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Solution for Conflicting Apps error with Nokia Browser in S40 phones

nokia browserSome users are experiencing issues when they updated the Nokia (Express) Browser on their Asha or other s40 based phones. The problem occurs because the update doesn’t go up successfully. In most cases, some of the files from the older version remain there which causes the updated version to show a ‘Conflicting Applications‘ error which makes it impossible to open and browse using the default Nokia Browser. The issue did reach the Nokia Devs but because a very small number of users are experiencing this, the resolution was withheld except for some very new devices.

Solution to the Conflicting Apps error:

If you’re also experiencing this error, you’d have noticed that even a full factory reset doesn’t solves the problem. So, follow the steps below to get rid of the error. It has worked for many but it still isn’t sure that it will definitely work for you. You can try though:

  1. Firstly backup the important data present on your phone using the Backup Utility (in settings) or backup on your PC using Nokia Suite. If you don’t backup, you will lose all your data such as Text Messages, Contacts, Calendar; etc.
  2. Now you need to reset your phone to factory settings. You need to choose Full Restore. Please note again that this will wipe all your data present in Phone Memory, so do backup before you start. You can first try by skipping this step as it might work out without the need for a factory reset.
  3. Install Opera Mini browser (if Opera Doesn’t work, use UC Browser) on your phone. You can either install it using the Nokia Store utility present on your phone. Or otherwise, install it using Nokia Suite on your PC.
  4. Open Opera Mini on your phone and browse to following link:
  5. You’ll be able to re-download Nokia Browser from that page and your problem will be solved once it installs properly.
  6. That’s all. Enjoy super-fast browsing on your Nokia phone again.

Does this work for you, or are you still facing issues? Please do reply below as your feedback is necessary to find a permanent solution ๐Ÿ˜‰

Phones Supported by Nokia Browser: 110 (1100), 111 (1110), 112 (1120), 113 (1130), 200 (2000), 201 (2010), 202 (2020), 203 (2030), 2700, 2730, 3710, 5130, 5330, 6303, 6600, 6700, 7230, Asha 300 (3000), Asha 302 (3020), Asha 303 (3030), Asha 305 (3050), Asha 306 (3060), Asha 308 (3080), Asha 309 (3090), Asha 310 (3010),ย  Asha 311 (3110), c2-01, c2-02, c2-03, c2-05, c2-06, c2-07, c2-08, c3-00, c3-01, x2-00, x2-01, x2-02, x2-05, x3-00, x3-02


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  • Whatsapp is not opening in my mobile asha 305 when i open it gets close within a second and also nokia express and dont opening

  • haiiiiii bro i have nokia x2.1….will u plz help me with this question of mine ( how can i stop my background running apps ) such as chat,communities,whatsapp and notification……..i need to stop it all …….,,,,do you have a solution???!

  • I deleted all my app whaspp, facebook and imo on my phone now I can’t install any app again if not i. do receive passing. error. please. help me what should I do

  • My Nokia Asha 205 device was asking me to update my Nokia express browser to opera mini later the soft ware went off and I’m looking for solution to resinstore the application.

  • i can’t download or install whats app in my nokia asha 303, when i try it tell me that service not available! can any one help me please

  • i uninstalled whats app from my nokia 301, since then i’m unable to downoload whatsapp or anything from my browser. My app store is also not working. Tried with factory restore and software renewal from a shop but problem is still there, Can anyone plz help me out?

    Error: “service not available”

    • It seems that your data network settings might be incorrect. Can you set up your APN settings (for Web) and then try again?

  • I am unable to use hike watsapp nd facebook messenger on my nokia asha 503. Watsapp doesnt accepts the numbr or says that unrecognized entity.hike has certificate expire fb messenger got downloaded but doesnot work.when i try to login it says “error in network connection.please”. Thats it.. How can i fix it.i dont have PC.

  • i have nokia x2-01 i tried to download application or any thing ii show
    “serviece is not avilable” so what should i do plz hlp me…

    • Hy my problem iz? when i download any other application in x2 05 application error i need half about dat thanks

  • Hi,I have tried everything and whenever I download chrome setup, nokia pc suite or any other app my nokia 306 says file format not supported.I love my phone, but this is very frustrating.How do I get the get my phone updated again? Pleeeease a little help here.

  • …my nokia 203 also does not respond when I try to open the browser….what could be the problem?i cant type the url or do anything….I need to download the opera mini or uc browser to boost it, what should I do?help a brother out

  • My phone software updated after when i tried to download apps on my nokia c2-00 it show service not available. I read your solution of conflicting apps error. I full factory restored my phone then i tried to download again but it’s same thing it always shows service not available. Help me plz

  • i have nokia asha 302 in that my nokia store is not working is shows “service not availabe” so what should i do now plz help me

  • My hand and doesnt swith on so i change my software and i started to download but Open mini always shows service not available. I read your set up and restore all after i downloading opera shows service not available, could you plz help me?

