Flamingo for Twitter is unpublished from Play Store (Call it Dead)

Flamingo for twitter

Flamingo, one of the best 3rd party Twitter apps is on its way to the death-bed. Flamingo Android app has been unpublished from the Play Store. The reason behind it is said to be the classic “token limits” implied by Twitter. If you are trying to re-install Flamingo after a device reset, then you are not alone to not find the app.

The app is no longer available for new users. While searching for the app on Play Store, there will be no results. Or better, no results of what you are looking for. The top result now returns an app with the same name, but for finding Snapchat friends.

What happened?

Twitter has a limited number of tokens for each app which makes use of the Twitter API. The last I remember is that there is a limit of 100k tokens. A token is consumed when a new user uses the app to use his Twitter account.

The popular Twitter app Flamingo is about to hit that token limit. This leaves the developers with not enough space for new users. Hence, the developer(s) decided to unpublish it so that existing users continue to enjoy the great functionality.

Existing users (buyers) can still use it

Thankfully, the Flamingo for Twitter is only unpublished, not removed. If you already use or have previously purchased Flamino, then you can continue to use it. You cannot find the app via a search in the Play Store. However, you can find it in the “My Apps” section of Play Store.

And if even that’s hard or if you have too many apps in your “My Apps”, then there’s an easier way. Simply click here on your mobile to open the Play Store page of Flamingo. You can download and install the app from there. Do note that this is only for the existing users.

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