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Solution – Certificate Not on Phone or SIM error (Nokia s40)

Sometimes while updating the phone or when you’re just completely out of luck, your Nokia phone may not install any new applications because it has lost all its certificates which are used to install signed applications to the phone and allot them proper permissions depending on how much can they be trusted.

People keep asking me for help regarding this same question again and again. So I’m publishing a solution here to help anyone who faces a No Valid Certificate or Certificate not on phone or SIM error on his Nokia S40 phone (even other phones can get the certificates through this method. Just give it a try.

Procedure to re-install Nokia s40 certificates

All you need to do is to open the certificates in the phone’s default browser. Opera Mini or Nokia Browser will NOT work. I’ve uploaded the certificates onto the server here, so it is just a few easy steps for you.

  1. Compose a new SMS in your phone.
  2. Write as the content.
  3. Now either save this SMS as draft or send it to your own number so that you can access its content in the message viewer.
  4. In the message viewer, select the link and open it (tap on it in case of touch phones).
  5. From the page that opens (, keep clicking on the various certificates and Install them.
  6. The certificates will be installed and available for approving signed apps.
  7. To confirm, you can Goto Settings> Security> Authority Certificates

Alternative Way:

If you have access to a PC and a fast internet connection, you can also get the certificates back by Re-Installing the phone’s firmware through Nokia Suite or Nokia PC Suite (for older phones).

To do that,connect your phone to the PC and open Nokia Suite. Now goto Tools> Software Updates and select to re-install the phone’s software.

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  • please narender, help me…i want to use my Nokia n5310c2 as a modem but i don’t know how…..I’m sorry to ask a question which is not about certificate installations..but the other time you told me to flash the phone and i did but it showed no change..the certificates were for security only,there were no apps signing certificates,maybe you need to update your certificates

    • I did publish a post about using the phone as a modem and it will be valid for 5310 as well. Check it here.

      As about certificates, flashing gives you original certificates which are valid for signing aswell. How did you flash your phone? Sure that you chose to refurbish and not SW Update?

  • Pls help from the certificate 32 .They are not installing i am getting error on whatsApp “certificate not on phone or sim”.Is there also certificate for whatsApp .how to use them ? There is option with every certificate ‘Use’ do i need to click on this option ? Or should i completely delete whatsApp and then again re-install it ?plssss help

    • Installing whatsapp won’t help. May I know which phone you’re using? Depending on the phone, you might be needed to use NokCert to install the certificates. Also let me know your PC Operating System.

      • My phone model is Nokia C3-00 and till wednesday my whatsApp was working fine but then on thursday when i tried to open it got error “certificate not on phone or sim” after 10 minutes whatsApp turned into invalid application .I didnt delete whatsApp because if i delete and re-install it i will lose all chat history plsss help i will be very greatful to you , Should i completely delete whatsApp? And re-install it? Or could i again use existing whatsApp on my phone after sorting certificate issue .plsss help Thanks in advance !

        • We need to see if its really a certificate issue. Usually the Invalid App thing requires you to re-install the app, but because it said something about certificates too. try using signed versions of Opera Mini or UC Browser. If they work fine and you can grant it all privileges, maybe reinstalling whatsapp is all you need to do.

          • I have done what you had told me to do so .I re-install the whatsApp & it started working well !! And UC browser and opera mini is working absolutely fine !! But now from last 2 days i am getting the same error again “certificate not on phone or sim” for whatsApp … Why this is happening again and again why i am getting this error if i re-install then it work fine but whats the solution! Thanks in advance sir ! waiting for your reply

  • I Love u man..i install all certificates nd my fone run all done thanks many thanks frnd i Love u.

  • i installed all the certificates.some showed that certificate already exists.then again when i open whatsapp,it shows certificate not on phone or sim.what to do?help.

  • Narender,i have a question, why is it that flashing phones leads to loss of phone softwares…i have flashed my nokia 5130c-2 xpress music two times but i’ve never got the software that came in that phone when buying it…in my country i’m not sure wheather we have nokia care centers,so if there is a way you can help me flash the phone myself..i’ll appreciate…
    Another thing is that i installed the certificates successfully but they are not working,i still face the same problem, i was told to flash the phone and i did it but it’s like i did’nt do any thing please, help me

  • i was facing the certificate problem at my Nokia Asha 210. Now i resolved it after following your instruction.

  • Singhnsk i’m sorry to ask but all the certificates that i downloaded are not working…they are all security certificates…..there is no certificate that is for application signing tell me the way i can get those certificates……whenever i try to download opera min(multiple certificates) or version fails to download why???..i have Nokia N5130 Xpress music

  • Hey Man, I have a Nokia X2-01. I am deleted User Ceritificate and i download this certificate bt i cant install it. So please help me.

  • Please give A look.
    My phone is Nokia 2700c 2 losted cert.
    friend, i installed all 47. And change its format by UC browser from .ext to .cer and using media options . I successfully saved it all. But after it when i download opera mini its then show “No valid certificate” . Bro. Your trick was so good and its done. Then why showing this note. Please mail me as soon as. Thank you bro

    • Brother. Sadly the posts needs to be updated. You should use MobiMB to copy paste the certificates inside the phone and they’ll work fine.