  • I Download Facebook, Opera, Uc Browser, 2go And Other Internet Related It Shows Unable To Connect And I’m Getting Bored..Please What Kind I Do…Anyone To Help

  • how can I download opera mini ? I’ve the link but to go through it ..I need a browser which i don’t have !!

    when i open Nokia browser , my Nokia 225 turned off.. !!

    what to do ?

  • If i open Apps>My Apps on my nokia 206 the phone switchoff by itself what can i do in order to open ths app?

  • I dos’et work for nokia xpress browser,operamini is coming for nokia112 please remove this operamini for my phone,please sir.

  • What do I do if all my apps don’t work and if I try to activate them, my Nokia keeps on showing colourful circles for hours and hours?

  • I can not download any time when i try to download it say link not avialable. What will do ? Please reply me its urgent

      • Pls ahm facing a problem. I cant download apps in my phone. Each time i try the nokia browser says link not available. Ahm using a c1 01 fone. Wad du i do???

  • I have nokia pc suite in which i have installed on my laptop, when i connect via cable, it doesnt connect when i choose nokia suite on my bt mass storage and others it does. What should i do to solve these problem?

  • Am using Asha 302, it is browsing even when am not using internet. And consumes alot of data bundles (MB) So how should I stop it?

  • nell’entrare in internet mi ha scaricato opera mini senza darmi possibilitร  alternativa, peccato che ora il mio Nokia 301 Dual sim di appena un anno in internet si blocca!

  • Hey I m using nokia112 I m unable to open nokia brower even YouTube or many applications which I download not working it show ever certified phone or sim not available ovi store link also not working…




  • When i try to enter the link it show the url is i am not able to download it can you please send the jar file to my email id.i am waiting with eager.thanks

    • Hello. Nokia Xpress is oficially discontinued and replaced with Opera Mini. Hence the links will not work anymore. You can directly download Opera Mini and use it.

  • Am using nokia asha 201 , am having problems with the applications when i try to open them it says invalid application. Even whatsapp application is nt opening when i try 2 open it, my cellphones jst switch off. Pls help n God bless u all.

  • On facebook,tweet app dat are workin my phone browser is nt mean i cannot download uc browser,pls help

  • I have Nokia asha 502
    Vo koi app open nahi kar raha jab koi app ko open karta hu to opera mini open ho jata hai Nokia app store bhi open nahi ho raha opera mini Hi open ho raha

    • Nokia Store is replaced with the Opera Store and the Nokia Xpress Browser is replaced with Opera Mini. So that’s what will open.

      • I have NOKIA C2 03, already I could connect to internet, but when I installed opera mini, I can not connect to internet, what is the problem?????

  • I was able to download and install the messenger but i’m currently encoutering application error after linking to my facebook account. Need help please

  • Dear sir, i want to remove opera mini in my mobile nokia 311. And pliz install nokia xpress browser.

    • Nokia Xpress has been discontinued and hence you cannot install that. It is officially replaced with Opera Mini.

  • Your Link r not working.
    Nd i m also full reset my Nokia X2-01 but nothing work.
    My Messenger not open nd shows Conflict Application……
    How can i solve this……???

  • The authority certificate of my Nokia X2-01 has been deleted…facebook app,opera mini etc. doesn’t work…now how can i get back my certificates?

  • Why i cannot download fb messanger when i go to download link it comes conflicting application what i do?

  • I’m using nokia asha 306 suddenly nokia express browser was replace by opera mini, i dont like opera. How will have back express browser again?

  • My email and social app in my nokia asha 302 are not connecting they are just failing… And i got a problem of conflicting apps i have reset my phone but nothing changes..

  • I have a problem with my Nokia Asha 502.Its accidentally reseted itself to factory settings.Now when i try loading the internet i get a message saying “cannot load this page at the moment.Check that the date and time are correct in settings” The dates are fine and times even the time zone,really dont know whats wrong please assist.Am in Botswana

  • My Nokia asha 201, doesn’t work internet, it removed Nokia Store, but i have OperaMini, when am trying to download with opera mini it says ”Service not available.” please help!

  • I hve download any application then its saying’certificate not on phone or sim’plz help me and solve this problem

  • Face book , Twitter , ebuddy, and many My apps not work in phone .. These send massage connection failed check your setting

    How can i do setting ?
    How can i get use my apps ??

  • Whenever i want to download opera mini browser or facebook apps,i’ve to go http: ( —etc) it seems ‘service not available’.n i couldn’t download anything

  • OMG!!! You are sooo smart! It worked, not even the store that i bought my phone from could help. You-are-a-genius!

