OnePlus India’s Buyback Program Explained – Is it worth?

OnePlus old smartphone Buyback offer

OnePlus India has announced the buyback program. You can trade in your existing smartphone (from various brands) while making a purchase of new OnePlus device. Hence, effectively reducing the final price of your OnePlus smartphone. The offer is only available in select  cities where Cashify operates.

How the program works?

Under the OnePlus buyback program, you can purchase a brand new OnePlus smartphone and get cash for your old smartphone. So, you will firstly pay full amount to OnePlus for purchasing a new OnePlus 3 or 5T. You will then receive cash at your doorstep when your old phone is collected.

The buyback is being provided by Cashify. Thus, the process involves 2 companies and is also completed in multiple steps. You will buy the new OnePlus smartphone from OnePlus (Mobitech Creations Private Limited). The buyback of your existing smartphone will be handled by Cashify (Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd.).

Step 1 – Get a quote for your existing smartphone
Step 2 – Buy a new OnePlus smartphone. It will get delivered to you as per OnePlus’s delivery timelines.
Step 3 – Cashify will visit you, inspect your old device and hand over the cash to you if the condition matches with what you have declared during the buyback.

Get Started with Buyback

How much can you get back?

The value which you will get back depends on the brand/model of your existing smartphone. The condition of your smartphone will also affect the final quote. If your phone has certain non-working components (such as Camera) or has a broken display, then the quoted buyback price will reduce considerably. So, the amount you will receive will vary on a case by case basis.

Let’s suppose that you want to sell your OnePlus 3 for which everything is working fine. Then the maximum value you can currently get under the offer is Rs. 13,000.

Which smartphones are eligible for OnePlus buyback?

Various smartphones from the following brand can be traded in for the OnePlus buyback. Please do note that not all models will be available for this purpose. Also, the buyback price quoted for each model will vary.

  1. OnePlus
  2. Apple
  3. Asus
  4. BlackBerry
  5. Gionee
  6. Google (Pixel/Nexus)
  7. HTC
  8. Huawei
  9. Intex
  10. Karbonn
  11. Lenovo
  1. LeEco
  2. LG
  3. Xiaomi (Mi)
  4. Micromax
  5. Motorola
  6. Panasonic
  7. Sony
  8. Samsung
  9. Vivo
  10. Xolo
  11. Oppo
If you have a smartphone from other brands, such as Nokia, you cannot take part in the buyback now. But it will probably be available later on.

Opinion: Is it worth? Probably not for everybody.

OnePlus Buyback is just like all other smartphone buyback offers. The same have been available on various shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart, so it is nothing new. If you have previously purchased a OnePlus device from Amazon, then you’d have already seen the exchange offer available in various cities.

However, the thing with buyback/exchange offers is that – they generally do not offer the best value for your old smartphone. Except for some brands/models wherein the buyback price offered is more than what you’d expect from your old smartphone. Most of you will be able to sell your old smartphone locally via Olx or Quickr for a better value.

That said, looking for buyers will surely take time and effort. So, if you’re not the one who can wait, then the OnePlus buyback is a good enough choice than keeping your old phone with you, lying in that drawer. If I was me, I’d first check the buyback price offered for my old phone, then check if I can get more than that on Olx and go with where I get more cash 😉.

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