Download stock wallpapers from Nokia 2.4

Nokia 2.4 walls

Nokia 2.4 is the newest affordable device from HMD Global. Similar to pretty much any smartphone, the Nokia 2.4 also comes with a few of pre-included wallpapers from the factory. If you are somebody who likes to collect stock wallpapers then in this post I’m including all wallpapers which are shipped on the Nokia 2.4.

The Nokia 2.4 comes with only 3 wallpapers. This is a lot less than the previous devices, most of which came with 8 to 12 wallpapers. That said, most of the wallpapers on previous devices were re-used leaving only 2-3 new additions. So, there’s not much to lose here.

Nokia 2.4 stock wallpapers

Nokia 2.4 wallpapers are in the resolution of 1440*1600 with jpg being the file format. You can download all of the included wallpapers from the Google Drive link below. These wallpapers also include the hero wallpapers which Nokia uses for advertisements, promotions, and product renders.

Download Nokia 2.4 wallpapers

Source: I’ve extracted these wallpapers from the Nokia 2.4 firmware file.

Note: The wallpapers may be a copyright of HMD Global and/or its associates.

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