Admob for mobile web merging with Adsense

AdMob Mobile Web Sunset

AdMob, which Google acquired last year is going to be merged with Adsense. Google was already offering Ads for mobile sites through Adsense and was encouraging users to switch to Adsense from Admob. Now, Google has completely decided to stop Admob ads for Mobile Web and provide Adverts to all the users through Adsense only.

But, the users who’s using Admob for Advertisements in their mobile Applications will continue to use Admob. They don’t need to switch to Adsense. Google is separating the Ads for Mobile web and Ads for Mobile Applications.

Here’s what Google writes in Admob Support:

What exactly will happen on October 1st?

On October 1, 2011 requests from publishers using the “WAP” site code will no longer return ads. For any publisher that has not created an AdSense account and switched to the AdSense for Mobile Content site code AdMob will return an ‘empty response’ that will not cause their site to freeze or degrade performance. However, no ads will returned or displayed. Any AdMob campaign or ad targeting WAP will be paused on October 1, 2011.

Why did we make this change?

Between AdMob, which we acquired last year, and Google AdSense, we offer industry leading products for mobile publishers to make money from their apps and web content. However, we know the overlap in the AdMob and AdSense products may have been confusing for our customers. We’ve been working to reduce that overlap, while making sure our mobile app developers and mobile web publishers continue to have access to the products and features that best suit their needs.

For further details, kindly read the official post at the Admob support section here

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