Download Nokia X71 stock wallpapers: 11 wallpapers (2,160 x 2,310)

Nokia X71 is the newest device in the Nokia Android phones family. We are posting the stock wallpapers from the Nokia X71, first time on the internet.  The Nokia X71 is as of now exclusive to China and Taiwan. It is unknown if Nokia/HMD will sell the smartphone in other markets.

As we have seen before, all the wallpapers are not exclusive to the Nokia X71. They have reused some of the old wallpapers which we have seen in the Nokia X6 and Nokia 9 PureView. The resolution of wallpapers is close to a square at 2,160 x 2,310‬, primarily to make sure that they span across multiple layers of the home screen.

Note: The images below are for reference and scaled down to save bandwidth. Please download the original files from the Google Drive link below.

Download from Google Drive

Info: I have extracted the wallpapers from a Nokia X71 running on the global ROM. Nokia might have offered another set of wallpapers in the China ROM for the device.

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