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GTA: San Andreas Available for Windows Phone Devices with 1GB RAM

Windows Phone is growing its store at a fast pace and slowly all the major apps are also being delivered to the WP Store. Today, Windows Phone store has received one of the most awaited game – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The PC/Console version of the game was a super hit and is being played till date even after many many years of its release. The game was recently remastered and released for Android and thankfully WP launch wasn’t too far.

GTA San andreas Windows Phone
Carl Johnson and his buddies

The story on the mobile version isn’t much differ and follows almost the same road-map. Carl Johnson is ready to follow your command and perform his missions with your help. Of course there are changes to make sure that the game can be easily played using the touchscreen on mobile phones.

Download GTA San Andreas for Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone from Nokia, Samsung or HTC with a minimum of 1GB of RAM, you’re all set to download and install the game on your phone. The main installer of the game is a tiny 19 MB, but the game requires over 2.5 GB of cache before it can be played. So you definitely need a stable and fast WiFi connection before you can download and play the game on your Windows Phone. Download and installing via PC is not possible as the addition files will only be downloaded upon installation.

The price is $6.99 USD in the US store and will differ from region to region. As such it costs ₹360 in the WP Store in India whereas it is priced ₹390 for Android devices at Google Play Store. So Windows Phone has definitely scored a bit on the pricing part.

GTA: San Andreas
GTA: San Andreas
Developer: Rockstar Games
Price: $6.99

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