  • nokia walo madad kro mera nokisa express kaam nhi kr rha h usme creating secure conection likhs aa rha h or fon memory puri khali h fr b full show krti or nokia acc. open nhi hots lika aata h k certificat not in fonya sim kys pnnge h isme help me

  • dear I have nokia asha 502 by accident it restored to factory settings and all my apps and games are gone and its state is ”

    Nokia Asha 502

    MCU version :14.0.2

    ROFS version : 14.0.2

    content version :0.0.0

    product ode : 059v3Z4

    please anyone help…….. ๐Ÿ™ i dont know how to install the softwares or firmware..

  • I’m using asha203,I restored My Phone many times but Nokia mail,internet,chat,and social are still not working.what can I do to solve that problem now???

  • Hey…it ain’t solvin in my x2-01 i tried it all frm factory to a complete restore bt nthng wrked…..n hw to cure whn phn’s corrupted wid trozen horse

    • hii u find the pro.. of the this error i also use nokia x2-01 if u find then me mail me nd tell me hoe to solve the error thank uu

  • Im using x2 01 i downlod the facebook mesenger but it shows conflicted app .. What shuld i do can anyone tell me plz i restore my phone many time. But its shows the same

  • My nokia browser still working and sw are already updated but why my nokia store not working or if its working why almost all applications and games i downloaded is too badly not working and the other is very conflict and ruin. Pls response thanks. My phone is nokia asha 303

  • Hi,
    In my Nokia X302 while accessing gmail am getting memory full error other sites are working fine. Even though there is enough memory available and tried restoring factory settings but it didnt help. Any help on this would be really useful. .

  • Hey! I need help
    i am not being able to open nokia browser it always shows conflicting apps. I hve alredy fully reset my celfone twice. Wt should i do know.need Help

  • Wow i love it, i have been unable to open versually all the applications on my phone infact i was tempted to delete some apps but with this i am happy now i can use all app. Thanks very much it works without restore factory

  • i downloaded the nokia browser but it did not load page. its say can not load page due to date and time for the phone… how do i set it the date and time right for download?

  • I upgraded my whatsapp n facebuk messenger on my nokia asha 205,,and since den weneva i try 2 login,,it sayz unable 2 start,,pls help me out

  • I restored my phone so many times and re-downloaded the facebook messanger app,but it doesn’t work.It still shows ‘Conflicting app’ and if I press ‘ok’ then it shows ‘messanger’.

  • I wanna download Nokia Sofware Recovery tool using Windows, how much bundles can it need? My phone is working slow and my twitter and facebook messenger is no longer working.

  • I have asha 306 i had reset my factory setting due to that my Nokia xpress browser is not working i tried updating and downloading it again but still its not working help me please

  • Ma phn is showing conflicting apps,i did wnt u post to sort d pro do,yet still showing d tire anyway out apart frm dis plz i really nid solutn plzzzzzzz… 301

  • i have nokia x2-01.two month ago i was using facebook messenger and one day new version came and i updated it.when downloading finished it shows conflicting application error.then,search on internet a solution was given too update or re-install the phone software.i do but it is showing the same error…please hlp someone please;(

  • I use nokia x2-00. I dwnlded fb mobile app & whatsapp etc.. These apps were working smoothly.. Then i dwnlded messenger which is showing “conflicting apps”. I hv used messenger in past where it was smooth. But now not working. Pls hlp

  • Hello, i have nokia asha 210, i have been using it and has been working well but of resent it asked me to update some settings of which i did, now all Applications are not working, internet show that its connected but when i try to open let say whatspp, facebook, nokia xpress browser or any other application, it doesnt open. how can i go about this problem?

  • In my nokia 305 , ive got ver 7.42 updated.. but everytime I open any browser like opera mini or UC … It starts installing …. It loses all saved passwords… What can I do? Besides I cant download any software frm nokia store as it tells ” No valid certificate” .

  • hi,
    I am using Nokia x2-01.When I am opening Facebook Messenger application it shows ” Conflicting applications? Show Items ” error..can anyone help me to solve this…


  • i have nokia asha 202 displays software conflict nokia xpress while i try to internet. is there any solution for this phone too. plz urgent reply on my e-mail i will be thankful so much.

  • Nokia express now its working but EMAIL still bringing ” conflicting Application” when i press email button.
    Please work upon it.
    Also i want Arabic to be included in the writing language option because am in middle east.
    Thank u

    • Mail cannot be solved this way. You need to re-install the phone software using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool.
      For getting Arabic as a writing language, you will need to flash the phone with a different firmware, which I won’t recommend as your device might get bricked.

      • But my phone dose not have a port to connect USB cable to the computer, now how can i do????? Because i want to use “mail button” also?
        On my phone menu when i open Application icon to update NOTIFICATION they tell me service not found or page not found yet i want it to work, so please what can i do for my phone to push out notifications. Help me.

