Get the best out of your Nokia S40 phone – Guide

Nokia is currently the largest seller of Budget line phones in India and most of the budget phones are equipped with Nokia’s Series 40 OS. S40 is by far the best OS available for budget handsets if we compare it with the OS’es included by other manufacturers. I have used many Nokia S40 phones in the past and am still using one. So, here’s a guide to help you get the best out of your Nokia S40 phone!

Always keep some storage free

Always keep atleast 2-3 MB of storage free in your device’s phone memory. I’ve experienced that Nokia S40 phones use a part of phone memory as RAM and it starts lagging if the phone memory is filled up. Keeping some space free will make it run smoother, faster and won’t automatically restart occasionally. Most of the problems (such as Lagging, Freezing, Restarting) will be solved if you keep the phone memory free. Move everything into the memory card.

Don’t stuff the Home Screen with too many items

Nokia has started offering a customizable Home Screen which you can customize with the options of your choice. Although it is provided, but don’t stuff it up with too many shortcuts. Just keep the ones you really need. Having more items will need more space and because S40 devices don’t have too much of RAM, they’ll start lagging after prolonged use. The phone also starts taking much more time after the startup to get ready for normal functioning.

Use a minimalistic theme

There are tons of themes available for these devices but, some of them are too huge for the phone. Using heavy themes will not leave enough memory for the other apps to run. For most of the phones, themes should be lesser than 350 kb. Some phones do have larger amount of physical memory which can handle larger themes but most don’t. I’d recommend to stay with the themes that came installed with the device.

Install only required Apps

Many users download apps but don’t delete if its not required anymore. Keeping many applications installed will definitely make your device perform a bit slower than usual. Good thing is to delete any application which is no longer needed.

Keep it updated

When a new phone is brought into the market, it definitely contains some bugs, which manufacturers try to fix with Software Updates. Newly launched devices are sure to get a couple of software updates. So, you should keep it updated to get the best functionality. You have the option of updating it OTA or through OVI Suite by connecting it to a computer. If you don’t have internet access, you can visit a Nokia Care Center to get it updated for a small fee.


Most of the problems which originate in Nokia S40 devices are because of memory. If you manage to keep some memory free, your phone will perform well upto standards. Nokia phones are hard to beat as they are highly durable and perform very well. All you need to do is to manage it properly!


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  • Hi am using nokia asha 201. I have a problem with it seems like the authority certificates and user certificate is no longer avaible. I can’t download things and i no longerable to open my whatsappo it says could not connet to server certificate was issued by unrecognise entity. Please help me

  • I owned nokia asha 305 this year feb month I was facing many problems with this phone for low memory i.e., below 3mb- 1mb but now with the help of mobiMB I had deleted all the unwanted application such as nokia mails , twitter, nokia store etc. and now I am happy with memory of 13.5mb of phone memory and smooth running without any problem of sudden shut down of phone during calls or using any application, and downloaded all the useful application to memory card such as twitter, nokia browser, whatsapp and many more application.
    Thank to administrator for the valuable help

  • I started with a 6620, then a 6682 both S60 devices, but then due to economics moved to a 2600 classic and now a C3, both S40. While not as smooth and feature rich as S60's, the S40's work well as long as one remembers their limitations.

    • Yup! I too have a C3 and it works like it should. Because it works on S40, one can't expect S60 like features in it. Some people buy a S40 phone, then start looking for features like of iOS or Android. Everybody knows this isn't possible.
      Still, I believe Nokia has the best software (S40) for feature line phones. Phones from other manufacturers in this range still have a simple and unrecognized OS.

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