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How to Capture Screenshot of Nokia Asha and other s40 phones

The Asha series brings in (somewhat) the experience of Smartphones to feature phones. Due to its affordability and features, there is a wide range of phones available in Asha range suiting different needs (Touch, QWERTY or both) of different people. But, Asha phones or other s40 phones are not true smartphone. They lack many features, one out of those is Screenshot capability. Availability of Screenshots makes sharing and explaining the screen easy. Whether you need help with your phone or offering help to someone, using screenshot in explanation can be very handy to explain the procedure. It is not possible to take Screenshot of your screen on the phone itself, but it is possible by making use of a computer.  All you need to do is to connect your phone to computer using a Data Cable and the Nokia Screen Dump tool.

Capturing Screenshot of your phone

Follow the steps below to capture a screenshot of your s40 or Asha phone using a computer:

  1. Firstly you need to download the Nokia Screen Dump utility which makes it possible to take Screen Dumps of your phone. Download the version suiting you using the following links –
    NSD 3.0 (For Asha Phones) | NSD 2.0 (For other phones running s40)
  2. Connect your Nokia Asha or other s40 phone to the computer using a Data Cable. If prompted, select the Nokia Suite/Nokia OVI Suite/Nokia PC Suite mode on your phone. Make sure that you exit Nokia Suite on your computer if it is open.
  3. Open the appropriate version of Nokia Screen Dump (NSD) utility that you downloaded in Step 1 and click on Phone Connect. Your connected phone will be recognized and connected.nsd Nokia Asha Screenshot
  4. Once connected, you need to click on ‘Make ScreenDump’. Your phone’s screen will be captured and a preview will be shown in the NDS window.
  5. Finally click on ‘Save Result’ and select the destination folder to save the captured screenshot as an image file on your PC.

You can now make use of the Screenshot wherever you need to. If you’re facing any problem in capturing the screen of your Nokia Phone, don’t hesitate to leave your query in the comments section below 🙂


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  • Hi. I have tried to reinstall authorization certificates in my asha 205 by saving ||http://|| as a draft 1st, as directed by yu, ony find out that the page Im looking for is expired. What am I to do, to reobtain the valicerts back. Could my phone be running at a risk for using it with no A/certificates in both phone and simcard? Help me pin out this disturbing minute issue inna mi QWERTY. Thanks

  • I have done all the procedure.. Now tell me how wil i take a screenshot of a page while i browse on net like other android/window user ???

    • You need to connect it to the PC and use the NSD utility to capture the current state of your phone’s screen. You cannot do that directly on the phone, unfortunately.

  • I forget my security password in my nokia asha 308.
    My mob. Is open but when i want to do in security the system need to old password. But i forget old password. Now what can i do to reset my nokia asha 308 settings without password ???

  • hello sir . plz help me what to do now with my nokia asha 501 it is shutting down atomatically whenever i having been calling or using internet or listening music ..
    is it the problem of battery or handset _?

  • I have taken some time screenshots in my asha 502 phone unconsciously but I don’t know how that happened later I tried a lot but couldn,t

  • I saw many screen shot of my chat with friends on my photo album……i didn’t know how i mistakenly did it while chatin wit my nokia asha500…..pls, can u lead me without connecting it with pc? I would love to save my chat screen shot. Thanks.

    • Touch the screen and then tap on the back button 3-4 times. When done, check your gallery to find the screenshot. You’ll learn to do it perfectly after trying for 3-4 times 🙂

  • I had also taken screen shot without any software accidentally for 4 times, But I dont know the procedure ,how to take sceen shot

  • also trying with Nokia 5233 but the problem is same.after connecting “no Screen showing up”….as connection is showing that following model is connected.

  • i am trying with Nokia Asha 201 but can’t able to see the window tried with all version of NSD like 2.0,3.0 and 1.2/.

    Plz suggest ….

      • hi ,
        i do have the Cable SW and PC Suite Installed in mine laptop.
        problem is after connected it not show the mobile Screen in the SW it self and coming with no screen .
        As i using the Asha 201 and Nokia 5233 but hard luck no success …i am missing something here plz require yoer expert opinion.

        br ABhishek

        • It will only take a Screenshot when you press the Make Dumb option.
          Make sure that Nokia Suite/PC Suite is not running the background as you do this. Exit it via the icon in the status bar.

          • hi ,
            I followed the steps as you mention in this post but after clicking the Connect it’s shows the Phone model n then i click the “make Screen Dump” option but after this it’s shows the Resolution and no picture is coming on the window.

            and during the whole process there was No PC Suite/Cable driver was in background.
            Tried with NSD 2.0 and 3.0.

            br Abhishek

            • And the phone’s screen was turned on as well?
              In that case I won’t have anything further to recommend. It has worked for me and countless other users in the past. No idea why it’s not for you 🙁

  • I am using the ASHA 201 and need solution for the Screen-shot capture in phone or othe way around.

    Above described solution is download files are not opeings .
    Apperciated if you culd provide the way forward.

    br ABhishek

      • I updated my Nokia asha 502 and now I am having some screenshots in gallery which I din’t take. I want to know how is this happening. Help me.

        • Are they really screenshots? Because taking screenshots in Asha is already not supported. Are they all from WhatsApp or some other app too?