  • I bought my Nokia asha 205 from E.Africa but right now am in middle East so i want to change it so that it can write Arabia but i failed because when i check the programmed language Arabic is not there so please help me to how i can update it to Arabic

    • Only Nokia Care can help. They don’t usually flash other firmwares, but maybe you can convice them? Also, being it out of warranty, you will be needed to pay for the same.

    • Please just help me and you send me a link to update my phone to be writing Arabic because Arabic is not programmed yet am in middle East.
      So send me a link to do the upgrade. Thank

  • Hi,
    I am using nokia 306. My phone memory is full with whats app msgs. I want to delete them, but they are asking for whats app up-gradation. Now, because i have no enough memory remained in my phone, i cant upgrade. I cant delete all msges, as some of them are important. Now, what to do? I stuck here. pls. dont suggest formatting.

    • You should’ve already installed WhatsApp to the SD card. For now, try removing some other useless files using MobiMB and that may make some space for you to update.

  • Sir,i have already email reply u were tell me solutions to recover my issue.i followed ur steps ,but no use.
    I have nokia asha 206 daull sim,i updated my mail browser.when i tried it to open.there shows conflicting applications.
    I back up my fon and restore factory then download ovi browser.but no result out to solve my problem.i download nokia browser v .but not in use,the problem is present till shows conflicting apps.
    Advance Thanx for reply

  • My Nokia X2 will not open internet browser.
    I have tried master reset and resetting the phone.
    Please help.

  • I have nokia asha 206 daul sim.when i updated my mail it shows conflicting.plz help me to solve the problem.

  • nerender sing g mere nokia110 ka browser nai chal raha he plz mujhe batain k main kya karon?

  • thanx a worked for my nokia 114…if it doesnot open from opera,try it to download from UC BROWSER,which you can download from nokia store orelse other any browser..thank you (y)

  • i would really love to know more about how one can un-install the xpress browser on Nokia Asha 303. Opera doesnt work at all. Also, if i had Nokia Recovery tool, how do i use it coz i understand it doesnt work alone it has other softwares it works with.

    • Why do you want to un-install the Nokia Xpress Browser. If you meant re-install, you can try using UC Browser.
      The Nokia Software Receovery tool works on its own. There are no secondary tools needed. Just install> connect phone> download firmware> flash the phone.

  • I recently updated my nokia asha 310 however ever since then some of my applications like Nokia store, nokia express, calculator among others disappeared.They shortly appear when i switch off the phone, remove the battery for some time then put it back and switch on the phone and Disappear immediately. I have tried resetting all to factory settings but in vain.
    I have also used operamini browser and downloaded the nokia browser but still Nokia express fails to connect showing error ” Can’t load this page at the moment. Check that the date and time are correct on your phone”
    My date and time are correct.

    I would be happy if any help is sent to me.

    • Please go ahead and use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to reinstall your phone’s firmware.

      • I installed the Alibaba V7.27.1 on my nokia C1, but its keeps stopping and booting me out, have tried to clear cache and force, and sometime is saying no internet while my internet is ok please help

  • its still not working on my asha 201 cos they tell me sorry anytime i try to download de browser

  • Asha 201 same conflicting issue but i can’t even download the browser from ur link they keep on telling me sorry not for ma fone

  • i got a nokia asha 210 with same error, i was really pissed off by this error … but u have done a great job dude hats off to u ๐Ÿ˜‰ once again thanks B)
    not frustrated anymore LOL

  • yeah,i have…but i am not sure the procedures were correct.could you please tell me how i can reinstall it using my pc?

    thank u in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • For PC, you can use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to reset your phone to the default state. Do backup prior to proceeding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • well,i am experiencing this weird problem in my c203 handset…start page does not load in my nokia browser.i can’t access any website with it.i have been using uc browser, but it crushed.with the default browser not working,i can’t download an alternative one either.what can i do?

  • O:M:G …… dnt knw hw to start. thank u so much, et’x really working, my prob is solved jst in d twinkle of an eye

  • ya …im deleted the app and installed, phone reset with restore settings and data ,and install the phone software again..same error after these all..conflicting application show items… ๐Ÿ™

  • same conflicting app error when opens facebook messenger it many times but not works for me..please help… nokia asha 201

  • Wow its really worked!!!

    I’m using Nokia Asha 206 Dual Sim. When i updated my browser its shows me that error so i was so worried about it. But using this solution my problem was sorted out & now i’m using version 4.0 of nokia browser.

    Thanks a lot Narendra singh!!

    • Thank you for the nice comment, Atul ๐Ÿ™‚ Feels great when I read such comments ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

  • Hi, i had downloaded the lastest sw on my nokia asha 302 and im having problem with my mail (conflicting aplication) and then im using whatsapp or if i want to take pictures. the files dont save on the phone. what should i do?its frustrating since the last SW upgrade

    • I have same problem on my phone nokia that i am nt able to save photo or download whatsup images on my phone.I restore all settings..reinstall whatsup.. bt still this problem is nt solved..then last i change memory card and now i hav no problem with whatsup and camera…just try..hope it will help u..

