How to: Access Hidden Files of Nokia Asha and Delete Useless/Demo Data

nokia-asha-familyNokia Asha phones are quite easy to use and well built, but one problem that almost every Nokia Asha (or any other S40)  phone user faces is that Nokia bundles some pictures, videos, music, apps, games with the phone which can’t be deleted or moved to the SD Card.

Some of you will have questions like “What’s wrong with that?” Well the answer is simple. Most of these Asha/S40 phones have a low internal memory and these useless apps may make it quite hard for the user to find enough space to save other stuffs such as Messages and Calendar data which can’t be saved onto the memory card. So although the phone has a pretty satisfying internal memory, some bloatware will never allow you to access that.

How to access the internal/hidden file system of Asha and other S40 phones:

Asha phones can only run Java apps which don’t have enough permission to access and make changes to the internal files of the phone. So the process can only be done on a PC running Windows XP or higher. If you have a Windows PC, follow the steps below:

Make sure that latest Nokia Suite is installed on your phone, but it is not running in the background. We only need the connectivity drivers from Nokia Suite.
  1. Download MobiMB software. Link Here
  2. Double Click to open the downloaded file (MobiMB.exe) and choose the location where you wanna extract the setup files to.
  3. Browse to the folder where you extracted files in the previous step and run setup.exe
  4. Continue with the setup by accepting license agreement. Leave the Product Activation fields blank and continue.
  5. Keep the shortcut at the desktop and finish the setup.
  6. Now connect your phone to your PC and run the MobiMB Mobile Media Browser shortcut from the desktop.
  7. Click on Start MobiMB.
  8. Now click on File> Settings. Next choose Add a new Connection> Cable Connection> Nokia native USB phones> CA-101 cable (Micro-USB). Press OK
    Add connection - MobiMb browser
    Adding a new connection
  9. Wooh!! You’ll be presented with your phone’s file-system. Access and add/remove the files you want. Read below if you don’t know what to delete.
    MobiMB - Browse Phone
    Browse hidden files

Which files can I delete without the risk of malfunctioning of the phone?

MobiMB is a very advanced software and deletion of important files can lead to phone becoming unstable and hence crashing. So which files to delete? Most probably, your aim is to delete the junk files to free up the phone memory. So you should delete these files:

  • MobiMB> Gallery: Delete all that you don’t want in your phone. There’s no risk here. Some items cannot be deleted and the software will say “Error”. Skip such files and move to the next. You can delete pictures, music, videos, themes, wallpapers, tones, graphics and some other stuff located in the gallery.
  • MobiMB> Games and Apps: (Includes /collections and /games) You can delete all the pre-installed games and apps that you don’t need in your phone. For games and apps, you can delete the jar and jad files, but you might be unable to delete the folder for private files of such apps. Just ignore it as it does not contain any data larger than a few KBs.
  • MobiMB> C:> MenuApps: This folder includes the games/apps which were pre-installed to your phone’s menu or the main filesystem of the phone. In most cases, you shouldn’t mess with this folder, but in case you need to delete a bundled app, say Nimbuzz or Nokia Xpress browser, you can delete the jar and jad files of such apps.
  • That’s it. Don’t mess with anything else. If you’re an explorer or a power user, you’re always free to play with the rest of the files to see the logic behind them and their usage.

Phones supported by this repack of MobiMB:

Almost all phones released prior to 2013, including Asha 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311 and others


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  • I have hidden messages on my Asha 201. I used mobiMB to access those files but I couldn’t find those hidden messages. What should I do?

  • I have nokia asha 305. i need to delete its internal memory. the above described procedure does not work. As i connect in mobiMB, the contents of the phone are not displayed. can you suggest an alternate solution.

  • I have a nokia 206,but it is out of memory.i have to delete nokia music is located outside the inbuild apps can i delete it???

  • What can ido my nokia asha 310 phone memory doesn’t show that its full but when itry to view galley,play music and sending or reciving messages it says ‘280kb needed delet some files’ but when i vist my phone files no files to delet.what can i do?

  • i have nokia asha 501, am trying to copy rest of contacts to sd card, getting message sd card full, but i have 4 gb free on my sd card. can i resize space allocated for saving contacts in sd card?? how??