  • i installed all the the certificates but it’s not working b’coz when i go to and trying to download operamini it gives certificate error. and i have to use no-certificate version of opera mini which i hate most.

  • when downloading the certificates my mobile autmatically converts the format of certificate to .ext then it download the certificate and says file is not supported. pls help me!
    can you give me all this certificate in zip file with certificate.html

  • I know exactly what we are doing here more than anyone. But this does NOT work.

    You need to fix this article or just delete it because obviously you’re the only one able to access this page on your phone. It just gives us a stupid “Internal error” page when accessing with any mobile browser.

    Anyway, i doubt it will work because these are not the certificates that came with my useless Nokia Asha 201 that Nokia does not bother to fix. We’re all screwed. I’m not buying another damn Nokia anytime soon!

    • I’ll look for that internal server error thing, but it really opened up fine for me when i tried to access the page on my phone.
      The certificate will not work on every phone as they are issued differently and different phones have a pretty different format of certification. Visiting a Nokia Care center is the solution as it only requires a simple software flashing to get everything fine and running once again.
      Not buying a Nokia is your own decision and i can only inform you that problems do happen and every phone can experience them, be it from Samsung or Sony. Talking of feature phones, nothing comes close to these cheap Nokia(s) 😀

      • The only way so far that i install certificates is by creating a local copy of the thing wich involves creating an HTML document and placing all the certificates on a folder and then linking to them in the HTML document… moving the files to my phone and then by accessing the HTML document only then am i able to install them.

        The certificates listed here are useless for my Nokia Asha 201. I need a way to open someone’s Nokia Asha 201 but there is no software for this and NO. Stupid Nokia care centers are too far (if they even exist in my country, because if they did i know they would be so far that bothering would be dumb)

        • I feel you’re from South Africa. Try this if you are able to locate a care center near you.

          If not, I’d recommend to flash it yourself. That will require the download of some tools and software files which will easily weight more than 200 MB. If you have that much of data allowance, you can try this out.
          If you wanna try copying certificates from another Nokia 201, you can use MobiMB software. But i feel some certificates such as for app signing will not work this way.

          • Hmm… How did you know that i am from South Africa? I don’t like my real details being online… hence the “anony” pseudonym haha… Anyway, could you please link to flashing software that can do the job?

            I’ve been ignoring the subject of flashing fearing it might kill my phone even more.

  • I have download all certificate in my nokia 5130 c-2 but they download in .ext format now how i install them

  • How do i install on 201; i really dnt understand bcos my music does not hv downloads. And my browser does not work i use opera mini, the .der file are saved in gallery. Even if i change them to .cer nothing happens

  • Ok let me to tell u… How did i installed thore cers in my phone..
    Rename .der files to .cers files by Useing BlueFTP,Any explorer…
    Goto MediaPlayer>Option>Downloads>Go to Address
    then clear rstp://then enterfile:///e:/a.cer then Save it..only change a to d.cer do for all the files… Thats it enjoy..

    • Thanks Alaminkhan. Actually newer S40 phones use .der files so I only provided those. Maybe should update the page with .cers as well.

    • i am unable to rename those files with the help of inbuilt explorer of nokia 311…
      plz help me renaming them..

  • Hey… Everbody.. I tell U .. Who doesn’t get success to install those .der files in their s40 phones.. Let me tell U.. How did i installed those .der files in my s40 N2700c-2 Phone.. This phone doesn’t have default web option only opera mini is available… So, lets Start at first rename those .der files to .cer files by Useing any BlueFTP, File Explorer,or anything As a.cer, b.cer like those…do it with all the file a.cer to how many..
    After Go to Music Player=> Downloads =>Go to Address=> clear it ”rtsp://” type there.. ”file:///e:/a.cer” then click on it to connect.. Then change only name of a,b,c it and save all the certificates… Thanks for read it..must try it..

    • Thats all right. But in nokia asha 200,201,202,203 and other non-full touch asha phones dont have go to address in media player. They have nokia browser, so i not be able to install certificats, please help me

      • then you should download and install oxycube on your computer……….and connect your mobile with pc suit mode…..then go to ….selection(ont top of left)=>file bowser=>hidden folder=>certificates=>user………………….now drag the all certificates on that folder………then disconnect your phone and restart the phone………..enjoy

    • it worked bro, bt the app signin option is disable in all cer’s.I ve installed 46 cer’s on my phne, only 2 of em hve app signin option.
      Phone still gives erros on verified apps i e apps frm ovi.
      Can u give me a link to dwnlnd app signin cer’s. Much appreciated.

    • hey guys
      i have nokia c300 and i deleted all certificates by mistake and i download the 42 cers that u have suggested but only the 1.cer and 2.cer worked . inned the certificates for whatsapp and when i enter my phone it error” Certificate was issued by an unrecognized Entity ” plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me ?? that will be kind of u

  • have tried following given link or moving browser to memory card bu no change is taking place.

  • Its not working on my asha201.I managed to download the browser but itcannot open

    • Ah.. No idea. But it worked on my 311 which is an s40 so thought it’d be same for the other s40’s as well. I’ll try on others.

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