  • I tried the hyperlink address, my nokia asha 302 is not among the supported phones. I did factory restore (complete) but i did not work either.

  • thanku friend very very thanku my phone is nokia x2 02 i always try how to do it but today i do it i am so happy

  • Must try. My mobile was nokia asha206 dual sim i tried it and it’s work very good i am so happy that i can use it again thank you so much. I love you

  • It’s not working on my nokia110 phone,i’ve follow all the step that have been gven,but when i goes to ovibrowser download,it didnt work…the page said i have to use nokia110 to open the page,,what a joke,yes i use nokia110 and i can’t download the browser,i really need your advice and help brah..

  • Hello… i have facing a similar kind of a problem with my Nokia210 since I have tried to update my mail app..
    i) cannot open any app other than nokia store.
    ii) installed uc brower, still unable to open uc itself including other apps….
    Please Help

  • hi dude, I’ve got a new serious problem recently. it was nokia email app that turned getting conflict after update. I’ve been googling around, but got nothing. do you have any idea?
    my phone is nokia asha 210

  • it worked in my nokia 110 thanks
    I downloaded uc browser
    And moved uc browser in memory card
    And then downloded the browser again

  • My phone is a Nokia asha 305 . I reinstalled my xpress broswer using opera mini after it failed to open. But this has not solved the problem. Some help needed please

  • My phone is a Nokia asha 305 my xpress browser & my other apps has failed to open even after i followed your advice! I still need your help please give me a solution!

  • I use a Nokia X3 and have tried everything but to no success every single game(s)orapps(s) I download and the existing ones on the phone neither of them works anymore when i open them a note pops up saying “application error” your help will be highly appreciated…anyone that can help me out?

  • my cell doesnt want to downlond anything it always write conflicted app. I downlod opermin all that application it doesnt want to display i rest it manytime but no change

  • Just updated mine my unit is 501 then i restore it and my express browser is gone, now my problem cant install the app it says error huh

  • Does it work on Nokia Asha 303 as I have conflicting apps on my phone & cannot use the browser until I rectify the problem . I would appreciate it if you could let me know x

  • hello i am using nokia asha 501 phone i once reset my phone and lost all app including xpress browser and fb app i tried to download it from ovi store but its not supporting please suggest me wat to do cause i am lost

  • this solves the Conflicting Apps error.

    However, the input keyboard of the browser is always invisible when I want to search in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Any suggestion?

    • Maybe that’s an issue with the latest version of the browser? Probably nothing you can do besides looking into the jad file if there’s any option to enable keypad.

  • i was so upset for days when i suddenly faced the problem of conflicting applications and the nokia express brouser did not open. —-But thank to you —i installed the ovi brouser from the opera omni as per your guided steps and now my nokia express is working so fine snd very fast also —thanks a lot man

  • I’m also experiencing this ‘Conflicting Applications’ error but not with Nokia browser, rather with Twitter, Chat and Ebuddy. But I haven’t tried using Opera Mini to redownload the apps yet, so thanks for this.

    • Hopefuly, i expect helpful solutions for problems still running on my mobile device memory is full, many times i tried deleting items but couldn’t operating well.and also it can’t receive &send mails. I than you!

  • if i download a jar file with uc browser in my nokia asha 311 it shows unsupportable format but if i download same in my pc and copy to my sd card it works in my mobile. what is the wrong in that Pls tell me solution

    • You’ll notice that UC Browser saves the jar file without the .jar extension. Instead it saves as _jar. So that’s the problem. You need to open the jar instead of saving.

  • i hv downloaded nokia express in nokia asha 311… but its not working properly..i cant reset my factory settings as there is an unknwn password.. i hv no connection to internet now.. as my search bar is not working at all ๐Ÿ™ how can i download it again ?????????????

  • Why if i use the opera mini and go to that link.It shown that , sorry your device is not supported, but my device is really supported.Then i use the Uc browser and it shown as a file type is .jad i download it , and look for the jar link but it doesnt contain jar link.I dont know what to do , to my browser?

  • I am using nokia asha 201 i have tried all your solution factory setup did not help and opera mini or other internet applications it says connection error or says can not open this application(opera mini) while the other java application is open!please help me i am tired of this conflicting applications!

  • Every1 suffering with a conflicting apps problem her is a quick solution with no complicated methods just type and you will see a bar saying download tap that bar using nothing but your s40 phone and your browser will be fixed

  • this does work when you use ucbrowser but the moment you launch the browser you’ll get the message:

    “HTTP Error 500: An internal error was encountered. . .

    . . . The server encountered an internal error. . .”

