Download Nokia 5.4 stock wallpapers (16 images)

Download Nokia 5.4 stock wallpappers

Nokia 5.4 is the newest smartphone launched by HMD Global. It comes with a set of 16 wallpapers. That’s the standard collection of pre-included wallpapers offered on Nokia smartphones. However, as usual, hmd has recycled most of the wallpapers from older phones. So, if you’re expecting 16 never-seen-before wallpapers, then that’s not the case here. There are 3 new additions to the Nokia 5.4.

Nokia 5.4 wallpapers are in the resolution of 1440×1560. Given the wider aspect ratio, you will be able to make the wallpaper span across several home screens. Without much ado, here are the download links:

Source: I have extracted them from the Nokia 5.4 firmware files. The wallpapers are in original quality with no down-scaling.

We have uploaded the wallpapers for many Nokia smartphones. You can find them by using the tag links below 🙂

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