  • Any idea how big the introduction and notification is? If they are quite big I would like to erase them.

    • I’m not sure now, Michael. It’s been long since this post was published and I don’t have the phone with me anymore.

  • I dont have nokia asha 310 driver nd there is no space available in mobile phoe memory no whatsapp nothing plss tell me what to do ???

  • I have Nokia Asha 206 and I want to delete some unwanted system files, plz suggest me that how can I do that???

  • i have restart my nokia asha 309…and i lost my number and text converstion. now i want to recover the ?

  • This is simply awesome. It worked correctly for my Asha 309. I was able to reclaim 16.5MB. I had to download nokia suite on my laptop and then mobi,MB software. I followed the exact process and I was good to go. Now I have enough megabytes to update my whatsapp. Thanks Singh.
    NB: I think you were referring the nokia suite to be on the PC and not the phone as was written above.

  • Hey i’m using Asha 310 phone. when i’m adding a new connection it says
    The driver could not be loaded for one of the following reasons
    “The system does not support this type of connection”
    “there is a problem with your driver configuration”
    “the item already exists”

    what should i do.. please advice me

    • Well I was facing the same problem with my Nokia Asha 305. To solve the driver issue, I borrowed ‘driverPack solution’ DVD from a friend and installed all the missing nokia drivers prompted there (phone should be connected via USB and ovi suit mode has to be selected). As soon as all the missing drivers got installed, my phone’s internal drive was there and accessible and I deleted about 9mb of useless softwares from my phone and now there is enough of free memory. Try to manage ‘driverpack solution’ dvd and install the required drivers. Will work hopefully. All the best.
      (note: be careful what you should delete and what not. do not delete something you are not sure what it is or the phone may malfunction.)

  • i also have nokia 200 but it doesn’t showing phone memory and the SD card.. It is only showing inbox… Plzzz help

  • how to retrieve browser history passwords using this app. because of my nokia asha 305 phone touch screen was damaged. please help me what to do…



    please please please help me

  • I cant use whatsapp on my nokia 210 because phone displays ‘not enough memory, 1mb required,delete item from gallery’. I have deleted every thing i put in the phone to no avail. What do i do

  • I am trying to connect my nokai Asha 502 but here, this driver could not be connected because of one of the following
    this system does not support this type of connection
    problem with driver and this item already exist
    plz help me

  • Am using asha 309, there is no files or nothing in the phone memory. While am trying to update whatsapp,i found an error message that there is no enough memory. What can i do? How can i resolve that?

  • I want to know I have Nokia asha phone am using Facebook if I send wallpapers and pictures can these files will be save or hide in my cell internal memory?? or not

  • – Installed Nokia Suite; disabled it.
    – Connected my phone
    – Run MobiMB

    It shows RM-911 only and no system folders. I have Asha 310.

  • I have Nokia 206 and I want to delete some unwanted system files, plz suggest me that how can I do that???

  • This Software helps me to delete pictures,tones, graphics but I can’t able to delete pre-installed app such as Taaza, Nimbuzz etc.. or even it’s .jad or .jar files on my Nokia Asha 305 mobile.

  • I tried MobiMB on my Asha 501.
    It shows the device RM 902 but does not show any of the Phone files or even the SD Card files.

    Also when I try to browse the phone memory on PC as a normal USB storage,
    all the folder names are shown as unreadable junk characters.

    Please advise.
    Phone memory depletes regularly and navigation crawls.

  • How and where can I get back the stock themes that came with the phone in the ‘in- the- box’ SD card? The only themes that I have are Blue and Brown and would like to get the Pink and the Red ones too. Please advise. Regards.

  • Unable to download and at times finds it difficult to upload with my asha 210 dual sim so plzzzz help me out

  • Narender – please edit your instructions and include that it does not work with Asha 501. Wasted 20 mts !!!

  • Sir/Mam,
    I have nokia asha 210 mobile. In message, memory card and application section the memory is almost free. But when I opening music player or any application or any other it will shows an error message says that ‘not enough memory’.
    I am using whatsapp. I think the messages in whatsapp automatically stores in memory in my phone.
    Please guide me

  • 1. Is this software can be used with Asha 501..??
    2. Is there any possible way to recover the photos deleted from my Asha 501??

    Please do reply..
    Thanks in adavance..

