Airtel Free Zone – Free Access to Google Plus, Search & gMail

airtel logoAirtel Free Zone is a free service powered by Google and offered by Airtel in India and preferably in other countries as well. Airtel subscribers can get almost unlimited (1 GB/m) access to Google Search (and one subsequent webpage), Google Plus and gMail from their mobile phones without any rentals or plan activations.

Full Details about Airtel Free Zone

Airtel India subscribers can access the free zone by opening airtel.in/freezone on their internet enabled mobile phones. All mobile phones be it feature phones or smartphones are supported as long as they have internet services on them. The service is basically available for access via the phone’s default browser, hence proxy based browsers such as UC Browser and others won’t work with the exception of Opera Mini which is supported. Following is the detail of how the various services can be accessed and how they will work.

Free Zone services are more designed keeping basic mobile phones in mind, hence they might not work on modern smartphone browsers as expected. The maximum limit of Free Zone usage is 1GB per month which seems to be enough for general searching and browsing.

Google Search

Using the Google Search via Airtel Free Zone does not incur any charges. Searching includes the search results page and the first subsequent page after clicking on a search result. Any further link clicked on that page will cost the user. However there are proper warnings in place and user will be alerted before he moves from a free page to the paid one.

Google Mail (gMail)

The basic version of gMail can be accessed for free from the Airtel Free Zone via the mobile browser. Gmail Apps or any 3rd party services are not supported.

Google Plus (G+)

Similar to Google Mail, Google Plus can also be accessed for free from the Airtel Free Zone. Users can also jump from Google Search to Google Plus or gMail by selecting the appropriate service from the top of the page. On clicking any link which takes the user out of the Free Zone, there will be a warning page which will offer the user to either to return back, purchase a data pack or continue opening the page under the base tariff of 10p/10kb. The video below provides a short walkthrough of the Airtel Free Zone service.

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