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Nokia N1 will Come with Unlocked Bootloader Out of the Box

Nokia has firstly priced the N1 tablet a way too aggressively at $250 and now it turns out that the tablet will also be sold with an unlocked bootloader. Hence the tablet will not have any restrictions and can be a perfect fit for the developers who are always waiting for devices which deliberately allow them to do more.

Unlike the Nokia X series of Android devices, the Nokia N1 tablet with an unlocked bootloader will be ready for custom ROMs and any OS modifications out of the box. And most importantly, modifications will not affect the device’s warranty in most cases.

CynogenMod, Ubuntu or SailFish; the tablet is just ready by birth for anything. Of course the custom stuff still depends on how the developer community welcomes the device, but I’m certainly interested in checking out the Nokia tablet no-matter how much it looks like the iPad, it’s cheap ๐Ÿ˜›

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