  • sir i want to know my nokia asha phone when i m useing whts app nd send a image or wallpaper, so these file will be saved in phone nd any where or when i m deleteing a send pic then my original pic are deleted not a send pic so can you tell its happened why..

  • I’m using pretty new Nokia 515 Dual Sim. I like it very much but the battery is running out in ca 3-4 days. And I believe it’s because of some applications which are trying to connect to Internet although I’ve switched off all possible ways that the phone could access Internet 🙂 The phone says “A preferred data SIM is needed to keep app online. Continue?”. I want to somehow get rid of the disturbing message and keep the battery last longer. One more thing – I’d actually like to get rid of all the unnecessary software on the phone – Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others which want or may want to connect to Internet. Can you help/advise, how could I do it?

  • Hey, i fixed my phone. i went to mobile repairing shop yesterday. They just restored factory settings. And they told me it is common in asha series and nokia centre also only restores it and makes money for free. 🙁 Thank god I was not fooled this time. If anyone faces any similar problem do restore ur phone.

  • i am using nokia asha 308. my phone is showing full memory. no internal memory. i am not able toplay music movie n videos. and also not able to upload photos on whatsp and hike. I ahve nothing which can be deleted.
    I visited nokia centre in dilshad Garden. But they are money oriented. Demanding Rs. 400 to fix it. but this problem occurs every year. do I have loose every year my pocket for their greedy and money minds.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.Can I fix it on my own? or by downloading antivirus.
    the nokia centre personnel is saying to not to download antivirus on phone as it may disrupt my phone.

    • You just use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool to reset your phone to factory state and free up storage.

  • can I do it with the Nokia 301 S40? It doesn’t recognize the phone? which usb should I use? modem? sync and transfer?
    Or is it not compatible? Mobim doesn`t seem to recognize the phone.

  • What this will work on Nokia asha 210 dual-SIM? If not, please tell me alternate method to remove pre-installed themes, wallpapers and some other stuff. Thanks.

  • Can't download games and apps on my asha 503 they don't work when i download them HELP ANYONE says:

    Can’t download apps and games on asha 503 ..

    They don’t work

    please help

  • please can have the steps to remove preinstalled games of Asha 206?????????????????????????? if anybody have please reply…………………………………………………..

    • No. The functions cannot be performed over Bluetooth and hence this cannot be performed on your Asha 205.

  • Dear
    Nokia customer care unit. i did purchase two phones nokia asha 503 for my family members.
    but it`s usefulness application like games and lots of others pre installed app not being delete.

    after long try no any result in hand still now.
    i did visit to Nokia care office in Solan Himachal Pradesh India, But in vain there i found only focus with a money or services charge not about client satisfaction,
    customers brand loyalty does not seem important for those.
    since 1998 i`m use nokia mobile even whole family doing use like Nokia XL, and other phones, but in case of Nokia Asha 503 my experience is so bad is totally wastage of money it irritating now ,
    Kullraj Rana
    Himachal Pradesh india.

    if You have any solution please call me frankly 09218600987, or email

  • Hey there, can this software access and transfer text messages from my 306 archived folder?

  • I downloaded an application on my nokia asha 200 and at the icon i saw that a key was placed on it. Please how do i remove the key

  • Hi, tried it on a Nokia 301.1 but nothing appearing on the right hand side! I.e. no files appearing! Any help??

  • I downloaded whatsapp into my nokia asha 302 but i cant find it in any folder.After downloading it,it said “file downloaded to predefovibrowser”,why is this? And where can i get the file or resolve this problem?? Please help

  • Am using 503 nokia asha dual sim nd my phone downloads some apps nd say ”there is no app that could run this app” if u hve a solution plz help!!!

