Download Nokia X10, Nokia X20 & Nokia XR20 stock wallpapers

Nokia X10, X20, XR20 stock wallpapers

The Nokia X-series includes HMD Global’s best smartphones under the revamped naming scheme. So far, HMD has launched 3 smartphones in the X-series – Nokia X10, Nokia X20, and Nokia XR20. The Nokia XR20 is the first rugged Nokia smartphone that is built to handle day-to-day abuse without needing a case.

As with HMD’s tradition so far, they feature a few new images as wallpapers on their new smartphones. The same continues for the latest Nokia X10, X20, and XR20. Each of these comes with 2 brand-new wallpapers, each contrasting with the physical color of the device. So, presenting to you the stock wallpapers included with these smartphones. If you are a Nokia fan or an enthusiast, you will like to have them and probably also set them as wallpaper on your smartphone.

Nokia XR20 Stock Wallpapers

The stock wallpapers included with the rugged Nokia XR20 are in the resolution of 2400 x 2640, weighing approximately 9MB each. The smartphone is codenamed “TheThing” or “ttg” and comes in 2 color options – Ultra Blue and Granite. The 2 stock wallpapers bundled with the device are named after the same color options.

Nokia X20 Stock Wallpapers

The not-so-rugged Nokia X20 which features a better main camera as compared to the Nokia XR20 comes with wallpapers measuring 2160 x 2400 pixels. HMD internally calls the Nokia X20 “Quicksilver” or “qks” and offers it in 2 colors – Midnight Sun and Nordic Blue. You can download the wallpapers from the Drive link below.

Nokia X10 Stock Wallpapers

Coming to the nearly identical sibling of the Nokia X20 – the Nokia X10 a.k.a “Scarlett Witch” or “scw” comes with wallpapers measuring 2160 x 2400. The 2 wallpapers contrast the 2 color options in which hmd offers the device – forest and snow. You can get the wallpapers from the link below.

There you have it! We regularly upload stock wallpapers from nearly all of the Nokia smartphones. You can find more of them in the dedicated Nokia Stock Wallpapers category. And if you need wallpapers from a specific device, do let us know in the comments 😉

Source: Nokia factory firmware. You can download the firmware for Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 and extract the files yourself as well.

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