  • I’m using a Nokia sha 303, nd it jst say
    Sorry, your device is not
    Please access this page from one
    of the following Nokia devices

  • thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz alottttttttttttttttttttttt sing i got all my social website n browser backkk as it is lukz like a new phone i tried the steps reinstaling software in nokia suite it workeddd ๐Ÿ˜€ m shooo happy gonna tell my friend too may u get more fame in ur work n studyyy n keep helping others ….

  • First of all sorry for my english because i m gujarati..
    In my c2-02……when internet based application turns off it suddenly comes
    ” your session charge and usage…etc..” and turns of internet connection symbol ” E “.
    how to continue this session always..plz answer…thank you

    • These phones are not supposed to keep the Data connection as always active. This is because uselessly keeping the data connection active will put a big impact on battery life.
      It can’t be over-ruled, you can however try installing the Nokia Notifications app (if it works). It will keep the connection open in the background. If it doesn’t work, I think its okay. You can just exit the message and that’s it.

      • But i can’t use whatsapp..
        because of error… “could not connect to server:error๏ปฟ occured whilst opening connection” ..this error is coming every time i type my phone nomber for confirmation..plz tell solution..there is no problem in my internet is working fine..My phone is c2-02..
        any other settings for my mobile??
        Thx for previous answer….

          • Ya i able..
            but error is coming when i type my phone no..and prossesing..’โ€œcould not connect to server:error๏ปฟ occured whilst opening connection”This one…any sujjestion?

  • ur article gave a big help! I had lost contacts n apps contents using restore factory setting to solve d conflict in my browser. Yet it failed! I followed d link u gave n it totaly was d answer. Thanks!

  • had the same problem about the “conflicting application”, but thanks to you it is now fixed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks bro; finally, i find the solution to my nokia x2-02 problem, a lot of thanks for this great job.
    I’m successfully updated it and it work well,
    God bless you.

  • Thanks for that link i got it back
    plzz can u give the link of social app which is in nokia handset from before i lost it ..
    Please do reply fast ..and thanks in advance

  • i hav tried to download re download the nokia browserin opera mini but it says that your phone is not supported yet it is listed,what can i do?

  • Yap i got it …
    But im having another problem when i bought my nokia asha 302 it was having a social app after some days it said that update available and when i updated it was not opening its showing error applicatin ..and delet option and when i select delet it says unable to delete please solve my problem..
    And thanks for that ovi browser now it works perfectly

  • My phone is nokia 206 and have this problem but after using this method I am also unable to install any app to my phone what can i do now…
    Please help

    • Why aren’t you able to install apps? Any error message? Sadly its quite hard to do anything for this non-usb phone. Try a software reset, else you’ll need a software re-flashing from a Nokia Care Center.

  • I updated my nokia browser via your website and since then I have been getting error messages like ‘Application error’. I have a nokia asha 210 dual sim. Please help me.

  • Yes…yes…yes……
    It really works thanx….yaar….
    But i have a 2nd problem plz solve …
    My handset is nokia asha 202 it cannot be udated …..i go to setting then device update then soft update …but it cannot udate yaar plz yaar solve the problem

    • Hey Great to know that it worked. For the 2nd question, are you sure that there’s a software update available? Maybe you’re running the latest version? Try using Nokia Suite.

  • sir i have nokia206,first i use internet but when i install new version i can,t open internet application,now whats i do,plz help me……………….

  • Thank you boss. it really worked. Many many many many thank you. You brought my dead phone alive. Good Work. I appreciate you. Keep it up.

  • i have asha 311.maine ye install to kia hy per kch b open krti masan fb jahan me tipe krna hta wo hta nae tipe .. words likhy nae jatty … plzzzzzzzzzzz help me ๐Ÿ™

  • Am using nokia Asha 200 and i hv seccesfully istall the browser but when i try using it to browse it said check phone date and security settings but the dat and time was correct, pls hlp me out

    • Push Notifications? Which push notifications are you talking of? The phone can receive push notifications from the apps supported by Nokia’s Notifications App.

  • i download the new version of nokia xpress.but when i use it the message is shown conflicting applisations. show items. plz solve my roblem

  • Thanks for the post, but i’m having this same problem on my 302 but with the twitter app. Any ideas? Thanks

  • at first, i thought it did not work because it said after installing, download failed….but when i tried again, finally, it worked…the download was successful and i now have my browser back…thank you so much for this post…it really helped me ^_^

  • how do i reflash my phone??.. can’t acces anyfin on my nokia asha 201.. internet,games, apps store… nothing

  • when i download some apps …why my phone said that Download Failed…. plzzz tell me.. and when i use Nokia browser then Internet on my phone does not be exicute.. and said tha ” secure connection not availabale”… my phone name Nokia Asha 311.. please help me

  • When i log out from fb push notification does not enbled but sometimes its enbled why this happan? I want to push notification is enbled even i log out.

  • When i log out from fb push notification does enbled but sometimes its enbled why this happan? I want to push notification is enbled even i log out.