    A java app has been developed which can open the system files of any asha phone. I have successfully tested it on asha 230 and asha 501. You can delete all preinstalled apps along with ringtones and wallpapers and even the user guide. You can also copy them to your sd card but I have not tried this so try copying a useless app to sd card and delete it from system files then see if you can run the app from sd card. I suspect it wont work. I strongly recommend that you do not delete nokia xpress browser or facebook mobile app because you cannot reinstall them in any way unless you reinstall the whole software again. You will loose video streaming if you delete nokia xpress browser. I used it on my asha 230 and now I have 33 mb free in my phone. The phone still lags. I recommend that you clear the counters of your asha phone. I did and am experiencing less lag. It will take a lot of time to do that but is worth the wait and keep on doing that once in a while. I am sharing this with you hoping this will help you. If it does do let me know and please pass it on. Good luck.
    Download Open Root Beta:

    • Hi Neeraj John,
      Thanks for the Open Root app, I managed to delete useless pre-installed apps from my asha 503.
      However the icons of them are still on the main screen with grey color (they are inactive).
      Do you have a method to delete those icons too?

  • I am using nokia asha 501… I am don’t save any files I phone memory, but my phone memory is indicates f
    ull.. how can I recover it.

  • hi narender singh i am using nokia asha 305 and i have to install software in my phone but phone is showing not enough phone memory.As u instructed i downloaded this app MobiMB but it is not detecting any files from my phone and i am unable to delete waste apps like nimbuzz,taaza videos etc.Please help me to solve this problem.
    thanks in advance

  • Hi Narender, i am using nokia asha 308 i have deleted most of the apps but still i don’t have much space left I want to know can i delete files which are in my temp folder is it safe to delete them?

    • Maybe disable Norton temporarily first? You can check the detailed report. It can be called an unwanted or suspected program due to no signing, but it is not a virus 🙂

  • Hi Narendar Singh, I have Asha 500. But the phone memory is full of junk fils. As a result, it hangs a bit. Tried many methods to access the phone memory,but failed If you have any idea to clear these junk files and clean up RAM, please share with me.

  • In my nokia x202 whatsapp is become of above 50mb and it hang my phone alot and it effecting other app as well what shuld i do….?

  • is it necessary to have the latest nokia suite installed???? i got suite version 3.8.48 but i can’t acess system filles of my asha 306

  • Please is there any way i can get the whole system files? i guess i’ve deleted something important which is affecting my phone. i need the system files so i can sort it out and find what is missing. Thank you.

  • done everything as u said. phone and Pc are not cooperating. i have a nokia asha 310. installed pc suite (by the way the suite for you mean is it for laptop or phone) for computer and mobi. but hasnt worked, really have space issues on this phone. HELP!!

  • I have successfully deleted my gallery files from my Nokia Asha 308 such as ringtones,themes etc. But i cant delete Default.nth its saying error and also i cant delete some menuapps contents they are useless but i cant delete them why for example Hit my boss, Ebuddy ,Newshunt etc. When i tried to delete/remove its showing error (Cant delete).
    Is there any solution for this ?

    • Unfortunately, there is no easy way to delete the ones which cannot be deleted using this tool. You’d have made enough free storage by deleting others that you do not need to worry 🙂

      • Ok thanks.
        But do you have Oxycube ?
        If yes than please provide me the link.
        I want to try with Oxycube maybe its works.

      • thanks for program

        i have same problem for Nokia 308 , the problem is in whats app which need update and i cant remove old one 🙁

  • I have Installed MobiMB but its not connect to my mobile in Asha 210 what i do please guide me my cellfone memory is almost full

  • hey thanks bro,, was deleting whatsapp,,now i deleting most of those files related to whatsapp but now the icon file and both the jar file ,,now back to the fone it says invalid application ,delete yes/no,,when i say delete it says “not allowed” so the app just remains there..did a factory reset but still the same problem,,help

  • i want delete my apps but when i go to options the delete option is seen light and don’t be deleted

    what can i do when i open the mobile permanently message seen on screen “A preferred data sim is needed to keep app online continue?” i don’t want to data connection on any sim,

  • hey! I want to get rid of the pop up box in my asha305. I downloaded the software given in the above link and followed the process but it doesn’t move further after clicking on file> settings> …….
    Please help. 🙁

        • what can i do when i open the mobile permanently message seen on screen “A preferred data sim is needed to keep app online continue?” i don’t want to data connection on any sim,

          • Then you need to delete that particular app (probably WhatsApp) or just set a preferred SIM and delete its configuration settings. That should help.

    • If you cannot free up space using this tool, you’d be needed to reset your phone to factory using the Recovery Tool.

  • Hey Narendra,

    Nice post man. I was successful in browsing and deleting games files but not their icons. Mine is Nokia asha 311. Can you suggest how to get rid of those unwanted icons as well.

