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FB Pages Manager App for Windows 8 to Manage Facebook Pages

Windows 8 brought the introduction of Apps to the Windows PC world and the collection of apps has grown ever since. The metro apps, best suited to the touch based Windows devices simplify life by removing the complexity and making the features available at proper places. Now if you are Windows 8 user (8.1 to be specific), you no longer need to open Facebook in the browser to manage your Facebook Pages as the app called ‘FB Pages Manager’ is here to provide a solution.

If you have multiple pages in your Facebook account, that’s no issue for the app as you can multiple pages from within the application. Besides this, the app also shows you your page insights and allows you to do various productive tasks such as Updating (and deleting) status, commenting on posts, replying to comments; etc.

FB Pages Manager

Key Features of FB Pages Manager App

  • Manage your Facebook Pages
  • Share files directly to the app using the charms menu
  • Live tiles display your last notifications
  • Pin pages to your start screen and be on track with the last news
  • Check your notifications on your lock screen.

As already stated, the app requires Windows 8.1 and if you are haven’t updated to Windows 8.1 yet, you should update right now to enjoy the awesomeness 🙂 Alternatively if you are Windows Phone user, the publisher also has an app for you.

Pages Manager for Facebook
Pages Manager for Facebook
Developer: ImaginationOverflow
Price: Free+

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