  • i have a nokia asha 201 and it has the conflicting application problem.i hv opera mini on ma fone bt wn i go 2 it says dit ma fone is nt surported

  • its showing after connecting my nokia asha 200 phone taht’ my phone’s hardware is missing’ and also its not showing on startup that ”continue without sim-1 or sim 2 ‘ if i press any key its not working and if apress the power button the phone is gonna to be switch off.

    what should i do ??

  • my fone is asha 201 an ipe tried everything to open my nokia xpress but it doesnt open i press de botton a thousand times bt still nothing i dont knw wat to do plz help

  • thnz budddy.. i got my browser back. but now two icons are there. internet and ovibrowser. both are doing same job. can it be changed to a single icon as before..

    • Sadly you can’t do anything if both have arrived there.. Deleting it will make them stop functioning. So both need to exist now unless you get your phone reflashed.

  • hello, i have nokia 110 and i have facing same problem. when i do this with opera and uc it shows “Sorry, your device is not supported.” please reply me what can i do for this ?

  • Hi,I want to know how to change the brightness in Nokia Asha 311.Please help me my friend thanks.


  • i tried it and i installed the ovi successfully, idk whatโ€™s the problem .., it says no certificate in phone or sim .., :โ€™( please help me..i canโ€™t use my apps. specially whatsapp and all the games iโ€™ve installed ..

  • i tried it and i installed the ovi successfully, idk what’s the problem .., it says no certificate in phone or sim .., :'( please help me.. i can’t use my apps. specially whatsapp and all the games i’ve installed ..

  • pls my phone is nokia asha 201 and to open some files it will write conflicting application and I’ve tried all d solutions but not working for me even I was let to know that my phone was not surpported with nokia browser. Pls what can I do?

  • am using nokia c3 but when am trying to download any software into my phone or update nokia ovi store it gives me this message”internal error” so help me what should i do for it?

  • My mobile is format by phonix my all app and browser is deleted
    Browser is not opening and other browser is also not opening .Only my sim Home page is opening

  • This method works. But you can,t make the download using opera mini. You need UC browser. If you try with opera mini it will show you “This feature is not available for your phone”.

  • i am very happy, i got back my browser by following the steps you mentioned, thank you very very much

  • I wish to install chrome web browser, but can’t. My fon is Nokoia x2-01. Cherish to save more audio n video music; failed-ever getting browser not supported n memory full, yet i have inserted ext memo card. Support.

  • When opened with opera mini, there is a statement on the web page which says: your device is not supported and below it shows a list of all supported devices including my Asha 302.. I can’t understand why.. help

  • i cmplted above steps bt nw i cnt download nokia browser frm dat link,whenevr i click d link it says your device doesnt supported

  • Thanks ya. My nokia x2 02
    was not working saying
    conflicting application but after downloading
    your nokia ovi browser itโ€™s
    working very nice and fast than past.
    Thank you Nokia.

  • I can not install anything on my asha 200 but i cn browse on any social network what should i do pls help me out

  • hey, My NOKIA 110 faced app conflict (calculater Vs Chat, and could not be resolved by full resetting too. how can I get a solution for this?

      • Hi….

        I have problem with my asha305 phone

        i have used the option factory reset after comletion i tried to open my memory card and it asked for password i haven’t set any password

        help me plssss

        • Well maybe you or somebody else has setup the password by mistake. Anyways, i don’t know of any recovery possible. You might be able to get your card formatted a nearby mobile repair shops (that’s only if they have the required tools). All data will be lost.

  • Am soo greafull man for helping me solve the conflicting items problem in ma Nokia asha302, thanks a lot.:)

  • Thanks yar my nokia browser was not working saying conflict but after downloading your nokia ovi browser it’s working very nice with you tube videos…very very thanks

  • Hi I have nokia C3-00 whenever I am trying to call some I am getting “error in connection”
    though I am receiving call and able to send messages also.

    • All I can say is to try another SIM card. This type of problem usually occurs with a damaged SIM or else contact your operator. Usually nothing to do with the phone.

  • i asked a ques plz help if u can due to internet my social websites like twitter facebook nokia chat n internet radio are also not opening even nokia mail application… n if u cant do reply plz

    • Well.. Those are not easy to solve and in most cases, users are required to get their phone’s software flashed from the Nokia Care center. You can try by Reinstalling the phone’s software using Nokia Suite. If that doesn’t solve, kindly visit Nokia Care.
      The problem with these apps is that they don’t have any installation source. So can’t be installed directly.

      • Im getting an error while verfyng d code on whatsapp.i mean 2 sy dt wen im inserting ma mobile no aftr sumtym it is showng could not reach d server.
        I followed ur steps dn 2 it is gvng me a prblm.
        So cn u plz help me out.
        Im useing loop sim nokia asha305 model


  • i installed My We Chat on my nokia C3. But everytime i try to open we chat it shows me ‘Opening My We Chat’ and then ‘Closing My We Chay’ and then it automatically opens nokia xpess broswer.
    Please help i can’t wait to use this app.