    NOT: When I tried to delete icon files there came an error (Error deleting item )

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Let them stay there. Just restart your phone and those apps should be gone from the menu as well as myapps. Those icons are just a few bytes which don’t really consume much space 😛

  • Hi, I am using a Nokia Asha 306. I have installed MobiMB on my PC and followed all of your instructions. However, nothing is being displayed in step 9. What can I do? Also when I connect my phone to the PC which option should I choose to connect? Nokia Suite, Media Transfer or Mass Storage?

    • You need to use the Nokia Suite mode. Just make sure that you have installed Connectivity Cable Drivers oj your PC and Nokia Suite is not running in the background.

      • Thanks alot, I did as you advised and installed both the Nokia Suite mode and the Connectivity Cable on my PC. It worked! Now I can view my phone’s internal details. My only challenge is I dont know how to delete the files I really dont want the most: NOTIFICATIONS and NEWS AND OFFERS which are found in the folder “my apps.” Im not able to see them. Please help, I dont want to temper with anything that might lead to my phone mulfunctioning. These files are of no use to me, but just finish up the phone space. Secondly, when I try to delete an item on the right column in MobiMB, am getting the message ERROR DELETING ITEM. What is the solution to this?

        • Some items just cannot be deleted and we have no other easy way to delete them. Its been long since I used the tool, so I’m not sure where those apps are located (maybe My Apps only). They are also not named properly so it gets a bit hard to find out which one is it.

        • Hi, i have the same problem. But now i have found where the NOTIFICATIONS and NEWS AND OFFERS located.
          It is in C:/Java/Collection.

          • Oh great! I have located the folder. Now inside the folder there are five sub-folders namely: cherry_conf, WhatsApp_private, napi_ALL_private, tips_AFS_private and mb_data. Which ones among these fives are NOTIFICATIONS and NEWS AND OFFERS? I will be most grateful for your help. Thanks.

        • If a restart doesn’t help, you’d be needed to flash your phone with factory firmware which will delete all data on your phone.

  • i can’t see my phone’s file system after following all the steps. please help
    and my phone is nokia asha 305 help me guys

  • I have done as what you’ve told. however, the files in the phone does not appear in the application. what should i do? i really need to get rid of those pre install games etc

  • thx you its works in nokia asha 308 phone i am able to delete all the games and unwanted files from my phone good job…!!!

  • fuck this method is so dangerous. my phone can’t respond when I open my phone it stuck on “Nokia” I think I’m gonna reformat my phone. fuck you brother you destroy my Nokia 306. ./.

    • Well, you’re the first one to say that. So you’re the one who messed up the things.
      I’ve instructed in the post about what is safe to delete. If you find yourself mature enough to play with other things, also be mature to accept your mistakes instead of putting the blame onto others.
      BTW, Nokia Care Suite can help you in getting the phone back to life.

  • My ph nokia asha 206 doesnt have connectivity port it can be only connected through bluetooth how to delete pre installed files and applications.

  • Why no one was giving posts for nokia asha 230 im using this model.please anyone suggest me all of useful tricks for me

  • I have download and installed the connectivity cable drivers and mobiMB as you have mentioned here.I have connected my phone and am displaying a message rm-924 in the place of phone and it’s not showing any files in my mobile.My phone is Nokia asha 210,Please help me in deleting my pre-installed apps and games.

  • i disopinted bcz i try more times in nokia asha 306 and 8 points complete worked bt didnt show any folder for deleting.. 🙁 🙁

  • Nokia 301 DUAL SIM (RM-839) don`t work with MobiMB. I see only the Folder “Inbox”, but ist empty.

    I have the Trial Version?

  • Is there any link that i can click or any possible to re-install the latest firmware of my asha 205? I only need the authority certificate that i have lost 🙁

  • Hi, I’m trying to do this on my Nokia Asha 210 but I don’t know how to tell if if I have the Nokia suite installed or the driver connection. I added a new connection on the MobiMB but nothing comes up. Help please! I want to delete all the useless games that are taking up precious memory.

  • so basically mobimb is absolute crap ,costs 30 quid and will only work on about 2 models,wat a waste of time downloadin it .

