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Official Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Wireless Charging & More

Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday. Along with the phone, some dedicated accessories for the Galaxy S4 were also shown. Sometime later Samsung published all of the official accessories to their website. Here, we have compiled a list of all the official accessories which will be made available for the Galaxy S4.

S Band for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung S-Band for Galaxy S4
S-Band for Galaxy S4

S Band is a waterproof wearable wrist band which will keep track of your daily life activities automatically. Some of its features are:

  • Record your steps and the distance you cover walking. It also estimates the amount of calories burned depending on the distance you walk.
  • Check your sleep efficiency by calculating how much you moved while you were sleeping.
  • Simplistic design and Waterproof (up to 10m), hence can be worn anytime and anywhere.
  • Works with S-Health 2.0 (Samsung’s own health application)

S View Cover for Galaxy S4

Samsung S-View Cover for Galaxy S4
S-View Cover for Galaxy S4

This is a specially designed and improved version of the Samsung Flip Cover which now includes a window to keep an eye on the notifications and time without the need to lift up the cover. So, it basically provides an easy and quick access to notifications besides giving protection to the phone.

Samsung Game Pad – Easy to Use, Easy to Play

Samsung has added its own product to the large list of Gaming Page available from other manufacturers. Inspired from the XBox’s controller, this Game Page for Galaxy S4 includes all that you need to play your favorite games on the go, turning your phone into a portable console. Some of its features are:

  • One-Touch Bluetooth paring (using NFC tectile)
  • Full Controller with Optimized Buttons. Includes Dual Analog Stick, Shoulder Keys and 4 action buttons.
  • 4″ – 6.3″ Screen Size available
  • Remote Control Function for home gaming experience.

Flip Covers for the Galaxy S4

Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4
Flip Covers for Samsung Galaxy S4

These are the regular Samsung Flip Covers which will be made available for one more dimension that is for the S4. These will be available in multiple colors allowing the consumer to choose whichever color he/she needs.

Wireless Charging Cover/Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad
Samsung Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy S4

To remain at-par with the competition, Samsung also added the option to charge your Galaxy S4 wirelessly. However, there are still doubts about whether the S4 will be able to charge wirelessly out of the box or it will require a new back cover with integrated wireless charging. Whatever the case be, wireless charging is an interesting option and its addition to the S4 is welcomed.

Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S4

Pouch for the Samsung Galaxy S4
Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S4

This is the classical Pouch which is not so popular these days. Samsung tried to keep every of its fan happy by bringing out something for everyone. This pouch is for those who still like to push their phone into a pouch to protect it from all sort of damages.

Extra Battery Kit for the Galaxy S4

Extra Battery Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4
Extra Battery Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung seems to be taking advantage of the removable cover which sits at the back of the newest Galaxy phone. The Extra Battery Kit includes a spare battery which you can carry with you and use when in need. As the Tagline says “When Charging is not an Option”, this Extra Battery will come in handy when your phone dies and you can’t charge it then and there.

Headset for Samsung Galaxy S4

Headset Dedicated for Samsung Galaxy S4
Headset for Samsung Galaxy S4

This is  a premium wired headset specially made for the Galaxy S4, however it will also work with other phones without a doubt. Some of its main features are:

  • 2 Speakers in each headphone (1 twitter and 1 woofer)
  • Dynamic Deep bass and high resolution treble sound
  • Slim and Short flat cable (no tangling)
  • Balanced sound with full frequency range

Body Scale – Keep track of your Health

Samsung Body Scale - Weight
Samsung Body Scale

This is another accessory to help you keep track of your health. This body scale measures your weight and then sends in the measurements to your Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth. Supporting up to 4 users, this is an idol accessory for a family to keep an eye on their weight and control it accordingly. Your weight history will also be created and available in the S-Health application present on your phone.

Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung Heart Rate Monitor
Samsung Heart Rate Monitor

This is another addition to the Galaxy S4 accessories and is quite helpful for all those Health Conscious crowd (who isn’t). This handy HRM measures your heart rate in Real-Time. This will help you in controlling your exercise intensity accordingly by looking at your heart rate.

All these accessories will be made available when the phone launches in the Market. The launch is supposed to happen in April. We might see all these accessories showing up along with the phone. There might be more additions to the accessories in the future, but this is all for now.


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