles broke off while I was walking and I had to suddenly react to catch the glasses. I had such a horrible day due to this that I had to cancel all my meetings for the day and to return home in public transport as could not drive with broken spectacles.!!
    Reported to customer service by email from the UK and they replied to come to India to get it repaired.!! Explained to them that I am based in the UK but they send the same reply again – morons ! Pretty much stating that suck it up on my own or foot a £500 air ticket to fix the screws in their product.
    I ended up walking into Local store in the UK to get a new pair.

    So any overseas customer reading this make your own judgement if you wish to spend your money on this bunch of cowboy opticians. !!

  • i bought John Jacabs frame from Lenskart store which they have boasted as premium Italian brand and it is waste of money and any local brands are better than this one. Also don’t buy from Lenskart franchisee store at any cost. Lenkart will wash away their hands saying that you need to go to that particular store and resolve the issue if any. Lenskart will not take any responsibility. I faced issues during delivery and now with the product. Just a word of caution folks! Beware before you buy!!

  • in the world of the internetz, people with good experiences rarely speak up.

    i haven’t purchased from lenskart but i know several people who are repeat customers.

    i imagine the problem begins when a dumb customer service executive (who can’t speak at least half-decent english) tries to address your problem.

    or maybe its just bloody bad luck 🙁

    • Agreed, good experiences are usually taken home while bad ones are shouted out on the internet. That’s acceptable too since bad has happened with them. I hope companies start putting more effort to further reduce the bad experiences and make everybody’s purchase a happy purchase 🙂

  • Lenskart is such a worst ecommerce company. They doesn’t have any ethics of customer service. I am repenting that why I trusted them to purchase my eyeglasses. I ordered two eyeglasses of RayBan. It was a pain placing the order. Either their system failed and my money got blocked in first two go (Approx 12K) or their incompetent customer service team themselves cancelled my order or making some order COD (eventually blocked another 6K).

    Finally after I placed 2 Ray Ban eyeglasses on 9th May and 14th May (Order Number 1204907645 and 1204918852).

    I raised return request within their policy time of 5 days for return and refund in my card for Order#1204907645 on 19th May. Till date the request has been 10 times closed and re-opened. I have called them 3-4 times and the highly non-customer centric and incompetent team promised to help, but failed to help…. Even on 4th, I was promised to get the product picked on 6th June and process the refund on 7th June. Yet till today, these fakes have not done the same. I am going to take them to Gurgaon Consumer Forum.

    Please do not trust Lenskart as they make fake promises for refund. They have no intention to provide your money back. I recommend, buy expensive glasses (anything more than 2000) from a physical store only and never get fooled by their promises.

  • Lenskart is a company that DECEIVES AND FOOLS the public. That is how the company started and that is how it continues to operate. When the company started, there were no suppliers who would provide it with original products so the company sourced them illegally and continues to do so today. The Vincent Chase products are not a brand but cheap Chinese goods marketed by a fake name that the company makes up! Vincent Chase is a character on Entourage – a famous TV show. The frame cost price is Rs. 150 so giving it free is easy. The lenses aren’t from a branded company as well and this means the Free Frame scam is enough to fool the public and leaves a good deal of profit left for Lenskart.

  • I had a very bad experience with Lenskart Indira Nagar. I have paid money a month back but didn’t receive the product yet.

    The people in Lenskart store are not caring customer at all. Someone named Krishna at the store is the culprit. I spoke to atleast 8 times via phone, but his replies are “system is not working to make an order”, “will call back in 10 mins”, “is with customer right now, will call back in 5 mins”..

    I hope that I will atleast get my money back.

  • I bought a pair of specs worth rs 3700 rs from, they were running a offer of free frame and pay only for lenses. I bought Kotak lenses with warrenty.
    Now here comes the catch day before yesterday in my office when I removed my specs to clean my eyes, one of the arm of specs broke down. Please note It broke down automatically, not bcz of any adventures thing I did with it or I slept wearing specs. It was self destructive or might be the case the lenskart guys forgot to send me the expiry.

    Now here is the horror : I visited lenskart outlet they told they can’t help as I bought it online. When I called lenskart cuatomer care they simply refused saying they can’t do anything I have to buy a fresh new
    Pair of specs I asked what do they mean ? They simply told frame can’t be replaced I have to buy new pair with fresh new lenses. I was in shock as I can see my 3700 going in drain. I resisted saying what is the use of lens warranty if the free frame provided by you guys only is going to make them unusable. Than a so called manager of them named Islam tried to pacify me and asked me to send the pics and he will do something to get me replacement but everything was just eyewash as within 2 days I got a reply from them saying they can’t do anything and I must congratulate their audacity they sent me the same offer link to buy new pair as reaolution .
    I can sense, they completely fu…d me bcz of me only now again they are calling in to fu.k me again.

    My order no was 1202096645
    My complaint no is 1322017
    and they completely fu…d me.
    Please guys beware of placing any orders on
    Your friendly neighbour side optics shop is better than these guys.

  • Since last 3 weeks they r sayin v ll be der at ur place for check up & trials yet no call from them. My frnd has purchased one eyeglass bt v hav doubt on d quality & originality as well.
    I feel it is jus a marketing based company, jus attracting customers with offer bt not able to provide expected services & giving jus false commitments.
    I suggest do nt wait fot their call for eye check up they nt give proper answrs I have wasted 3 weeks.

    • No. I was not. It might be just me who had a good experience, but it really was good. Sponsored posts here are clearly marked sponsored. Those which are not, are the individual opinion of the author(s).

      • If you are not sponsored, then how is it that the link you want us to click to “get first frame free” has your “affiliate ID” attached it it ?

        • That doesn’t call it sponsored in the true sense. Ain’t it? No harm in adding an affiliate ID (after declaration) to a product that you’re actually recommending. This blog talks about a lot of products and for a reference, the blog earned around 200 thousands via product links to YU products when it actually is writing more against it than the favor.
          Affiliate links are used where sales are expected, but that doesn’t mean that we’re just writing good about that product/service so as to get a commission from their sale. Other blogs might do that, not us. Repeating again – It was a valid recommendation from my side based on my experience. Affiliate ID was added, but I never opened that account to check if it converted to anything or not.

  • Cheaters that’s the one word tagline for lensekart, guys I ordered (order no. – 1203291913) . I have opted for Vincent Chase VC 2318 Black 1010 Eyeglasses which was under first free frame offer from lensekart, you will not believe that they have sent an used frame other words a second hand frame !!!

    It was a not at all a good experience … though they have picked it back as I wanted to return the same today morning. let me see how the refund is going to happen …

  • Looks like atleast one satisfied customer! My experience was bad.
    After the initial hype of eye check-up, home trial and all that the quality of the product delivered was of very very inferior quality.
    I had ordered Vincent Chase T2414 with Kodak progressive lens (order#1201868526 ) which I received on Dec 3rd week.
    Within 1 month of usage the temple side of the frame broke off without even a impact (as i was walking that part fell off!).
    When i call these frauds to complain about the poor quality they just washed off their hands saying its not under warranty.
    I have been using eye glasses for almost 20 years now and haven’t come across such BAD quality product and service.
    Finally i got a new frame done by the local optical store – the tried and tested way! I paid a price for being adventurous to try such things online.

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