    • And who asked you to buy that? A repacked version of MobiMB is attached to the post and it works on majority of the S40 devices launched before 2013.
      MobiMB is not being actively developed and its development actually stopped years before.

  • Thanks for another wonderful article. Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information. kgfdgdfgdkde

  • When I’m trying to delete the files such as utv Facebook as from menu apps it says error deleting file. Please bailout.

  • Thanks A Lot, Once I have gone to Nokia Care for low memory problems and spent 200 rupees for formatting.Now I can clean memory space without formatting. But please give me suggestion, Can I delete LIFE TOOLS from Nokia 5130 xpress music as it is on My Main Menu.

  • how can i sideload and copy jar and jad files to memory crd as explained above…i nid a step by step outline pls…i use nokia 206 and cant update whatsapp coz of insuffcient mem.

  • I have Nokia 206. i want to update my whatsapp, it keeps on saying not enough memory. how do i delete some of the internal phone memory

    • Actually, you can’t on the 206. Maybe visiting the Nokia Care is the only solution. there you can get the phone fully reset to factory and bring some memory back.

  • Hi.. thanks for sharing this useful trick… i freed upto 10 MB on my phone.. hehe… atleast i saved myself by getting irritated by the unwanted memory full noti..
    thanks again…

  • in step9 empty window is appearing..wt to do. i installed nokia connectivity driver,nokia suit not even running in background, mine is asha501

  • I forgot my nokia asha 302 security code and now i can’t get access to my phone. Please help any secret nokia asha codes.

  • hello,sir
    i done all the steps and it works!!! amazing.
    But problem is that i can also delete some major file so i can’t open my browser and also delete the nokia store apps so i can’t start my internet…… can u suggest me how to recover my files and settings…..or any kind of link….plz help me out ………..Thanks in advanced….

  • I also have asha 305 and I am getting error in step 8
    “This driver could not be loaded for one of the following reasons:
    1. System does not support this type of connection.
    2. There is problem with your driver configuration
    3. the item already exists”

  • i have nokia asha 305. its internal memory is full. as it said run a program mobimb software. but my cell can not connect to my laptop. can u suggest me something.. my cell is really pissing me me

    • @Rajeev and @Narender Singh…. I also have asha 305 and I am getting error in step 8
      “This driver could not be loaded for one of the following reasons:
      1. System does not support this type of connection.
      2. There is problem with your driver configuration
      3. the item already exists”

  • please help..
    i have completed the setup and i can access the all the files but the problem is that i want to remove nimubzz from my mobile an i cant remove it.i have tried deleting the jad / jar files bt it cant be deleted.its shown as this “Error deleting item”.
    please help me wot to do next..

  • Hi, I have a nokia asha 210 and I’m having a problem saying that I can’t download the whatsapp due to insuficient space… but I have a memory card in the phone and the last time it happend I moved all I could to the memory card and it worked, now is happening again and I even try to delete some pictures but still say that I don’t have enough memory when I try to download whatsapp.
    Could you help me please, I haven’t been able to use whatsapp for over a month.

    • You need to sideload the jar and jad files of WhatsApp to the Memory Card, reset the phone and then open WhatsApp from the Memory Card.

      • Hi Narendar
        I have the Nokia 206 and am having exactly the same problem as Lee.

        I have a 32GB memory card but i cant move whatsapp onto it.

        Woudl really appreciate if you can help

        • I’d recommend you the same as I did to others. Reset the phone, sideload WhatsApp to the SD card and then run it from the SD card. Don’t touch the one that is pre-installed and replace it’s icon in the homescreen with the one installed on your SD.

    • Try editing the ini file to Add Nokia 210. Dunno if it will work for you or not.
      There is no other way besides this though.

  • Hi,

    I have a Nokia Asha 210 and I have followed the steps. but still i am facing problem with the connectivity drivers. Where to install that? Should we install that in the PC or in the phone itself?

    • The 210 is not supported out of the box. Editing needed and still works for some, doesn’t for others.

    • Have you installed the Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers? And do make sure Nokia Suite is not running in the background.

  • Hey I’am using asha 306 n facing lots of problems. It’s so many files are deleted such as : Nokia Store Calculator Alarm etc.
    n have done factory reset twice but nothing happend. Please help me.