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How to: Configure Access Point on your Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone)

While the Access Point settings for most of the operators are pre-installed on the Lumia phones, there can be situations when you need to change the Access Point, be it because you’re inserting a new SIM or the pre-installed settings aren’t working for you. Here’s a quick guide to help you set-up the Internet Access Point.

Windows Phone devices, unlike the older Nokia Symbian and S40 phones can’t be configured automatically, so you need to manually enter the Access Point settings and then activate the Access Point.

Setting up Access Point on Nokia Lumia

Keep your Access Point details ready before you start below. If you don’t have them handy, call up your operator to ask for the details such as – Access Point Name, Username/Passwords, Proxy Port, Proxy Address besides others.
  1. From your start screen, swipe right to reach the list of apps.
  2. Tap on Settings and scroll down and tap on Access Point.
  3. To create a new Access Point, tap on Add towards the left of the screen.
  4. Now on the Settings page, enter the details as provided by your operator.
    Connection name – Can be anything with which you can remember what is the Access Point for.
    Access Point Name – Specific to each operator and sometimes different plans require different APNs.
    Username/Password – These are usually left blank for most of the operators.
    Proxy Port and Address – Again something that your operator will provide (if needed).
  5. If you want to set up MMS as well, you can enter the details when you scroll below. MMS configuration will be provided by your operator.
  6. When done adding the details, Tap on the Tick towards the bottom middle of your screen. If there’s no generic mistake, the phone will save the APN.
  7. Once done, you’ll reach back to the Access Point screen. Just long tap on the newly created Access Point to Enable, Edit or Delete it.

Start browsing the internet and download amazing new apps and daily new launchers on the Windows Phone store. If you’re facing any problem with this, or anything else related to your windows phone, let us know below 🙂


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  • please i dowbloaded an access point on my lumia822 via sysapp pusher and the setup, i can’t access the store and my web browser is not connecting..need help cause i dont wanna reset the phone to avoid loss applications and media files

  • i resetted my nokia lumia 520 and when i switch it on, it comes straight to settings then access point. i cant go bak to the main menu. wat can i do. help a sister

  • I dont know whats wrong with this tata docomo connection………its been months that my mobile data isnt wrkin 🙁

    • The Access Point, data enabled and data roaming enabled are the only 3 settings that should impact your usage of mobile data. Also try putting the SIM in another phone and see if it works there.

  • how to get a proper network in telenor…while am using telenor sim for network then i can’t access perfect net on my windows phone…please give to a proper soluation….

  • I don’t have access point in my phone setting. my phone is lumia 620. also there isn’t any acces point in cellular+sim.
    help me please.

  • Hi! Got my 535 yesterday. It says that I’m already connected to a wifi but when I’m trying to open a facebook or download, it says connection error. Why?

    • Is it your own connection? Some connections allow you to connect, but won’t provide Internet Access unless you pay the subscription.

  • After updating my lumia 525 to windows 10 I cant turn on wifi on button it says cant do this at the moment ,try again in a little while.
    I tried many time but unable turn on my wifi network.


    • Because Windows 10 is in Technical Preview, bugs are a common thing. You better wait for an update which might fix it for you or else downgrade to WP8.1.



    • Possible Access Point conflicts. Did you try checking with your carrier to confirm that the correct Access Point is defined in your phone?

    • If the access point is the only issue, they should work after configuring the correct access point.

  • My lumia 520 ATT openline can’t connect here in the philippines 3G/4G network but my sim’s call and text features can be used. In the SIM Settings, there is the add internet apn button but when i configured it, still no data connection for my phone. I even turned on the roaming option. 🙁 Don’t know how to resolve this since my lumia 1320 from US can use the 3G/4G network in the philippines.

  • After updating to Windows 10, i cant access access points, sometimes the access points showing, but when i activate it it gives an error “try turning phone on or off, if problem still persists, contact your net provider

  • When i try to access my ‘Access Point’ options, it says “these settings are usually on your sim card, but they dont seem so be here.” And the only option there after is the ‘back’ button. So I am not able to change or fix anything…

  • My internet is not working and I tried everything or it would work sometimes then say no data or looking for data I need help

  • i tried this. But still the same. Internet s not working. and why this problem will occur? pleaaaaassssssse reply quck. I am really fed up off this windows mobile and docomo connection..

  • I have Microsoft lumia 535 [India].

    There is no item named as “access point” in the “All settings”.

    So it is very difficult to me to set access point manually.

    Please help.

    • They might have changed in the 535. Can you please try this?
      Settings > mobile+SIM > SIM settings > SIM, and tap add Internet APN.

      If it works, do reply back and I’ll add it to the article.

    • In the Lumia … you dont have to set up access point manually…. Settings….wifi… turn wifi on …. set up a password. go back to the main screen and restart your phone…. turn on the wifi switch if your laptop has one…. when the phone has restarted, it will automatically reflect on the networks icon on the bottom right of your screen…. choose your phone and click connect…. it will ask you for tha password…. if the password you entered matches with the password you configured…. it will connect and you can start browsing

  • Myblumia 520 doesnt have an acess point on its menu. How canbi set up an APN while no acess point? This makes may phone not browsing

  • i am using Lumia 525,this phone having no Wi-fi network Manual connectivity with proxy server, i want to connect it with IP: : 3128 but it sets automatically different IP/Port , how can i configure it manually??

    • After connecting to the network, you can tap on it to set the proxy server and URL. See if that helps.
      There is no way otherwise.

  • Using Tata DoCoMo sim in my Lumia 720 but unable to access the internet in from last 3 days. Any suggestions pls…….

      • They might have changed in the 535. Can you please try this?
        Settings > mobile+SIM > SIM settings > SIM, and tap add Internet APN.

        If it works, do reply back and I’ll add it to the article.

        • I have lumia 535,connect with airtel.I have configured apn in I can’t open microsoft store,its seem troubleshooting problem…what can I do?

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