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How to get the new beta mail interface without invite Beta 2017
The redesigned version of is on its way to a small group of users. Other users can also enjoy the new features before anybody else by following this guide.

Microsoft is rolling out the redesigned to some users. The freshly designed interface is currently in the beta stage. Only a small number of users are receiving the toggle to “try the beta”. If you’re still waiting for Microsoft to enable the toggle for your account, then you do not need to wait. There is a neat, legit and legal trick to start using the beta today. That is without any invites or enrolling using the toggle.

Access the beta interface without any opt-in

The trick to use the new beta interface of is simple – use the direct URL. You can then bookmark the URL for easier and 1-click access to beta version of So, here’s how it goes:

Manual way – By editing the URL:

  1. Open in your web browser and login if prompted.
  2. After your mailbox has loaded, edit the URL by removing /owa/ (and everything after it). Then add /mail/ at the end of the URL.
  3. Hit Enter/Return to load the page and enjoy the new version of Outlook.

Do note that you will need to repeat the steps everytime you want to access the beta version of Outlook.

Automatic way – Open the URL & bookmark it for future

You can free yourself from the hassle of editing the URL every time. Simply visit the following link to access the new upgraded version of You can also bookmark the URL for easier and 1-click access in the future.

Direct URL to access beta –

You can click the link above or else copy and paste the URL into your web browser to reach the new beta version of

You will need to continue using the link above until Microsoft rolls out the new version to you or provides the “Try the beta” toggle to your account.

Important – Do not try to disable the “Try the beta” toggle which you see on the beta version. Disabling it will not allow you to access the beta even with the direct link above.

New features in the beta

With this update, is receiving the third design update since inception. There have been a number of under-the-hood changes, however, to name a few, here’s a quick list:

  • The search bar is moved from the sidebar to the top for easier access.
  • Photohub – Lets you easily access photos from your emails by bringing them all to one place. The search can further filter down photos to easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Search for GIFs and add them to messages to express yourself to the fullest
  • Attachment previews

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