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Solution for Conflicting Apps error with Nokia Browser in S40 phones

nokia browserSome users are experiencing issues when they updated the Nokia (Express) Browser on their Asha or other s40 based phones. The problem occurs because the update doesn’t go up successfully. In most cases, some of the files from the older version remain there which causes the updated version to show a ‘Conflicting Applications‘ error which makes it impossible to open and browse using the default Nokia Browser. The issue did reach the Nokia Devs but because a very small number of users are experiencing this, the resolution was withheld except for some very new devices.

Solution to the Conflicting Apps error:

If you’re also experiencing this error, you’d have noticed that even a full factory reset doesn’t solves the problem. So, follow the steps below to get rid of the error. It has worked for many but it still isn’t sure that it will definitely work for you. You can try though:

  1. Firstly backup the important data present on your phone using the Backup Utility (in settings) or backup on your PC using Nokia Suite. If you don’t backup, you will lose all your data such as Text Messages, Contacts, Calendar; etc.
  2. Now you need to reset your phone to factory settings. You need to choose Full Restore. Please note again that this will wipe all your data present in Phone Memory, so do backup before you start. You can first try by skipping this step as it might work out without the need for a factory reset.
  3. Install Opera Mini browser (if Opera Doesn’t work, use UC Browser) on your phone. You can either install it using the Nokia Store utility present on your phone. Or otherwise, install it using Nokia Suite on your PC.
  4. Open Opera Mini on your phone and browse to following link:
  5. You’ll be able to re-download Nokia Browser from that page and your problem will be solved once it installs properly.
  6. That’s all. Enjoy super-fast browsing on your Nokia phone again.

Does this work for you, or are you still facing issues? Please do reply below as your feedback is necessary to find a permanent solution ๐Ÿ˜‰

Phones Supported by Nokia Browser: 110 (1100), 111 (1110), 112 (1120), 113 (1130), 200 (2000), 201 (2010), 202 (2020), 203 (2030), 2700, 2730, 3710, 5130, 5330, 6303, 6600, 6700, 7230, Asha 300 (3000), Asha 302 (3020), Asha 303 (3030), Asha 305 (3050), Asha 306 (3060), Asha 308 (3080), Asha 309 (3090), Asha 310 (3010),ย  Asha 311 (3110), c2-01, c2-02, c2-03, c2-05, c2-06, c2-07, c2-08, c3-00, c3-01, x2-00, x2-01, x2-02, x2-05, x3-00, x3-02

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