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Capture & share screenshots in Firefox without Addons using Firefox Screenshots

Mozilla Firefox has a new tool called “Firefox Screenshots”. The tool lets you capture, save and share screenshots from within Firefox. That is, you do not need to download any addons or install separate programs on your PC to share a screenshot of something. Simply start capturing with the click of your mouse. You can then download/save it to the PC or share it by uploading to the cloud.

Firefox Screenshots tool is available on Firefox versions equal to or higher than 55. You can click on the screenshot iconFirefox screenshots tool icon in the library to start capturing screenshots. Alternatively, you can also use the right-click menu to access the same. The tool is currently not available when you’re using ‘Private Browsing’.

How to use the Firefox Screenshots tool?

You can use the Firefox Screenshots to capture screenshots as per your liking. That is, the browser provides you with the ability to manually select the area which should be captured. So, you can focus on the important information on the page; hence keeping the image small and easy to share.

Firefox Screenshots
Take screenshots in Firefox 😻

Firefox also provides you with the option to capture full page (from top to bottom, after scrolling) or the visible part. The scrolling screenshots are faster than what you will manage with a desktop software since Firefox already has the full page rendered, so the screenshot is generated in a fraction.

To start capturing, simply:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the page (except text boxes).
  2. Choose Take a screenshot.
    Take a screenshot - Firefox context menu
    Right-click menu
  3. Select what to capture:
    1. A part of the page by using the mouse to select.
    2. Full page (vertical scrolling)
    3. Visible part – content in the current frame as it appears on the screen
  4. Choose to download or save to the cloud.
    Firefox screenshots tool
    Download or Upload

Saving the screenshots

Firefox gives you two options when it comes to saving your captured screenshots:

Option 1Download to the PC – You can download to the PC by clicking the download icon . This saves the screenshot as an image file (png). You currently cannot change the format of the image to a jpg.

Option 2Save to the cloud – You can save the screenshot online by clicking on the save icon ff save ss. This saves the screenshot on the Firefox website – screenshots.firefox.com. Firefox automatically opens the image hosting link after uploading. The link also gets copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.

All screenshots saved to the cloud expire after 2 weeks (14 days). That means the file will be deleted after 14 days. However, you can change the expiration manually to keep the file for a longer duration (including infinitely).

The cloud save is only tied to your browser’s local profile. So, the library will not be accessible on a different PC even if you use Firefox sync.

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