          • I m using asha502..i found some screenshots in gallery which i didnt take.dey all whatsapp screenshots.hw it happened.i want to knw d reason

            • Double tapping the back button while holding onto a message captures a screenshot of WhatsApp in Asha 500, 501, 502 and 503. Try a couple of times and you’ll learn exactly how to do that 🙂

  • i am using asha 308. nothing happened when i pressed phone connect or screendump. will this workout for my mobile?

  • Hi, thanks for this tutorial I was able to make my own tutorial to make screen shots using my Asha 210 without the use of Nokia PC Suite, check the tutorial by clicking on my name.

    • The only reason for having Nokia Suite is the need of Connectivity Cable Drivers. I feel that every Nokia user usually have Nokia Suite installed so no need to add the connectivity drivers. Anyways, nice post.
      [Sorry your comment will be edited to removed the extra URL. I’ll let it stay in your name]

  • Hey, I use a Nokia Asha 311 and have Nokia PC Suite V7.1 installed in my laptop. I tried connecting to internet using my phone as a modem through ‘One touch access’ , it did detect my network provider but the connection failed, stating a reason that ‘either the modem is being used by another app. or isn’t configured properly’. Please, can you help me with this problem.

  • Thank you very much! It worked for my Nokia Asha 311 just fine! I used version 3.0 and it worked only after I closed Nokia suite in my computer. Awesome, thanks again!

  • Thanks, admin. It really works on my Asha 200 by using NSD 3. Previously, I have tried to use 1.7 and 2 version. I do not know why it has not been successful. After I read your post, I finally found the cause. Thank you 🙂

  • Thanks! Works very well on my Nokia 302, after i opened opera mini, it detected my phone and i have been able to take screen capture of anything. Thanks!

  • Hi..I’m using Nokia asha 311 …i used nsd 3.0.. Was working nw I’m nt able t take screen shots..sometimes it says -“access address 0045BE1A in module NSD3.0. Read of address 00000004”. It’s happening when I’m trying t take screenshots frm whatsapp …bt before i wasn’t having such pblm…may be after the new phone software update .. I tried deleting the app and downloaded a new bt same thing happened…any help?:-(

    • Its only needed if you wanna show your screen to somebody else. More of an important tool for someone like me who needs to add screenshots into the posts 🙂

  • Hi,

    NSD unfortunately doesn’t work with my nokia 301.
    Any idea as to why?

    Any help would be greatly apreciated!!

    regrds, Heinz

  • Please help me, my original mail icon where i have access to my mails is not working. Anytime i try (application error try again later). Now it has vanish i can’t see it anymore. Now if i want to access my mails unless i go to the net. Please how do i get back?

  • Dude u are really awesome!!! No words 😉 thanks dude 🙂 u better send the code to Nokia 😛 so that they could include it in next update to get facility in phone it self 😉 jst kidding 😛

  • pls.i hv a problem wit my asha 302 i jst bought march..i was about to read a message sent to me from watspp when the phone just off..since it is nt the first tym dat is happening and after sometym the phone will on by it self.i thought dat was wat happened but is 2weeks now and the phone has refuse to on,i took it to a phone repair and they were on able to do it.saying is software jst so furstrated as it is jst a new phone..pls can anyone help me out

    • Well, that’s kinda common with S40 phones. When they use up all of their RAM or if there’s an error in memory, they’ll restart.
      All that i’ll say is to keep atleast 10 MB of phone memory free and update to the latest software update available. The frequency of this might reduce with that 🙂

    • There isn’t any other way. Dunno why this didn’t work as it worked on a 311. Make sure you’re using NSD 3 and Nokia Suite (or at least connectivity drivers) is installed on your PC. Next make sure Nokia suite does not run in the background an d select Nokia Suite mode on your phone when you connect it to the PC.

      No idea besides this 🙁

  • Hey there, I have a Nokia Asha 306 ! I want to make screenshots , How to ? Please reply back .. Tnku 🙂

  • I’m using Nokia asha 311, sometimes my phone restarts all of a sudden,dono why…it’s causing lot of pblm…any way t fix it??..

    • That’s how the phone frees up its ram and nothing can be done to cure it. Hope Nokia improves the phone through a software update. Except that, no way out 🙁

  • i have nokia asha 306 and i cant open applications like nokia store,facebook,twitter etc . The phone is showing too much errors :/ what to do can any one plz help me

  • Thanks a lot! I’ve been trying to take screenshots of Nokia Asha 302 from NSD 2.0 in the past but it never worked. Thanks for providing this, it is working perfectly with NSD 3.0! By the way, I’ve a cell of QMobile series, Q5 it is. Can this app work with it too? I haven’t checked it yet.

    P.S: I was getting the same problem like the person above mentioned, clicked “connect phone” but it didn’t work. Then I opened Opera Mini and tried to connect it and now it is working fine!

  • hey i liked your software at first sight.. but the problem am facing is that whn i connect my asha 302 phone and select pc suite n then click connect phone nothing hapeens :/ plz helppp

    • No Idea why it didn’t work. Even the Asha devices released after that are working fine with it. Can you try the 2.0 version of the NSD? There’s a chance that it will work.
      For the rest, please make sure that you have the latest version of Nokia Suite installed on you PC, but it shouldn’t be running in the background.

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