  • Thank you very much guys…the second step worked (i.e. downloading from perfectly so I didn’t even need to restore factory setting.

  • My uncle is Nokia Asha 201 He mistakely deleted the WhatsApp before registering. Now he is having problems downloading again. When it download it counts n counts dan it seys DOWNLOAD FAILED!!!!!! The fone is brand new. Pls help here…

  • i’ve got problem to install on my 311. and i’ve try to reset, but forgot my pin. how can i recover it? your help is very appreciated.

    • Hey Naina

      Try this – Use your computer to download the following file, extract it and copy both the files to a new folder on the memory card.

      Now browse to this folder on your phone and try opening. If it says invalid application, goto options and selct Update Version. Apply the update and try opening it now.

      • ya it worked thankz alot but it still opening from files not on main itz sayz version is already open what to do abt tht? n ya i need more help my mail and social websites are also not working n conflicting like browser….

      • heyy sing sorry to bother but have a prob i got an error in memory crd i copied all the files from it to the comp n after chnging the card i pasted it again in my new card but the brows folder is showing format not suported error i again downloaded the file from this website but still it showing the same error

  • hi,downloaded ovi via UC browser,but error,cannot start a secure connection check security settings and date settings. nokia asha 306

  • my device is nokia 5130 xpressmusic. It shows conflicting applications when i open nokia store,, so please tell me how to solve my problem in nokia 5130 XM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • The data charges are high when the link opens in the default browser.moreover app like facebook also opens in the default.if nokia provided an Option to upgrade the default that would be better.

    • Why not? Not opening or giving any error after opening? :/
      Most probably you’ll be needed to visit Nokia Care as its a stock app baked into the main firmware and not just the image file.

  • i have brand new asha 302 but when i try all internet apps it displays a message ‘certificate invalid according to device’s date’….hw do i solve it

    • Then you need to set the correct date on your phone. You definitely are running it with the year 2012 (or even more older) or otherwise a difference of few months.
      Also check the the clock is set with the correct time zone. For India, it is GMT +5:30. Correcting date should solve your problem ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i think you used a wrong first u change the configuration fallow by the sim.then try it:)

  • I have also tried of my nokia C2-03, but when i downloading the nokia browser it said Certificate’s invalid to device date …. tell me, why ???

  • Used opera mini for the conflicting applications problem without the factory reset, and it worked just fine!

  • You don’t need to back up your phone just in to the link and download the browser your problem will be solved .i was success

      • Please help me? What is UC and where do i find it on my Nokia 303? I can not download any link because all the browsers are frozen. How do i delete application n games on my phone? Or how do i delete whatsapp? Thanks!

        • Just compose a new sms and write down the following URL into it:

          Now either send this sms to yourself or save it as a draft. Open the message in the viewer (if you saved draft, select options> view) and highlight the link and click on it. The default browser will open and you’ll be taken to the download page for Nokia Xpress Browser. Download and enjoy.

          The pre-installed apps and games will stay there as they can’t be deleted. Same can be said for whatsapp as well.
          Revert back if you’re still facing a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yes! it’s worked for me but not from opera mini.. i used build in browser of nokia. i know there is no option to enter web address on that browser, so i have created a html file which get input from user and redirect the page to that given address.. that html page worked as a direct web browser for me. if any one need my html file plz contact me on my mail. [email protected]

    • Well, Opera Mini was more preferred because it is more known to carry the correct user agents than the UC Browser. It worked fine when I tried that using opera on my phone.
      Still good to know that its fixed for you. Will update the post to include UC Browser too. Thanks for taking the time to leave the reply ๐Ÿ™‚

      • thanks a lot..lucky me, its really helpful..i wanna request something, can u teach how to disable/off mobile data for Nokia Asha 303 and X6? i mean if we connect to wifi to use Whatsapp for example, then when wifi is not available, it will not connect to mobile data as Whatsapp will always connecting. TQ in advanced…

        • I don’t know specifically, but doesn’t deleting the settings work? In case of s40 Asha 303, you might be required to delete the settings and re-install whatsapp or else it might keep using its already determined access point.

    • I have also tried but i have a Nokia Asha 303 & as with yourself it said the device was not supported . So have you managed to find a solution to this problem ? If so can you let me know jjhow to sort it out ??

      • Hmm!! Have you tried UC Browser instead of Opera Mini? As per his later comments 9below), he was able to fix this by using UC Browser and visiting the download page.
        If this doesn’t work for you try composing a new HTML file with Link to and open this file from Gallery. It will open in the default browser and allow you to download Nokia Xpress Browser. Do reply if you need more detailed instructions.

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