How to manually update Nokia 6.1 Plus to Android Pie (9.0)

Nokia Mobile has started the rollout of Android Pie update for the Nokia 6.1 Plus. The smartphone is also known as Nokia X6 in China where it is sold with a customized version of Android. Anyhow, the Android One version of Android Pie for Nokia 6.1 Plus is out, but not all regions are receiving it yet.

If you are an impatient user (like me 😛 ), then you can install the update manually. Nokia Mobile releases the same software package to all the regions, so, there’s hardly any chance of encountering issues post the upgrade. Here’s how to do.

Manual method to install Android Pie on Nokia 6.1 Plus

It is pretty simple and straightforward. You just need to download the update zip file (1.3GB) and install it on the phone manually. This way we update manually instead of waiting for the Nokia/Google servers as to when we should receive the update.

Note: This is strictly for the Nokia 6.1 Plus (international version). Do not use it on any other model (including Nokia X6), unless you know what you are doing.

  1. Download the update file (build WW 330B) from any of the links below:
    Official Link | OneDrive (mirror)
  2. Copy the file to your internal storage (/storage/emulated/0/). That is, outside of any folder. Paste it alongside the folders such as DCIM, Downloads; etc.
  3. Rename the file to:
  4. Open the phone/dialer app and dial the following number:

The software update app will invoke and start updating your phone. It will take about 20 minutes to install the update.

Pie update installing on Nokia 6.1 Plus

Wait for the process to finish and then restart the phone as required to finish upgrading to Android Pie.

How did it go? Do share your installation experience and your first experience with Android Pie on Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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    • Hello, the TA-1099 is the China variant (Nokia X6). Some sellers have incorrectly converted it to Android One version and it will not receive updates. You can force the update by changing the DRG in the name to B2N, but you will not receive future updates, same as earlier.

  • Hello,
    I have the Nokia X6 Ta-1099 with compilation number 00WW_2_50A_SP01, the secutity patch of 1st septembre and 20 days ago (when i received the phone in Europe) it got an OTA actualization.

    Do you think i will receive the Android 9 OTA?
    Will your tutorial work with my phone?

    Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

    • Hello, if you yourself installed the September update, then it will also receive the Android Pie update fine. If the September came from the factory, then there is a mixed scope. If the phone was properly converted to WW, then it will receive the update at some point. Else it won’t.
      The tutorial should essentially work on all Nokia X6/6.1 Plus running the Android One software 🙂

  • Thanks!! It’s works on my Nokia 6.1 plus TA-1116 in indonesia. My question, with this method are we still get regularly official update from Google/Nokia?

    • Yes. If your Nokia phone has previously received (and installed) updates fine, then your updates will continue to come.

  • If it is the X6 with CN firmware: Then Android Pie update is not yet released for the X6. So, you should wait.

    If it is converted to Android One: Then you can follow this post. The update should install via this method (but the future OTA updates will likely not come). There’s no way to fix the OTA for now on the 6GB version converted to Android One.

  • I will love to update mine to android pie. But my device doesn’t support OTA. I bought it from China. Can you please help me out. Thanks

    • The Android Pie beta does not support the dialer method. Please copy the file to your MicroSD card and use the “Install update from SD card” option in the stock Nokia recovery. If you do not use the MicroSD card, then use the “Apply update from ADB” in the recovery menu and serve the file using adb sideload command on your PC.

  • Probably yes. I’m not sure why would you delete the file. But it’s also possible that the system extracted the update to other location before initiating the upgrade.

  • I deleted that update file when updating process was going on at around 55%
    And when I restarted device it showed update file not found
    But when I restarted manually it updated my phone
    Will I face any problem??

    • Do you see any notification on the phone after dialing that?
      And are you on Pie Beta? You can try installing the file via Recovery mode in that case.

      • I’m running beta version now ..and when I copied it to discard and tried update from SD card from bootloader menu it showed error 21 installation aborted and digital signature verification failed

        • Can you check the recovery logs? It should tell us more about what failed. Since it is a full image requiring no pre build, that shouldn’t have happened.
          Can you check the MD5 checksum of your downloaded file? An intact file should have this MD5 checksum – 1b286e01ba99da683916e2d4d84f64c5

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