Earn money from your Spare Domains – Park Them

Domain names are so cheap these days, that the seem like Free and almost everyone today atleast owns one domain name. Many times, we come across a superior Domain Name which we can’t let go. So, we just purchase it and later, we can’t think of any topic to associate the website with. The domain sits free for all of its registration period. Or, we sometimes change the Idea of our website and change the Domain Name. The earlier domain name remains unused. Instead of letting the domain sit free, one must Park it and gather some good earnings from it.

What is Domain Parking?

Domain Parking refers to a way of Monetizing unused/spare domains. The Parked Domain is redirected to the Parking Company’s DNS, which returns Advertisements related to the category of the Domain Name. Whenever a visitor arrives at the Domain Name (by Typing it Directly or some other way) he is served with Advertisements. If the visitor clicks on one of the Advertisement, you (The Parker) will be paid a part of the revenue earned by the Parking Company.

Parking is an easy way to earn money from domains. If not more, it will atleast fetch enough amount for the extension of the Domain. You don’t need to design any website or Manually insert Advertisements into the domain. You just need to change the DNS of the Domain to the one specified by the Parking Company and it will start earning for you.

Where to Park?

There are many companies where you can Park your domain names to earn additional revenue from them. We tried a few of them, and found that NameDrive Worked best for us.
Namedrive provides higher CPC rates and better placement options. You can also list you domain for Sale at the NDXMarket and sell it at a higher price than the regular domain name price. You can set a quite higher price for Sensible and Small Domain Names. You can register with NameDrive by clicking on the banner below:

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